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"When are we gonna get out of this dump?" She asked as she shoved her head out the window as he drove. It wasn't something she'd normally do, the whole letting him drive, but if she had to pass another old lady, she'd probably kill him. At least at his speeds, they would only have to worry about old ladies passing them. But with his speeds that also meant they had to avoid interstates as much as possible, which was why she was just staring at desert.

"It's not a dump. It's the desert and it's a beautiful land mark." he chided her.

"Do you seriously believe that? It's just hot, dry sand." she banged on the car door.

"You're the one who wanted to see the Grand Canyon," he reminded her.

"Well, that's cuz I thought it'd be prettier. Like all green and luscious." He gave her a 'seriously?' look.

"Did you ever pay attention in school?" It was her turn to shoot him a look, only hers wasn't as friendly.

She stayed quiet for a while and he even got her to hold his hand for a bit until the car decided it didn't feel like driving any more.

"NUB!" She said, exasperated, throwing her arms up in the air. "Look what you have done! YOU BROKE THE CAR!"

"I did not!" He shifted the car into neutral and she got out of the car to push. After getting it off the road, he noticed the fire. "Sam, I think I did break the car..."

Just as she was about to gloat, she noticed what he was referring to, took his hand and ran about half a mile down the road. He looked at her strangely, out of breathe. "Burning car, not good," was all she could get out.

After catching her breath, she pulled out her wallet, she was never one for purses... or wallets really but she needed something to keep her license and emergency ham in. After she downed the ham to calm her nerves she took out her BBB Card.

"Phone." She held out her hand, she had left hers in the car and hoped beyond hope that he had grabbed his. He fished around in his pants' pockets until he remembered it was in his shirt pocket. "Aww... what would I do without your geeky shirt pocket?" She gave him a kiss before taking the phone.

"So, our car stopped working and I'm pretty sure it's on fire." She told the worker after about five minutes of pressing numbers.

"Just tell us where you are and we'll get you assistance as fast as we can." She told the lady where she thought she was and was redirected to a Nevada BBB company that could better "help". She told her story again and was told the wait would be four hours and it would be better to call the operator to ask for the number of a local towing agency. She hung up the phone, frustrated and threw it at him. He looked at her confused, but she just told him to call the operator and get a local towing agency. If it was possible to kill someone through a phone, she could have done it.

They eventually got a local towing company to give them an estimate of an hour wait. They didn't dare go back to the car, but she had run out of emergency ham. So on top of being frustrated with him, the towing company and the phone, she was hungry. She started to walk down the road.

"Where are you going?" He asked the blond headed demon.

"I don't know! Florida!" She called over her shoulder.

"That's like a million miles away," he replied, but started going after her.

"Then I'm going home!" She didn't stop.

"It's like a million mile there too... And in the other direction. Plus we have to stay with the car."

She turned around. "Why do you have to always be right?"

"Luck?" He answered honestly. "You're right too sometimes... Like with the car."

"Yeah, well... Leave it to a nub not to know anything about cars," she was forgetting that she was mad.

"So... what do you want to do for an hour?" He looked at the ground and kicked a rock.

"Well... I can think of one thing..." She put her hand on his upper arm and stepped closer. He looked up with gleaming eyes. She got even closer to him and grinned evilly, but before he could register the facial expression and turn the situation in his favor, she yelled "LET'S PLAY I-SPY!" She stepped away from the emotionally confused boy and looked around, "I spy with my little eye... something yellow." He said nothing. "Guess!"

"Sand," he said monotonously.

"You're good. It's your turn!" He wondered what she was trying to get at.

"I spy something I want to kiss." He looked right in her eyes.

"The cactus?" She appeared serious while saying it but as soon as the words left her lips she started to crack. And when he smiled at her, she burst out laughing. "Come to momma," she opened her arms after the laughter subsided. He closed the gap between them and placed a hand on the small of her back. Both leaned their heads in and closed their eyes.

An hour later a confused tow-man found an abandoned car, that had long since stopped burning (it turned out to be a paper towel that had heated too much), and two teens kissing under a tree about 500 yards away from the car.

That was Arizona by Hey Monday. Um... so. Yeah. I'm a nub who doesn't know anything about cars, BUT I do know Sam can push a car. I saw it.