And the Seventh Thing I Hate the Most that You Do…


"God damnit, Rodolphus!" Bellatrix shrieked, picking a book up off the table and hurling it at her husband out of sheer anger. "I hate you! I hate you!"

Rodolphus cowered away from his wife, tears burning in his eyes. "Why?"

"Why do I hate you? Why do I hate you? That's the wrong bloody question, Rodolphus!" Bellatrix threw a curse, missing Rodolphus by inches. "The real question is why don't you hate me?"

As her spells rained down on him, sending him sprawling on the ground, tears poured down Rodolphus's face. Why didn't he hate her? He had more than enough reason to. She was so cruel to him.

But he couldn't.

And that was what he hated most about her.

She made him love her.