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Chapter 1

I had imagined my life with my uncles much more fascinating, but it wasn't none the less. One was in charge of the western lands and the other well he has something better than that his own forest named after him, and my mother you see she died when I was real small I guess you could say I missed her. I hadn't seen my uncle Sesshomaru in forever he usually comes and usually goes a lot, some think he's cruel but to me he's the sweetest uncle anyone could ask for and the other one…let's just say he can be stubborn as an Ox but they're family so you can't chose I guess.

I was on a mission; my mission was to find those villages yes…that village. I was getting closer until…
"What the hell kid? Watch were your going!"
"Well sorry! Didn't see ya there."
"You know if this Kimono is ruined I will…holy hell you look like…" yeah right he can't look like him there's no way.
"Inuko! Wait for me!."
Ok I was having total Déjà. Those can't be related to my uncle and Kagome. When did he have kids anyway? Geez I was so in the blue.
"Umm you kids shouldn't be out here by yourselves there's lots of monsters who would want to eat you." Mwahahaha,
"Look woman stop trying to scare us I don't care about monsters my father will kick their ass anyway!" Is this kid for real? The other one on the hand looks so scared hah time to work my magic.
"I guess you should listen to me boy they love to eat little…human girls and little half demon boys so if I were you I would leave." Yes its working the little girl is crying.
"Like I would let anyone hurt my sister."
"Inuko…I don't want to be eaten..." at least she took my advice.
"I won't let anyone hurt you Kikyko. You should SERIOUSLY stop

Scaring my little sister or I will become mad and hurt you." Like I'm so scared if these are my uncle's children then I guess he has the same attitude as him too.
"Hurt me? Do you even know who I am? I am the great Nina the rule of the western lands and the hottest chick in these lands and I can hurt you, you're probably like what small compared to me? So I would watch what you say Inuko if that is your real name like what kind of name is that your mom gave that to you hah!." I was actually having fun this kid is going to burst I can feel it.
"How dare you make fun of me? My mother did give me that name you probably don't even have a mother." I stopped talking and glared and ran to him and grabbed him by the back of the hair pulling really hard and tighter until he started to scream to let go.
"Listen here….don't ever talk about my mother in that way ever again or I will be cross next time."
"I can say what I want!" Ok I was totally losing it and I pulled towards me on the ground and he was still holding onto his hair trying to get it out of my grasp until I felt something tug on my kimono.
"Please let Inuko go." I let him go and looked him straight in the eye.
"Next time he says something like that I won't go too easy on him. You two should head back to your village." the little girl just smiled and ran to Inuko. Why did I act like that well I didn't care I just didn't like anyone talking about my mother like that.
"You're the one who was making fun of my name. So me!" I think we are related I just shrugged my head and started to walk away.
"Nice meeting you scary lady!" I stopped and looked annoyed… she was real stupid but oh well.

I was aware that those two would become an annoying problem but I had that feeling that I was related to them and I was going to hate myself for almost hurting that little boy and I know my uncle wouldn't let me live it down. It was getting late so I stopped in a village asking the caretaker if I could borrow a room but he turned me down so I scared him and everyone left the village. Hah no one says no to me I bet I was going to get chased down for this but I didn't care I do what I please if I'm tired I sleep if I'm hungry I eat, you could say I was spoiled.

It was getting late and I could smell that awful stench that kept following me I didn't like it, I remember it from when I was little my mom would always tell me to not go too far from Kaede's village she was scared something would hurt me or worse…Anyway I thought I had lost that stench trail but it just keeps following so I got out of that village and into some woods and decided to jump high up on a tree and I just stayed there and slowly started to fall asleep. I woke up to birds and the sun shining so bright, it was too bright it made my head spin.

"Lady Nina! Lord Sesshomaru has…" Oh please not you…
"What the hell do you want Jaken go away and leave me alone."
"Well I guess you don't want your new Kimono from Lord Sesshomaru he won't be pleased."
"Jaken go away right now or I shall be cross and stop calling my uncle Lord it is very annoying, Like you are." I made him mad and he started walking off.

"Ok but Lord Sesshomaru will be very mad you didn't take your gift you worthless girl."
"Meh. I never see him anyway; if he wanted to give it to me he would have come to me face to face. Oh Jaken."
"Tell him I said hi." I laughed and he walked away pissed and talking to himself.

I jumped down and wanted to head to my Uncle's forest to chill and think. I was sitting in front of the big tree closing my eyes and just thinking. I stopped when I had caught his smell I smiled.