Sarah has lived in fear that the Goblin King will return.A moment of desperation causes the Labyrinth's Champion to offer the Goblin King ANYTHING to save her will become of Sarah when Jareth has control of her life?Rating will increases. R/R

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Chapter 1


Sarah shot up in bed. Her breathing was fast and hard. She looked around and was relieved to find herself in her room. Nervously she ran her right hand through her now permed dark brown hair. It had been two years since she'd made the mistake of wishing Toby away. The dark haired girl had suffered through countless nightmares since.

Still shaky from her dreams she hesitantly looked toward the window. The young woman held the sheet tightly in her fists; fear coursing through her veins. Sarah feared looking at the window but at the same time needed to look. The green eyed girl feared she'd look at the window and see a white barn owl. She lived in fear that one day Jareth would return.

She sighed relieved as she looked at the window and found no owl looking in at her. No menacing stares or dangerous yet sexy smiles were anywhere to be seen. Sarah began to relax.

The alarm suddenly sounded and she jumped. "Stupid alarm clock!" She said annoyed and yet relieved at the same time. She turned off the alarm and brushed a piece of her dark hair behind her ear. "Why can't I stop dreaming about that?" She asked allowed.

"Sarah are you up?"

"Yes, I'm up," Sarah called hearing her stepmother's voice.

"Okay honey. Hurry up and get dressed. Your father wants to hit the road early. I'll have breakfast for you when you come down."

"Thanks mom! I'll be right down," Sarah said as a smile graced her face.

She slipped out of bed and walking over by the door she turned on the light switch. Sarah went to her dresser and picked up the set of clothes she'd set out the night before. Removing her night gown she quickly slipped the blue denim jeans and striped multi-colored short sleeved sweater Kim had bought her a couple weeks ago.

The teenage girl smiled at how her family life had improved since her run through the labyrinth. Kim and Sarah were even closer than Sarah and her mother had ever been. Toby could still be annoying at times but she cherished him. Kim had even scolded Sarah's father and now he was an attentive father. They even made sure to attend every play Sarah was in. Other than constant nightmares, life was good.

Picking up her necklace she headed out the door while fastening it around her neck. She headed down the stairs to see Toby eating a bowl of oatmeal while her father drank a cup of coffee and munched on a banana and Blueberry muffin.

"You made muffins!" Sarah said excited as she entered the breakfast room.

"No honey not this time. Store bought," Kim replied.

"Drat!" Sarah said and snapped her fingers disappointed. Sarah had come to absolutely love Kim's baking more than her favorite bakery.

The blonde woman smiled and laughed. "I'll make some at grandma and grandpas."

"I'll help," Sarah offered sitting down at the table. "You have to teach me how to make the apple strudel!" She said with excitement dancing in her eyes.

"Are you kidding my mother is the expert. We'll have her make it and help her!" Kim announced. Sarah smiled and nodded at the blonde woman.

"We have to get there first you two," Sarah's father reminded them. The two women giggled as Sarah's stepmother joined everyone at the table handing a banana and muffin to Sarah along with a piece of cheese.

"We're leaving in 15 minutes," Sarah's father announced. Kim and Sarah exchanged an amused expression but didn't reply. Instead they looked at Toby who was happily covering himself in oatmeal.

'It's going to take 15 minutes at least to clean up Toby,' Sarah thought to herself as she glanced at her little brother. Looking back at Kim she knew her stepmother was thinking the exact same thing. 'Maybe we'll make it out of here in half an hour.' Amused the two women continued to eat.

Jareth lounged out on his throne tapping his boot with his riding crop. A frown graced his handsome face. Sarah weighed heavily on his mind. Two years and not once had she called on him. He'd been upset that she'd turned him down but figured another bad night with Toby and she'd be his. It hadn't happened. Sarah had done the unthinkable and completely changed her attitude and perspective over her brother.

"Damn it!" Jareth yelled and threw his crop.

"Whoa! Jareth! I am not a target!"

Jareth turned his gaze toward his brother who had entered the throne room and smirked as the fae prince got up from having dropped to the ground to dodge the hurling crop. "What is wrong with you?" Jareth glared at him; any amusement gone. "Awe thinking of your little dark haired beauty are you?" When the crop immediately appeared back in the king's hand the prince knew he was right. "I'll take that as a yes," he said watching the king begin to tap his boot again.

"What do you want Annon?" Jareth said annoyed as he looked at the dark brown haired Fae man.

"Mother and Father wanted me to find out when you plan to host the Winter ball. It is your turn," The King's brother replied.

"Damn it!" Jareth cursed.

"Forgotten had you?"

"Annon I…"

"JARETH!" came a bloodcurdling scream was loud enough to shake the castle.

"What the…"

"Sarah!" Jareth said jumping to his feet. Instantly he transported himself out of the throne room.

Annon rubbed his right ear. "You might have overdone that nightmare, Jareth," He commented.

Sarah screamed with all her might as another car spun out of control headed their way. The dark haired girl knew there was no way they would survive. "JARETH!" She threw her arms up to protect her face knowing they'd hit.

The dark haired girl blinked when nothing happened. 'Are things moving in that slow of motion?' Hesitantly she looked up to see the car was less than an inch away and neither vehicle was moving. "How is…"

"Found yourself in an unfavorable position have you?" A voice said dryly.

'I know that voice.' Sarah turned to see Jareth just outside the car holding the door open. "Jareth!" She said both shocked and thankful to see him. She looked at his black outfit of leather and realization hit her. 'The Goblin King!' Fear entered her eyes.

Jareth watched the look go from appreciation to realization and even fear in a flash. He looked at her less than pleased. "Problem?" He said in a flat voice.

"You…you're here," Sarah said uneasily.

"I would think that would be rather obvious," He replied cocking his head to look at her. "I assume you have a reason for screaming my name and interrupting my day?" When Sarah just stared at him the fae looked toward the car less than a second from striking the Williams car.

"Hmm?" Sarah followed his gaze and the danger came back to her. "My family. Save them. Please save them," She pleaded.

Jareth raised his black leather covered hand and looked at the fingertips. "Why should I do that?"

"Jareth please. I…" Sarah began getting out of the now open vehicle.

"What do I get out of it?" He asked with a bored tone. "Why should I care what happens to the family of a former opponent? Or even a former opponent for that matter?" He asked as he stepped away from the vehicle and fiddled with the other glove not bothering to look at the girl. "What do I get out of it?"


Jareth looked at her as if he were completely bored. "What could you possibly have to offer me?"

"Anything Jareth. I'll do anything. You can have anything from me just please, please, save them!" The dark haired girl begged. "You don't have to save me just save them. You can have me live and be disfigured and crippled forever just please save them!" She said falling to the kings feet and placing her head on his knee; openly begging him.

Jareth was surprised by the girl's desperation but didn't show it. He did however love feeling her cling to him desperately. "Anything?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Sarah looked up at him from her knees. "Anything Jareth. Anything you want, just save them."

"Anything is a rather dangerous thing to say to a fae, little girl," He said peering down at her imposingly. You have no idea what I could demand."

"It doesn't matter Goblin king I'll do it. I'll be your servant, your thing to beat when you're angry, anything. Just save my family," Sarah pleaded.

Jareth let his eyes look down at her. Her chest may have been covered but it was very obvious the girl had grown up both mentally and physically. One look in her eyes and the Fae king knew she at least thought she was willing to do anything.

"Even if it meant being my mistress?" The King asked stepping back from the girl. "Would you give your body to me?"

"Yes. Anything if you save them."

"Anything you say? Anything implies I could make you a castle whore," The Goblin King warned as he began to walk around the dark haired girl who remained on her knees. "Give you to visiting dignitaries or even their guards if I so choose. Would you truly willingly allow countless men to bed you?" Jareth whispered into her ear from behind her. "Countless men to humiliate you in public even? I…"

"Yes," Sarah said sadly as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Anything if you save them."

Jareth smiled an arrogant pleased smile behind his desperate former opponent. Sarah was his. While he'd never give her to another he had wanted to make sure she was truly willing to do anything to save them. "Say goodbye Sarah; you belong to me."

Sarah rose to her feet and turning she looked at her family. "I love you. Be safe."

"It's time for..."

"Me to watch you save them," Sarah finished.

"Very well." Jareth took Sarah by the arm and moving them out of the way he unleashed time.

Sarah watched as both cars amazingly were twirled away from each other and sent on the merry opposite ways. She smiled relieved; her family was safe.

"You now belong to me." He said watching her as she watched the van drive away.

"I know Jareth. To save them it's worth it," She said watching the blue minivan heading safely down the road.

"Time to go." Taking the dark haired young woman by the arm the king vanished taking his green eyed girl with him.

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