Bundle Of Joy

Hello All,

This is my new story. I'm taking the template from the movies, Bundle of Joy and Bachelor Mother.

I have not given up on Soul Fusion, I'm just at an extremely big writers block once again. I'm hoping this light and fluffy story will help me work the kinks out.

Just FYI: I DON"T OWN TWILIGHT because if I did I wouldn't be typing this out on this piece of crap computer right now.

Summary: Bella Swan, 21 working at a dead end job as a Personal Shopper at Mason & Sons department store. Edward Cullen, 29 playboy and Vice-President of Mason & Sons. After being laid off of work, Bella finds a baby on the way home. This opens the door for one misunderstanding after another.

Chapter 1

As I gaze in the bathroom mirror, I wonder once again how I got here. My name is Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella. Isabella reminds me of a gray haired great-grandmother. I just turned twenty a few months ago and my life is at a stand still. I graduated from collage last June two years ahead of schedule. I have my degree in English Literature with a minor in music theory. I worked my ass off getting here. I went through high school quickly graduating when I was sixteen, and went straight to Washington State. Luckily I was able to get a full ride so I have no student loans at least to pay off. As soon as that sheepskin was in my hand I packed up from Seattle and moved right to Chicago with high hopes on getting my dream job as a book editor, while I worked on my novel.

Now six months after I moved here, no job has come. With the economic downturn no one is hiring. So my landlady got me set up with a job at Mason and sons. It's not much but it does pay the bills. Having to cater to spoiled women and girls as their personal shopper is enough to gouge my own eyes out with my fountain pen some days. But somehow I plow through and keep that sickly sweet smile on my face even after I tell them that orange is their color. No matter how many times I tell my clients orange doesn't look good on anyone except those at the county jail they still want to wear it. But for some reason rich woman think it brings out their tan. God I'm glad I'm not rich so I don't have to feel the need to wear orange.

I pin my long brown hair back into a neat bun and begin to apply my make-up. I really hate wearing this stuff, but a 'certain level of appearance' to be expected at Mason & Sons. I have to admit though this dark dusty eye shadow that my best friend recommended really makes my boring brown eyes pop. I finish up and take one last look in the mirror.

"Well, that is as good as I'm going to get, I guess." I say to my reflection.

I walk out into my living/kitchen/dining/office to make way to the my bedroom. I push curtain aside that separates my living area with my bedroom. I rummage through my closest and pull out a plain royal blue silk shirt and black pencil skirt. This job really takes a hit in my pocketbook trying to keep up with the dress codes of a personal shopper. I pull on my matching royal blue bra and thong followed by my black thigh highs. I then grab my blue pumps and my black converse. There is no way in hell I'm going to walk to work in the middle of a cold and icy Chicago winter in my heels. I throw my heels into my messenger bag and tie the sneakers to my feet.

I grab my lunch bag from my fridge. Its mornings like this one I'm thankful I make my lunch the night before hand. I glance at the clock and realize if I don't leave now I'll be late. God forbid if you even one minute late, because even then you get a ten minute lecture about using time wisely. Today being Christmas Eve its going to be a bitch anyway, I don't want a verbal beat down to start my work day.

I grab my coat and throw it on. I grab my bag from my bed and head out the door. I run down the stairs of my apartment building and out the front door. The bus stop is just right down the street and just as I was walking up the bus pulled up. I'm glad I don't have to stand out in the cold. They are reporting flurries to start later today, I just hope they stay off until after I get home from work.

I was able to grab a seat in the middle of the bus by the window. I watch downtown fly by as we head to the Gold Coast. Mason's is located on Lake Shore Drive just north of North Avenue. The cliental is very high class. Their dress code and rules are very strict. The biggest one is no talking of your personal life while on the job. Needless to say that's one rule my best friend and I break all the time.

The bus pulls to a stop right in front of the store. I quickly exit and head to the employee's entrance on the side of the seven floor brick building. I slide my key card into the door and quickly escape the horrible Chicago weather. I make my way down the hall to the employee break room and pull my shoes out of my messenger bag. I sit and put them on and then shove my kicks, bag and coat in my locker. I make my way over to the time clock and scan my card real quick proving I have shown up for my day of work on time. I have five minutes to get to my area up on the seventh floor.

Just as I get off the elevator I hear my name called.

"Bella! Bella!"

I turn around and face the bane of my existence since I started working at Masons, Mike Newton.

Mike Newton, he's five ten, blond hair, blue eyes, and slim build. He has been following me around like a puppy since day one here. Asking me out every other day. Mike is okay for a friend but as more, um no. He is just too clingy. But he is harmless.

"Hello Mike, how are you today?"

"I'm just fine beautiful, how are you doing?" Mike reaches over and strokes my arm.

I take a step back away from him, scowling at his attempts of seduction. "Just fine Mike, but I gotta run. I don't want to be late."

I made it to my office Mike free, for the time being and set about checking out who my first appointment for the day is. I gather my notes and make my way to the front door to greet my first customer.


"Hey Bella!" Rose called over to me. Rose is my partner in crime and my very best friend I have here in Chicago. Her given name is Rosalie Hale, but she also prefers her nickname Rose to her friends. She is 23 years old and has a degree in mechanical engineering. Rose worked for a company that went under last year out in Wheaton. Her family is well off but she wants to make her own way in the world. So she took a job here at Mason's, she showed me the ropes. First day we met, she criticized my skirt, I in turn called her shoes knock of Prada and we were best friends. Go figure.

"Hi Rose, what's up?" I sit down at my station for a much needed foot break. This heels are going to be my downfall today.

"Human Resources called and asked if you would come up."

I look up at Rose, "Wonder what they want?" I ask mostly to myself.

"Maybe you'll be getting a bonus. You never get any bad feed back so that shouldn't be an issue."

I shrug my shoulders and stand back up. "Well I better get up there and find out why they want me. I'll let you know girlie."

I smile at Rose and head off to the elevator banks. I need to catch a lift up to the top floor where all the offices are.

Just as I turned the corner who else would be standing there like he is waiting for me. Mike friggin' Newton. Just not who I want to deal with right now.

"Hello once again Bella. So, you never told me what you got me for Christmas." Mike just stands there with a stupid grin on his face.

"I found a nice bottle of cyanide for you, but honestly I don't think you would drink it." I roll my eyes at him and attempt once again to walk away.

Mike grabs my arm again and I turn to face him.

"Ha, Ha Bella." Mike smiles at my poor attempt to get him away from me. "Where are you going in such a hurry?" I pull my arm away.

I fold my arms over my chest in hopes he won't grab me again as I try to flee. "I have to run up to HR for something."

I try to get around him once again.

"Hold on a sec. I got a question I want to ask you."

I internally roll my eyes. Boy, this kid is never going to take a hint.

"Sure Mike ask away." I finally just give up.

Mike suddenly gets a bit nervous before steeling himself for his question. "I saw how well you danced at the company Halloween party this year and was wondering if you would come to this dance contest tonight at that new club downtown. First place is two thousand dollars, we'll split it fifty-fifty. So come on what do you say?"

One grand would come in handy but then again having to dance with sweaty boy isn't worth it.

"Um..Mike…I don't…" Why can't I just have one peaceful day at work?

"Don't answer yet, just let me know before the end of the day." Mike quickly walks away before I could stop him.

"Oh brother." I mummer to myself. Well, better get upstairs and find out what's going on.


I can't believe it. I've been laid off. Its Christmas Eve and they told me I was out of a job! Merry fucking Christmas Bella!

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