For some reason I'm in an Emmett Cullen kind of mood as of late. A friend of mine as been in an Alec from Volturi mood as well. So this is definitely going to be interesting! I hope you all enjoy this. No this is NOT a slash story either!



Chapter 1 – New Forks Friends


Tired grey eyes opened and looked around the room; squinting as the morning sunlight shown through the curtains in her room. Her bedroom door flew open as her older brother growled towards her.

Trista sat up as she glared at her older brother. "Jesus Paul I'm awake, what are you suddenly Big Ben?"

She watched as he smirked. "No I've just become your alarm. Get up or you're going to be late for school." She rolled her eyes at him as she threw a pillow towards the door. He chuckled as he closed the door before the pillow could hit him. She slid from the bed as she stretched out her tired body. She'd stayed up late the night before filling out her college applications. She was only a junior in high school and still had a year left, but she was trying to make sure she was fully prepared.

When she looked out the window she could see the frost on the windows of her car and her brother's truck; not to mention all over the ground. She slipped in her jeans and then pulled on her black suede flat souled knee high boots; then pulled on her black sweater as it hugged her hips. She pulled her hair up into a pony tail and grabbed her back pack.

Trista jogged down stairs and into the kitchen where she could smell her brother attempting to cook breakfast. "You're burning the bacon genius." She reached over and grabbed an orange.

"Want some?"

Trista made a face as she shook her head negatively. "No I don't like eating charcoal. I'll stick with some vitamin C. Hey don't forget Nyx and I are going to Forks after school for the football game."

Paul rolled his eyes. "Smart ass, I have an excellent memory Trista; I don't need you to remind me of anything. And if you're going into Forks you make sure your cell phone is fully charged." He walked over and kissed the top of his sister's head. And watched as she bounced out the door and he listened to her Nissan Maxima started up and warmed up in the drive way. He was still hoping he wasn't screwing up raising his sister after their parents were killed in a car accident.

Trista held her hands up to the vents in her car as it warmed up quickly. Ever since her brother and his friends did the tune up on it a few months ago it was running like a friggen champ. She knew Paul was still unsure of raising her. Their parents had been killed by a drunk driver almost a year ago. Paul had just barely turned eighteen when it had happened and his entire life changed.

It was at that point Paul had to come clean with all his secrets. Apparently all the legends Trista grew up hearing at the reservation bonfires, weren't just legends. They were part of the Quileute tribe who were descendants of wolves. Most thought it was just a story, no one realized they were TRUE! Her brother Paul was one of the few that were born with the 'wolf gene'. When he was sixteen his body started going through an insane change, he was growing like a weed and soon the weed had muscles. Then one night his temper got the best of him and he phased for the first time. He was a shape-shifter, he shifted into a wolf; a Silvery grey wolf to be exact. Even on all four fur covered paws he was still six feet tall.

Paul was a protector of the Quileute people. What was he protecting his people from? He was protecting them from cold ones also known as Vampire's. When Trista found out he protecting her from Vampire's she nearly fainted. All the movies with Dracula in them were completely true. But only the most unbelievable parts were true about them. They didn't have fangs and had the power to turn any human into one of them with a simple bite, since the bite injected the victim with venom. They still had pale skin, but the only difference was when they were standing in the sunlight they sparkled like fairy dust.

Trista pulled out on the road as she headed towards the school; the shitty little rez high school. She honestly didn't care if she graduated she just wanted to get off the rez. Things with her brother were pretty calm, but the first few months after he'd taken over full responsibility of raising her was touch and go with his temper. There were a few nights she would stay with his alpha Sam and his wife Emily. Every once in a while she would still go over to stay with them when Paul's temper got out of hand or if she just needed a break or knew he needed one.

Trista pulled up to the school and saw her best friend Phoenyx sitting on the brick wall near the entrance of the school. As soon as Trista started walking towards the entrance Phoenyx jumped off the wall. "Ista my sista from another mista. How you doing chica?"

Trista laughed. "Nyx you're killing me girl. Are we still on for the football game in Forks after school?"

Nyx smirked. "Hot boys with their tight ends and of course sweating; as they practically pound the cream cheese out of each other? I'm so in. Plus if they are Forks boys they are bound to be sexy freaks. And you know I likes me a freak. As long as you're brother and my brother don't get all fuckin tight assed about us going. Did Paul bitch about it this morning?"

Trista shook his head. "No but big brother also warned to have the cell fully charged. Like if something bad went down with the un-fanged ones it would make him appear out of thin air."

Both girls rolled their eyes as they headed into the school as the first bell rang.

Six hours later the girl were walking out to Trista's Nissan Maxima as they were laughing about the events of the day. Trista giggled as Nyx made faces. "I'm like so serious. He walked over and tried to throw some cheesy pick up line at me. Dude I swear to GOD his breath smelled like Buffalo wings. I thought I was going to puke all over the front of him."

Trista raised an eyebrow as she glanced over at Nyx while her Nissan carried the two girls to Forks along the long stretch of highway. "You said Buffalo wings? Why don't you just say his breath smelled like a buffalo took a shit in his mouth and he gargled with it?"

Nyx shrugged her shoulders and laughed hard as she held her stomach. "Okay a donkey took a shit in his mouth and he gargled and flossed his teeth with it. Oh and just for shits and giggles I kissed him and got it all in my mouth and I'd like to borrow your toothbrush later."

Trista made gagging noises. "PHOENYX! Ewwww that's just disgusting." Trista couldn't stop making the gagging noises or giggling along with Nyx. "I've got some mouth wash in the glove box." Trista glanced at Nyx again as both girls busted out in uncontrollable giggles as Trista pulled into the parking lot and parked.

The girls got out of the car and walked over to the stadium entrance. It was two whole dollars to get into the game and the weather was not agreeing with game night. The sky was a dark grey color and a breeze had kicked up. Nyx went to the concession stand to grab a couple of bottles of water for them as Trista walked up the ramp towards the bleachers to find some good seats towards the top.

Trista accidentally bumped into someone. "Oh!" She gasped. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you." Her eyes snapped to the face that belonged to the body she ran into. His amber eyes caught her by surprise. She'd never met anyone with Amber colored eyes before. It looked like the sun was rising in his eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen in her whole life.

His amber eyes met hers and his lips turned up into a slight grin showing off his dimples. "It was completely my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?"

Trista smiled softly and she couldn't stop her grey eyes from looking up and down his body. His blue t-shirt was stretched against his chest and looked as if it was saying 'ouch'. As her eyes traveled lower to his dark washed jeans those were equally as stretched to his nice thighs and long legs, he looked like he was about six feet tall maybe taller. "No I think I'm okay."

The grin and his dimples never left his gorgeous face. "My name is Emmett Cullen; I haven't seen you around Forks. Are you new here?"

Trista's hand slid into the back pockets of her jeans. "Trista Lahote, I'm not new around here, I live on the rez. My friend and I like to come catch the football games every once in a while. Are you from Forks?"

Emmett couldn't stop the smile on the outside as he knew on the inside it was completely wrong for him to be talking to someone from the small Quileute reservation. "Yea I am from Forks; never been to the reservation."

A familiar laugh was heard from behind where Emmett and Trista were standing. Trista turned and saw Nyx laughing at something a guy said to her as they were walking up the ramp towards her.

Emmett looked over and saw Alec talking to a girl who walked over to Trista and handed her a bottle of water. "Who's your friend cousin?"

Alec looked at Emmett and smiled; the smile reached his amber colored eyes. Emmett hadn't seen Alex smile since he'd left the Volturi back in Italy, which included his own sister Jane. Somehow he'd decided he wanted to be a vegetarian with the rest of the Cullen's; which probably meant something happened back there that he hadn't yet revealed. Emmett could only feel that it had something to do with Rosalie when she left her simple plain life with Emmett for the Volturi life.

Trista smiled. Nyx had always been a little boy crazy but never really showed interest in the guys on the rez; they were plain and boring according to her. But then again Trista somehow agreed with her on that. The guys always had one thing on their mind and it was sex. Trista and Nyx weren't into sex; they were into just having fun. They had each dated a couple of guys but nothing was serious enough to give up to boredom and have sex with them.

Nyx smiled like a Cheshire cat. "This is Alec. Alec this is my friend Trista."

Trista smiled. "It's nice to meet you Alec. Did I hear right? Are you and Emmett cousins?"

Emmett nodded. "Yes ma'am we are."

He called her ma'am. Wow. Her own brother didn't even have manners like that. No one from the rez had manners like that, except for maybe Sam Uley.

Alec cleared his throat. "Would you ladies care to join us in the bleachers and we can watch the game together?" As he held out his elbow for Nyx to take.

Nyx smiled as she placed her hand in the crock of his elbow. She'd never been talked to so sweetly. "I think I'd like that."

Emmett held out his arm as well. "How about you Trista, would you do me the honor of accompanying me to the game?"

Trista nodded. "I'd definitely like that." As she placed her hand in the crock of Emmett's arm as well.

The guys walked the girls up the steps of the bleachers and took seats all together.

Trista couldn't believe the euphoric feeling that had entered her entire body. Someone she had just barely met was being a complete gentleman. He was just so nice. Something she wasn't used to.

But something she could get used too.