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Rehearsal: A Prologue

We are

All born with

– Two hands, two feet

And two arms and legs

Two sides of the brain

Two lungs to breathe glass.

We are all born

In sets of pairs

– Two lips to kiss the pain.

But we are

All born with

One heart.

Where is our other?

Where is our pair for this?

"Yes, yes, it's true, Elliot. Even you, tied only by thread, have a very strong, beating heart. And one day Elliot, you'll find your pair. Even if you don't, you still have us."

But you know

You know

Some of us have more than one

Missing set.

I see Lacie all the time

And I feel sorry for her

Because she has to search

For so much more

Than us, than I do, even though I've never felt like I needed another heart for me.

"A lot of people don't see it that way, Elliot. Some people feel like they have to have their other heart. It's a bit sad, isn't it? But we should be glad that our 'family' all shares their hearts with each other. We all belong to each other."

As for Lacie, I'm not just thinking of

The two empty holes on her face.

Even though

They are a pair, technically

– A pair of twin holes

Broken windows

Abysmal portals to the soul.

But Lacie has

More missing than any of us here.

She does not have

Even one heart.

She lives,

As a clock with no pendulum

With no beating heart.


Inside, it is like they are in a paper lantern because there is so much light inside the tent even though it's starry and dark outside. Most people were afraid of the dark - this Elliot knew. His reasoning went that people were too afraid of what they'd find when their senses were taken, especially sight. Eyes, he knew, gave someone valuable information. Eyes could warn you, paint a picture in your mind - in that respect, blindness and sight were the same.

"Ah, they finally settled down," whispered one of his sisters, stepping closer to him. "Come on, let's get started then."

"The acts are in order?" a brother asked through his mask. At everyone's nod that caused bells tied in hair to jingle and glitter adorning their own masks to fall in starry rain, the brother offered his siblings a smile. It was pained and thin, as fragile as spider webs.

"Let's show them into our world, show them our performance and give them a show they won't forget," piped Lacie in her lyrical voice, tugging off the ribbon over her dollesque face. The other side of the fold they hid behind began to quiet down, and Lacie came up to Elliot, pressing a finger to her lips, smiling softly. "Ah, shh~! Shh~! We're starting now, I think."

With a shift of winter-blue eyes, Elliot looked out into the light and decorations, the music box that he was a part of, the people who would watch him, who would gasp. All would gasp. All would laugh - in amusement, in entertainment, and always with him, not at him.

"Please, take your seat, ladies and gentlemen and quiet down," began a man in the center of the music box, the light dancing around him.

Elliot wondered what it meant when he mouthed the words in synch with the man's voice, "Please, quiet down, and let the freakshow begin."

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