Chris Colfer stood in front of the small mirror on the wall of his trailer, adjusting his hair. He sighed. Another scene with Darren today. Blaine was moving to McKinley and there was an emotional scene with a hug. Just a hug, Chris told himself. Jessie will fix my hair before I film the scene anyway. No need to get all nervous. Just a hug, stay professional.

Chris Colfer was an adult, a professional actor. He didn't fall in love with his costars. Even if they did have curly black hair and tangerine- hazel eyes and a voice that made anyone's heart beat ten times too fast. He knew about Darren Criss. He was a huge Harry Potter fan, afterall. And what Harry Potter fan hasn't seen "A Very Potter Musical?" And he couldn't lie, he had, a couple years back, had a rather large crush on the short, curly top man, that portrayed The Boy Who Lived.

But that was all in the past, right? Yes, Darren was a good friend, but that was where it ended. Sighing, Chris ran his hands through his hair slightly once more, trying to mess it up so that when Darren saw him he wouldn't be able to tell that Chris had spent the last half hour trying to fix it so that it fell perfectly.

He knew he would see Darren before Jessie, the hair and makeup lady, had a chance to wheel him around in that chair of hers, powder his face, and adjust his hair, styling it up in his classic Kurt do.

He noticed the time on the clock, and decided he better go now. This way, he would be approximately two minutes late. Darren wouldn't think he was so excited about the scene he had specifically arrived early.

He walked briskly toward the hair and makeup area.

He didn't see Darren there yet, which surprised him because Darren is always early to hair and makeup.

Shrugging his shoulders he turned and sat in the makeup chair in front of Jessie, who pulled out her brush and flicked the straightener on.

Where is Darren? Chris wondered.

Suddenly he heard a small cough. "Sorry I'm a little late."


There he was. Chris turned ever so slightly to look up at Darren, and his heart skipped a beat. Darren was dressed in his "Blaine" outfit, complete with yellow Starkid sunglasses and a bow tie.

A bow tie. Seriously? Chris almost laughed out loud, but somehow he couldn't help the way his breath hitched in his throat when he saw Darren in those super tight pants.

Oh dear lordy…Stay strong, Chris, look away.

But then he looked up at Darren's eyes. They looked a little tired and swollen and red. Darren had been crying. But why?

Chris felt a sick feeling in his stomach. He had never seen Darren's eyes like this. Darren sat down slowly in the chair without looking at Chris. Chris saw Jessie give him a confused look and a glance at Darren's direction in the mirror, but he shrugged.

Jessie finished with Chris's hair and walked over to Darren's chair. The room was unusually silent and awkward. There was almost always a constant chatter session between the two boys and Jessie before filming scenes, however, today, when Chris started to say something, Darren looked away.

Chris, tired of watching Jessie's attempts to tame Darren's crazy curls, and feeling slightly sick (and for some strange reason, very guilty) at watching Darren try not to break down crying, left the room to be put in the final touches of his "Kurt" costume.

As soon as Darren stepped foot onto set, Ryan began barking orders about how the scene was supposed to "flow." Chris zoned out, as usual. He and Darren always did great, anyway. They got each other, or rather, Kurt and Blaine got each other, and Chris and Darren understood this and never had problems channeling their characters' emotions.

However, it was slightly awkward on set. For whatever reason, Darren refused to meet Chris's eyes, and kept muttering stuff under his breath. They had to film the scene more times than they'd ever had to film a Kurt and Blaine scene, and Chris was growing increasingly frustrated. He just wanted to go over to Darren and find out what was wrong, and tell him it was going to be okay, and hold him-WAIT- No! I don't want to hold Darren. No way. Why would I even think of that?

They finally got the scene as close to perfect as it was going to get, and Ryan seemed semi- satisfied. Chris had wanted to go over and talk to Darren after the scene was filmed, so that he could find out if he did anything wrong, or if Darren needed his help. Because friends help each other. And that's what Chris and Darren were- friends. Just friends, nothing more. Darren's straight. Straight Darren is my friend. Straight, straight Darren. Darren with a girlfriend- with that super annoying fangirl girlfriend. Stupid girlfriend. Chris had fallen so deep into his own thoughts he had forgotten about talking to Darren. And now he couldn't find him anywhere.

Then he heard a familiar voice around the corner. He turned to it and heard the snippets of a conversation that sounded super important.

"Listen, Mia. I don't think I can handle this. I don't think I'm ready for this huge step in my life….There are already so many rumors, Mia. Online, on Twitter, on Tumblr…"

"I can't be that person….I'm sorry….Goodbye, Mia."

He heard Darren's phone beep, signaling the call had ended. He wasn't sure what to do at first, but had just decided to step forward and ask if Darren needed his help when he heard Darren fall to the floor and start to cry. He had never heard or seen Darren cry before, and it made him very depressed. Darren Criss was supposed to be strong, and not afraid of anything.

Chris felt as though he were intruding on something very personal. He left quickly and walked back to the set cafeteria to grab some lunch before shooting his scene with Lea.

On the way, Chris thought about Darren. What was going on? He knew Mia was Darren's girlfriend- the super annoying one who screamed when she met anyone from the cast and hung on Darren's arm like it was a life saver and she was drowning in a baby pool. He wondered what mess Darren and her were in. Darren had said something about Twitter and Tumblr, maybe he should check those…hmmm…or maybe it wasn't his right to be so nosy in Darren's business…

Chris was so distracted contemplating what to do he ran straight into a brick wall. Or, he thought it was a wall until it said, "Sorry…" in a muffled voice.

Chris peered up to see Cory shoving a sandwich into his mouth.

"Oh…sorry Cory…I was just…um…."

Cory looked down at Chris confused. "Dude, are you okay?"

Chris must have looked badly distressed, because Cory had noticed and Cory never notices this sort of thing unless its super obvious.

"Uh…no…I-I'm fine…"

"You can tell me, Colfer," said Cory, much to Chris's surprise.

"Well, it's nothing big, I was just wondering if you knew what happened to Darren. He seems all upset and I heard him talking to his girlfriend about something that sounded serious."

"Is that chick here?" asked Cory nervously, spinning around to check behind him.

"Oh no, it was a phone conversation."

Cory let out a sigh of relief.

"I don't know for sure, Chris, but I read something online about his girlfriend being pregnant. It's all over Twitter and Tumblr."

Chris felt as though someone had taken a pair of pliers, ripped out his heart and dropped it at the bottom of the ocean. And his stomach felt as though it were in a great big puddle on the floor.