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Chapter 22


The next morning Edward and I headed out to Carol Stream to talk to Brenda Marsh. I'm very nervous about meeting her. I do hope she is awake and alert. I want her to know that her son will be well taken care of. But I also wonder if the treatment she said in the letter is working. If is it, will she take Tony back? It's selfish of me to want to keep him but if his mother improves his rightful place is with her.

"Penny for your thoughts" Edward kisses my hand while continuing watching the road.

I sigh, "I'm just worried." I lean my head on his shoulder.

"I know Bella, so am I. But you and I know we need to do this. If anything else so we can tell Tony one day about what happened to his parents." We both grow quiet, listen to the soft rock radio as we continue on our trek to Carol stream.


The smell of antiseptics and cleaning products overwhelm my senses when we walk through the doors of the care facility. Edward walks to the front desks and inquieres about Brenda, while I take a peak around the foyer. There is a room off to the side that is open and bright, with quite a few Lazy Boy recilners and over stuffed couches. There is a forty inch flat screen on one wall that is playing the Maury show. It seems every time that show is on its about some woman who doesn't know who her baby's daddy is. Maybe he should just change the name of his show to "Who's your Daddy".

"Bella" I move over to Edward's side at the desk.

"Yes?" I nod at the nurse behind the desk.

"She wanted to know how we knew Ms. Marsh." Edward begins.

"That is right Miss. We have records here indicating that Ms. Marsh has no family nor friends." The nurse refers to her computer monitor. I pull out Brenda's letter and hand it to the nurse. She reads it over quickly and looks back up at us. I lean on the counter and look at the nurse. "I'm not here to cause her any trouble or pain. I just want her to know her son will be taken care of, that he will know who his parents were and the reason he was left on that door step. I just want to give her peace." I smile sadly at her.

"Room 24, down that hall fifth door on the right." she hands me back Brenda's letter and let's us through the door. Edward and I slowly walk down the starck white hallway. We stop at Room 24, there is a notice posted on the door. Please wash hands, put on facemask and cover-up. This is a germ free room. Edward and I wash our hands and put on the yellow smock gowns. We then both put on the masks and knock on the door.

"Come in" we here faintly on the other side. I grasp Edwards hand as we walk slowly into the room. Her room is painted a soft yellow with pictures of wildflowers on the walls. In the center of a room was a standard hospital bed. The occupant is hooked up to IV's and oxygen. I take a good look at Brenda Marsh. Her once long bronze hair is gone, now only a bandana covers her head. It looks like she weighs 90 pounds, if that much. Her eyes a dull and glassy. I'm starting to wonder if she will even remember us being here today.

"Brenda Marsh?" Edward asks She looks at Edward and then me and nods her head. "I'm Edward Cullen," He puts his arm around my waist "This is Bella Swan." I give her a little wave. "We are here to discuss your son."

Her heart rate moniter starts beeping franticly, a nurse comes running into her room. "What's a matter dear?" The kind older nurse asks. Brenda just points at Edward and I.

"I'm sorry, we just wanted to talk about her son." I see panic on Brenda's face once again, "He's fine, Brenda, he is with my mother right now. We just wanted want to tell you how he is doing, not upset you. I'm so sorry if we did."

I see tears falling from her eyes, "He is okay?" I smile and give a few pictures I have brought with me of our trip to Forks.

"He is fine, and most importantly he is happy." I smile at her. She grasps the pictures we have presented to her with her fragile fingers. She looks through the photos we have from Christmas and from our trip to Forks. A serine simile comes across her face.

"He looks happy." She sighs, "He looks loved." She tiredly closes her eyes.

Edward speaks up, "He is love and wanted so much. The reason we are here is to let you know that, and that he will always be cared for and loved like his is our own." Edward squeezes my side and I look up at him lovingly. Edward pulls papers out of his coat pocket and places them in front of Brenda. He looks at Brenda, "These are papers allowing Bella Swan to be the guardian to your son Carlos Anthony. To be the one who can get him medical care, to decide his education and to love him. Please sign them, no one will love him and care for him like this woman can."

Tears prick at my eyes but I know what I need to say right now. I softly hold Brenda's hand and smile sadly at her, "Brenda, I hope you believe that I want your treatment to work. Tony deserves to have his mother to love and hold him." A tear finally falls from my eye, "But if you can't, I want that honor to care and love your son. He will always know both you and his father. He will never want for anything, and I promise to love him to my dying day."

Brenda squeezes my hand, and smiles at me. "The doctors say, the treatment isn't working." She rasps out, breathing in as deeply as she can, "Can I see him? I want to see him one more time, before I join my love."

"Of course, I'll call my parents now, they will bring Tony to you." Edward smiles and leaves the room so he can call.

I sit down on a chair by her bed, not letting go of her hand. "Tell me about you and Edward. " she asks "I also want to know how Carlos is doing with you." A smile graces my face as I begin to tell her about mine and Edward whirlwind romance, and the whole thing in the mistake that Tony is my baby with the orphanage.


I know it's short, but it does move the story along.