Peper roni woke up to the sound of his alarm clock (wich was made of legos). He answered it. "Hello?" he asked.

"Pepper!" said the cheerful voice on the other side it was the Informaniac. "It's the dude with the food! Please com on over to the info booth, I have a suprise for you!" "Im on it professer!" said pepper as he got out of his bed and skateboarded into the shower. Today was a big day for him. Whenever the infomaniacs would call him he would sprig into action and go off to start a brand new day, and today was no exeption. He went quick through the shower and brush his teeth and skated out the door to his work.

"pepper!" shouted papa brickoleni, his adopted father. "i am so glad to see you"-and it was true. Papa brickolini was the hapiest man on lego island for his son was peper roni and he was maried to mama brickoleni and life was grand. he told his adoptson to take a piza to the hospital for enter and return, the lab techs, to eat.

peper skateboard was off to the hospital, but on the way, his fore head started to sweat. "it sure is the warm day" he muttered to himself, wiping his head with the cap.

he got to the hospital. "hows it going" he said. "not to good" the doctor said, "weve had 8 cases of heatstroke."