Chapter 3

I had my aim fixated on that dumb brat until I got pushed to the ground.
"What the hell…"
"KIKYKO! How dare you come near my sister? Now you made me mad." This idiot thought I was so scared he was so wrong.
"Look I wasn't even going to touch her she was annoying me so I wanted to shut her up." He was growling at me…growling? So scary.
"Big brother!." she ran to Inuko this was making my day even more worse I wasn't in the mood for annoying little girls and their half witted brothers.
"Kikyko I told you to stay away from her she could have hurt you." Then maybe she would learn to not be in my way.
"I was singing and picking flowers for mom. See they are pretty!"
"Wow you picked flowers for your mortal mom that's so sweet I could puke." She started to cry…ah great maybe I shouldn't say stuff sometimes.
"Why are you so m-mean to m-me." She was crying heavily she choked while talking and kept rubbing her eyes.
"Ah great…look I'm sor-." I went to comfort her when I got slapped. That foolish child slapped me!
"D-Don't touch me! I don't like you and you smell funny."
"I do not smell funny. Whatever just don't bug me again or…yeah just don't bug me again." I waited for them to leave but they just stood there talking and giggling I jumped up back to my spot and just sat against the tree loving the cold breeze of wind go past me.
"You know we haven't left right." I kind of figured that.
"Yeah I know that, that's why I'm trying to ignore the both of you so I can…oh forget it I ain't telling you." They started to leave I just laughed and looked up to the sky with my arms crossed behind my head. So Kagome is their mother huh I wonder what InuYasha is going to say when we are all related this is going to be one hell of a family moment but I don't think I can tolerate that Inuko kid he was really getting under my skin and his sister was just as dumb as she looked maybe Kagome should watch her more often.

Ever since I met those two kids I couldn't get my head to think straight and I swear that Inuko kid kind of looks like me we have the same eye color, the same dog ears but our personality was different I would be nothing like him, he probably couldn't tell was goes up and what must come down. But that human girl Kikyko he called her she looked a lot like Kagome she has her eyes.

"Lady Nina!" ah my favorite kid.
"Hey Rin, what are you doing here by yourself wait why are you…" If Jaken left her alone I swear his last life will be horribly paid off.
"I'm not by myself Master Jake is behind me." then if Jaken is behind her then that means…ah crap.
"Let me guess Sesshomaru is with you guys?" as I said that she nodded and started singing about him.
"Nina." yup Rin was right.
"Oh hey Uncle, I didn't know you were there..." as I scratched my head and looked down.
"Don't call me uncle it makes me feel like…family. What's with your smell."
"Ok look I don't smell at all why does everyone keep saying that." maybe he can smell those kids.
"You smell of human and half demon contacts what happened." he just looked at me.
"Yes I did it was just some kids is all they wouldn't leave me alone." he looked mad. "Have you forgotten Nina, your suppose to be training not hanging around children."
"I'm always training me didn't feel like it…" I scratched my head and looked down again.
"Excuses are what make people weak. Next time I find you do not disappoint me again Nina." he walked passed me with Rin and Jaken following suite.
"Who needs more training anyway I don't…Ah stupid Uncle!" I punched a tree, he made me mad sometimes.

"Inuko! Let's pick some more flowers for momma and Sango." Kikyko walked to a bush full of pretty red roses that shined beautifully in the sunlight Inuko just stood behind her with his arms crossed smiling.
"Your crazy but you can pick the flowers I'll just watch."
"Ok! I'll take that one, and this one too momma will like that one and maybe…" as Kikyko continued to pick flowers she couldn't decide how many to take.
"Ok Kiki hurry up time is running…Ow!" Inuko shouted as something hit him in the head.
"Hello half twit!" I was going to love picking on him.
"Why did you throw that rock at me." as Inuko huffed and cracked his knuckles at his sides.
"I was bored." I laughed while crossing my arms.
"Well then stop bugging us. You always end up finding us and picking fights with us."
"Man your annoying. I was going somewhere else anyway until I saw you two and decided to throw that rock at you just to see you get mad."
"You call me annoying! You're the one who won't shut up and just leave I guess you like to annoy people cause you have no friends…" he really does have an attitude.
"Ya I don't need friends, cause friends slow you down…like your sister over there?" she was still picking flowers? How many did she need anyway?
"My sister does not slow me down." Inuko crossed his arms and glared at her.
"Ok whatever I'm just saying you might want to leave her at home sometimes could be best…well see ya later half twit!" I bellowed as I started to run.
"IT'S INUKO!" he shouted back
"whatever!" I shouted back.
"Inuko I picked lots of flowers for momma and Sango." as Kikyko showed her brother all the flowers she picked.
"That's awesome. Let's go Kiki it's getting late and dinner will be ready soon…" Inuko walked towards Kikyko and grabbed her hand.
"Did that lady make you mad big brother." as Kikyko looked up at him. He was angry.
"Let's just go!" as he yelled at her she stopped talking and just walked.