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Chapter 21


I still can't believe Edward came after me after I left him in Chicago. Then giving him my virginity so quickly, I almost don't know myself. I've never been more daring with my body. Of course no man has made me want them until Edward Cullen came screaming into my life.

Now we are on our flight back home to Chicago. With Ma and Pa Kettle aka Mom and Dad. Edward is going through his email next to me, while I try to write some more on my book. Which is hard to do since I have this hot man sitting next to me and I've seen him naked. All my writing is turning into soft core porn, not even good porn. I really need to research and find different words for penis and vagina other than cock and pussy. I pause when that thought goes through my mind then close my document. I'm writing a teenage book and can't have sex scenes like these in there….humm…I wonder if I can make a red ban book for just adults with the same story. I shake my head and close my computer in a huff. I have sex twice and that is all on my mind now. I wonder if it's like that with everyone, because if it is, it's a wonder anything ever gets done in the world.

"What's wrong?" Edward leans over and whispers in my ear, "Writer's block?"

I shrug my shoulders, "Something like that."

He kisses the side of my neck, "Maybe I could help?"

My whole body shudders thinking of all the ways he could 'help' me, before I gently push him away. I laugh, "Your kind of help is what is causing my block."

He leans back, his brows come together, "What?"

It's my turn to lean over and whisper to him, "Your amazing skills in the bedroom are making my little teenage story into porn story."

Shock look quickly crosses his face, before turning into one of lust. "Can I read it?"

I giggle and hit him on the arm, "No!"

He pouts and turns back to his laptop. I look over at my parents, my dad holding Tony, while my mom holds on to one of her dolls. God, those things are creepy, but she loves them, and I love my mom.

"How's he doing?" I call over to them. My flight out to Forks with him was a nightmare, he cried most of the trip. This time he is happy as a woman finding a ninety percent off sell at Masons.

"He's great Mimi, my grandson is just jabbering up my ear." My dad grins at me. It's amazing how my parents not only embrace Tony but Edward as well. I smile at my dad and nod.

"I think I have something!" Edward exclaims

All of our ears perk up.

"What Edward?" My mom walks over and sits down in front of us. "What have you found?" Placing the doll on the seat next to her, but not before setting a little pillow for its head.

I see Edward slightly shudder looking at the doll, and I bite back a giggle. Edward gives me a quick evil glare.

"My man in Chicago has found a Brenda Marsh, in a hospice in Carol Stream. Sadly it seems she is very sick." He sadly says "She is not expected to last another week."

A somber mood descends over the plane. Even Tony has quieted down.


Edward and I are now on the way to his parents' house to meet Carmen about my book. We were unable to go see Brenda when we got in last night, and since I had agreed to meet with Carmen today I needed to see this obligation through first. Edward called his parents earlier today and explained where he was the last week. Now, my parents are also coming over for brunch. As we pull up I notice my parent's rental car already there.

"Oh, this isn't going to be good." I mumble. I can only imagine what kind of things my parents have said or done already.

Edward reaches over and cups my face. "It's going to be fine. Besides, you should be more worried about me, I need to go in there and explain how Tony isn't their biological grandson."

I start laughing. That's right I almost forgot. For some reason, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen have it in their mind that Tony is Edward's son. "How in the world did they ever come to that conclusion?"

Edward pulls his seat belt off and mutters, "I have no idea."

We get out of the car and Edward grab's Tony's car seat while I grab his diaper bag. We head up the steps and right through the front door. Edward places Tony down on a little couch in the foyer then helps me with my coat. While he is hanging up our coats, I unbury Tony from under his blankets and then unclip him from his car seat. I take his little jacket and cap off and place them into the car seat. Once we got ourselves settled, I carried Tony while following Edward into the living room.

We come to a complete stop at the threshold to the living room. I want to run away and cry at the sight I see. My parents, his parents and who I assume is Edward's Aunt and Uncle are all covered in Snugglies. My father is placing batteries into the back of a Billy big mouth bass. Suddenly the lyrics to 'Don't worry, be happy', fills the room. I fall into Edward's chest shaking my head back and forth. I knew this wasn't going to be good. Edward pats my back trying to comfort me.

"It's okay, love." He whispers into my ear.

I turn back to our families and try to put a brave face on. We slowly walk in, still not being noticed by anyone, I spy a plate in the middle of the coffee table with what looks like brownies.


I thrust Tony into Edward's arms then run and grab the half empty plate. I rush out of the room, trying to find the kitchen. I hear protests and squeals from behind me, but I don't stop.


I chuckle when I see Bella run out of the room with a plate of brownies, and Charlie trying to get up to go after her but getting tangled up in his Snugglie. I wonder if my parents know what kind of brownies those were?

"Carbon!" my mother squeals "Bring me my grandbaby!"

I hug Tony to my chest, scared to give the baby to my muncher of a mother. "A mom, maybe we should wait for a bit. Tony is tired and I thought I would set up the playpen in my room so he can take a nap."

My mom is able to get out of her Snugglie with no problems and comes over to me. She pats Tony on his back and then starts rubbing her fingers through his curls over and over.

"His hair is so soft." She whispers and continues to caress his head.

Yeah, mom has reached nirvana.

By the looks of it so has Tony as his eyes close shut.

"Follow me Carbon, I have someplace to lay him down." My mom quickly walks out of the room, and I follow behind her. We go up to the second floor and she opens up the door to one of the guest rooms. I walk through and see my mother has been busy. She has transformed this room into a nursery. All my old baby furniture has been set up. She even painted the room a soft blue and cream. I lay Tony down then see a baby monitor on the little table by the crib. I grab it, turn it on and then leave the room closing the door behind me.

I stand in the hall way with my high as a kite mother looking back at the now nursery room door. "When did you do that?" pointing at the door.

She pats my face, a bit too hard mind you, "When I found out I was a grandmother a week ago."

"But mom, that isn't your grandson, Tony isn't my son. Please believe me. Do you really think I wouldn't tell you something as important as having a child out in the world?" To be honest I'm a bit hurt.

She grabs my hand and tell me to shush, then we go back to the living room. We walk in and the coffee table, the table behind one of the couches have been cleared and now full of all kinds of food. Looks like the munchies have hit the parents.

I take a seat next to Bella on the love seat and watch the others eat like it's their last meal. At one point Charlie, Dad and Uncle Ez were fighting over the last spare rib before my mother came and plucked it out of the middle eating it herself.

Once their cravings have been satisfied, I try to start to explain first about Tony. My mother shut me up immediately tell us that Charlie and Renee have already explained it all when they got here. My parents then told us that if I was going to be in Tony's life like they explained, then for all intent and purposes Tony is their grandson. They also want to help getting Bella help in keeping Tony. Bella and I thanked them, and told them our plans in going to Carol Stream tomorrow to see if the Brenda Marsh out there is Tony's mother or not.

After that was all cleared up, Bella began her pitch of her story. I sat back and listened to her synopsis of it and it sounded like a real girly, girl story. Nothing I would read if I didn't know the author, but I can see how it would be a hit with teenage girls. Vampire, Werewolves, hybrid births? Really? How would that be possible? I keep my opinions to myself, this is her story.

Uncle Ez and Aunt Car were sold, they want Bella to meet them at her office on Thursday to go over contracts and monetary amounts. I just hope Uncle Ez still thinks it's good after he comes down from his high.

I hear Tony cry through the monitor and go up to the nursery. I walk in and his cries stop. I pick him up and realize he has a load in his diaper. I see my mother has fully stocked the nursery and make quick work changing his diaper and redressing him. I bring him back down and Bella has bottle all ready for him. My mother begs to feed him, and Bella being Bella allows her. I watch my parents coo and talk to Tony while feeding him. I smile at the sight, they look years younger. I give Bella a quick kiss told her that I needed to make a call.

I go into the study and find Emmett's number on my contact list.

"Yo Cuz!" Emmett's booming voice rings out.

I laugh, "Hey Em, you might want to get to my house and pick up your parents."

Emmett laughs, "Rents got loaded again?"

"Something like that, I don't think it would be safe for them to drive."

"Sure, be there in a bit, I'll bring Rosie so she can drive the rent's car back home."

"Good, see ya."

"Bye Cuz."

I hang up and laugh. I wasn't going to tell Emmett his parents were on the Ganga train. That is something he needs to find out himself.

I walk back into the living room and resume my seat next to Bella. She cuddles into my side and smiles up at me. I lean down and kiss her softly on her lips.

"I love you." I whisper in her lips

"I love you too," she whispers back.

"AWWWW" we hear the woman in the room go.

"We are so going to have a wedding soon!" both my mom and Renee squeal.

Bella and I just look at each other and smile. Who know maybe I can talk her into that run to Vegas.

"No running to Vegas either young man!" My father says.

That earned me a scowl from Charlie, then he made his hand into a gun and pretended to shoot me.

Charlie is distracted by my dad asking about his business that got Charlie going on and on.

Thanks Dad, think I own him a bottle of scotch now. Or wacky weed brownies.

I hear the front door open and Emmett's loud voice rings out.

"Yo Rents I'm here!"

"In here Emmett." I yell back.

Rose walks in sans Emmett and goes right for Bella. She gets up and gives Rose a hug. Rose whispers something in Bella's ear that makes her blush. I cock an eyebrow at the duo, which earns me a shaking head from Bella, and a smirk from Rose.

"Where did Emmett go?" I ask Rose.

"The kitchen, he wanted something to eat after the long drive here." She shrugs.

"Long drive? The man lives less than five miles from here!"

"You know Emmett." She smiles and pulls Bella further away from me to talk.

Emmett comes bounding into the room with a brownie in his hand. "Damn Auntie Es, these brownies are good. I've had two already and can't stop eating them!" Then he stuffs his mouth with the brownie he was holding.

"Oh shit!"


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