Author's Note: Here's chapter two. It is in the Soul's and Kyra's POV. Let me know what you think.

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"Do you know who he was?" she screamed causing me to jump. She had been quiet for the last few days that I thought she had finally disappeared.

'No I don't,' I thought back. I had just met him…sort of. Kyra had recognized him right on sight and said his name was Riddick.

In my head I could see her cross her arms. "You could be nicer to him."

'I'm being as nice as I have to. I'm letting him stay at my house without alerting the Seekers that he is here. Technically he is human.'

"HA!" she laughed, "He acts no more human than me. He also knows way more than you could ever hope to and if you piss him off too much he will kill you…unless he knows I'm here," her voice trailed off at the last part and I knew she didn't mean for me to hear that part because she scrambled to try and get me to forget it.

'Well then he's asking for death. Once they find me dead they will go after him.'

"But they won't find him," she said, matter-of-factly. "He can make himself scarce when he needs to. Those eyes of his are special."

'What do you mean special?'

No answer. She was very smug though.

"Where am I?" his voice was right behind my ear causing me to freeze, his breathe was hot on my neck. "You will tell me." Oh so now he was threatening me? How charming. I don't know what Kyra saw in him.

'Just tell him,' she hissed.

"You are on Earth."


"You. Are. On. Planet. Earth." He was clenching and unclenching his hands. He was getting pissed. 'How do you calm him down?' I asked Kyra. I looked at him as he pulled off his goggles, exposing his eyes. Kyra was right they were special.

"Let me," she said. I gave her control.

xxx Switch POV to Kyra xxx

I was in control of my own body again. I smiled to myself. I looked at Riddick who was glaring down at me. I asked the age old question, "Where do you get eyes like that?"

He blinked in surprise. "Jack?" he asked.

"Jack's dead remember, Riddick?"

"Kyra!" His eyes were wide.

"Hey," I smiled softly. "Riddick I don't know how much time I got…"

"Time?" he asked frowning slightly.

I sighed how was I going to tell him that there's two people in this body. "As she told you, this is Planet Earth…"


I held up my hand, "Let me explain. This planet really isn't new persay…just new to us. When I got here the people were being taken over by an alien thing. Well they found out I didn't have one of the aliens," Suns Down growled in my head, "So they caught me and inserted one. They planned for me to be erased and the alien have full control of my body, but you know me." I smirked. "I won't be erased!"

"Yeah…I know," he said. Then under his breathe he said, "Considering you're supposed to be dead."

"Wait what?" I asked panicked.

"You don't remember?"

"All I remember is being dropped here."

He took a deep intake of breath. "Well the last time I was with you, we were with the necromongers and you had just been thrown against a spiked pillar by the throne. One of the spikes drove through you upper back and one through your lower back. You died in my arms." I could tell he was fighting tears.

"I'm back now…"I said softly. I could feel Suns Down tugging at me to regain control. "Look I'm not going to be able to keep control very much longer.

He nodded and then walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I froze for a minute and then returned the embrace. Suns Down stopped tugging for the moment. "I missed you, Kyra."

"I missed you too, Riddick." We released and I looked at him, "I'm gonna give her control. Remember even when I'm stuck in her mind I can hear everything that is being said."

He nodded and I let Suns Down have control.

xxx Switch POV to Suns Down xxx

These people were weird. They both loved each other I could tell, but never once did they tell the other. They never once said 'I love you' like most people on this God forsaken planet.

"We have never told each other that. One he doesn't share his feelings very much or he lies. It makes him feel weak, exposed. It was probably hard enough for him to say 'I missed you'."

'Again weird,' I thought. I smiled at Riddick. "My name is Suns Down. You can call me SD."

"No thank you, body snatcher," he growled.

"Watch it…"I returned. "I will turn you in." Kyra sighed and said, "Idiot."

He approached me fast, pushing me against the wall. I tried to block him with my hands, but he caught them and held them above my head. Then he pushed his knee up between my legs and with his free hand put a knife to my throat. "Go right ahead if you want to die," his voice was dark. "If you go and say she'll be dead too. Well, I've already had to live without her once. I might be hard, but I know I'll survive."

"Don't push him any harder please," Kyra said in the back of my head. "He may not say it, but it will kill him."

"Whatever, I won't call the Seekers," I said, and he let go. He was glaring and I just walked past him towards the kitchen. "Are you hungry?"

"I've been on a Merc ship, what do you think?"

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