After all the fun and exitement of the day pepper said "Ok miner, now its time to meet a very good friend." It was time to meet a veryg ood friend of peppers.

Pepper knocked on the door hard. SFX: BAM BAM BAM who is it came the voice from theother side of the front door

'oh gosh" said Peper, its me Pepper. The door swang open and frasier was very glad to sde him. "Pepper! the dude with the food" he shouted in happiness

pepper and frasier embrased warmly only to see the minor standing there looking tough. "yeah cut the mushy stuff" he said through his teeth, "or i'll pump ya full of lead." "why do you have gns if your a miner" said frasier. "we shoot through rocks to mine out the ore" explained the miner. Just then frasier got the great idea to all of them go to lego beach.

they relaxed at the seashore as fraiser told pepper about his day. the miner built a sand castle that looked like ultor corporation headquarters. they laughed and jocked and bought ice creams. It seemed like the best day.

Except it wasnt. One of the gaurds poped his head out from the sand and looked at them. "Ive got you now minor" said the guard. The miner screamed and ran toward the town as the guarde came out form the beach and brushed the sand of him.

pepper and fraseir looked at each other. they knew they would have to choose whether to save their new found friend or stop the process of the law.