mean wile the infomaniac was sitting in his throne in his office. he was one thousand years old and he was very tired.

thousends of years earlier the infomainac was a litle kid who got a bunch of lego bircks for his birthday. from these he decided he would make several lego islands. he called these soup island, sandiwch island, key lime island, and LEGO ISLANDs. for a wile it was fun. but being imortal he soon grew bored with his solitary existance and decided to make a new friend-literaly. he raeched into his box of LEGOs and pulled out a human head and some arms and legs and made a new person to be his friend. he had done it. at the age of nine he became the first male ever to create life.

His new pal was called brickster Morales and he was dressed up in stripes. "So I built LEGO Island and my first new friend. I'll name you. . ." the infomaniac mutered to himself as he snapped on an arm. "... The Brickster!" he finished. "And because you know so much, I'll call you The Informaniac" said his new bff. "okay" he whispered.

they were good freinds for a wile until the infomaniac grew restles. he only had one friend and he wnted more. but the brickster got angry and said "NO buddy i am the brikester and i am the only one who will get made on this island. im tired of this gastly parody of democrasy." and with that he used some plastic bricks to build himself a submerine and went off to build his oown island called OGEL island, which was only made of inside out lego's.

the infomaniac signed and put his head in his hands. this was all so long ago and he wodered if he had learned his leson. even now, it had been weeks and peper still hadn't called him back. he wondered if his own creations had once again decided to rebell and do there own thing, and tried to decide what he would do if they did. just then the phone rang it was papa brickoleni. "infomaniac" he said, my son has diappeared and i dont know where he his. we had harsh words but i dont think it was my falut but he is gone."

"Well now, we can't have that can we?" the infomaniac said good naturedly on the phone. "Just a minute, i will check his tracking chip."

it was a simple matter to find pepper and he flew over to him on the his LEGOCOPTER. pepper had run into the ground and was holding onto his knee. but just as the infomaniac wa sabout to land, there was a huge rumbling from the ground to reveal... (cONTINUED)