A/N: So here's the playlist for Clockwork Circus :D These are all just songs I listened to during certain scenes (since I always have music playing when I write). Most of these have no words in them, but I enjoy them all. I'd be happy if you gave even one a listen :)

Clockwork Circus Playlist

"Scaretale" by: Nightwish (Theme)

"Serial Killers Know How to Party" by: Schoolyard Heroes (Leo's madness theme)

"Dr. Atmore's Elixirs of Good Humor and Fortification" by: Midnight Syndicate (Pandora asylum)

"Dead Moon" from: Sailor Moon (Music in the main circus tent)

"Phantom Manor Medley" from: Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor (Act of Diva and Humpty Dumpty)

"Freakshow" by: Midnight Syndicate (The "viewing")

"Mesonoxian Visitors" by: Midnight Syndicate (Leo with the demon in the woods)

"The Grim Reaper" by: Nox Arcana (Demon rampage on circus)

"Music Box" by: Nox Arcana (Glen's memories)

"The Netherworld Circus" by: Verse 13 (Entrance to the demented carnival)

"Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me" from: Silent Hill 3 OST (On the Ferris Wheel)

"Fairy Tale" by: Nox Arcana (Lacie's memories)

"Ball-Jointed Dolls" by: Hatsune Miku and MEIKO (Leo's lullaby)

"Change" by: Deftones (Elliot and Leo reunite)

"Room of Angel" from: Silent Hill 4: The Room OST (End of Tragedy)

Ending A/N: I'm not sure whether or not I've mentioned this, but there is a wicked awesome piano version of "Ball-Jointed Dolls" on YouTube. It's just...words. Where are my words? It's that beautiful.

Anyway, so I know some of you want a sequel to the story. I'm not saying whether or not I'm doing it, because honestly now that I'm in college, I have no idea how much time I can commit to it. But I'm posting a poll on my profile that will be open until September 29th, 2012. You have until then to vote for a sequel or not. I crafted the ending of the story sort-of ambiguous so that both people who do and don't want a squel will be satisfied.

On October 1st, 2012, I will publish an Elliot/Leo one-shot that, at the end, will announce the results of the poll. So please vote~

Thank you all again once more! -bows- Enjoy the playlist -smiles-