Chapter 15 – If They Could See

Emily sat on the couch laughing as she rubbed her semi swollen 6 month pregnant belly. She couldn't stop laughing as she watched Leah chase around her and Embry three year old son Jeremy or better known as JJ to everyone. Leah finally grabbed him as he giggled hard wrapped in her arms as she blew raspberries on his cheek.

Trista couldn't help joining Emily as they both continued to laugh. "You know Leah; he's really giving you a run for your money."

Leah smiled widely. "It's like having a mini Embry on my hands. You know when he first imprinted on me I rolled my eyes and informed him there was no way I would allow myself to get involved with someone so young because they wouldn't possibly be mature enough to have a serious and loving relationship. I started off just talking to him and pretty soon he was the one chasing me around the beach. Human form; wolf form; it didn't matter." Leah's soft brown eyes turned down to her son as she smiled and kissed the top of his head. "I was completely wrong and Embry loved proving me wrong too. I've never been more in love with anyone than I am with Embry and JJ. And I've never been happier."

Trista could see the love shining honestly in Leah's eyes. The second she found out she was pregnant she began to glow and even through nine months of pregnancy and twenty-five hours of labor she maintained her rosy glow. As soon as JJ was placed in her arms she started smiling and hadn't stopped yet and didn't look as though she would anytime soon.

Trista smirked. "So are you ever going to work on a JJ part two?"

Leah laughed out loud. "Oh God, we haven't even discussed a second tiny terrorist. You know I think if it happens then it's meant to happen. But no we haven't actually planned on a second yet. At least Embers hasn't said anything."

Kim walked down stairs as she chuckled quietly. "Do you know that stinker Jr actually tried to bargain with me on his nap time? God he reminds me so much of Jared it's almost frightening,"

Trista giggled. "Wow that sounds like something Jared would try on you. He's gotta be teaching Jr."

Leah laughed as she stood from the chair with JJ in her arms. "Speaking of nap time; I'll be right back you guys. I'm going to go put him down. Otherwise he's going to get crabby fast." As she disappeared upstairs.

Trista felt a kick as she looked down at her 8 month pregnant belly as it protruded out in front of her. She felt a slight pressure and suddenly a rush of fluids. Trista's eyes widened. "Em…Emily! I think my water just broke." Trist could feel herself getting scared as she tried to control her breathing. She couldn't help grunting when a contraction ripped through her belly.

Emily moved around quickly as Kim ran back upstairs and grabbed Leah. Leah jogged downstairs as she slid to a stop in front of Trista. "Alright little momma it's time to go. Stay calm and keep breathing sweetie."

Trista felt tears leaking out of her eyes. "Leah, I'm not due for another four weeks. I'm not supposed to be in labor yet. This isn't supposed to be happening."

Leah gripped Trista's hand. "Listen, your water broke that baby is coming whether it is scheduled to or not. I'm going to have to take you because Emily can't get behind the wheel, Kim will get the boys together and help Emily watch the kids. Everything will be fine, I promise."

Another contraction tightened her stomach and she knew they were coming too fast. Leah helped Trista out to the car and took off to the hospital in Forks.

Kim chewed her bottom lip as she called Jared's cell. She knew it was in the pocket of his shorts, but they were wrapped around his back leg with a piece of rope. She could only hope he left the ringer on and could hear it going off.

Intense brown eyes scanned the forest; Seth's sandy fur was standing on end. He couldn't help shake the feeling that something wasn't right. He wasn't sure what it was. Vampires; imprints; he couldn't tell. There was something there just under the surface. Seth jumped slightly when Jared's cell phone started chirping in his rolled up shorts.

'Fucking hell Jared; isn't that damn thing supposed to be on silent?' Seth snapped out.

Jared couldn't even stop his laugh as he rolled onto his side as he coughed out in wolf form. 'Damn Seth, are you a bit jumpy today.' He continued to chuckle as he stood and shook his fur out and walked behind a tree as he phased back and pulled his shorts on and grabbed his cell. He was still chuckling when he answered the phone. "Hey baby, is everything ok?"

"Jared Cameron! I've called a couple of times, what took so long to answer your phone?" Kim demanded.

Jared jumped at the sound of his wife's voice. "Sorry Kimmie what's going on?"

"Jared you need to tell Jared and Paul that Trista has gone into labor. Leah is taking her to the hospital in Forks right now." Kim's voice was showing panic.

Jared almost whimpered. "She's not due for another four weeks babe."

Kim matched his whimper with one of her own. "I know, but her water broke. The baby has to come now. Please hurry honey."

Jared flipped his phone closed as he let out a few yelps, knowing his pack brother would most definitely hear him. A few minutes later and everyone had phased and were in their human form as Jared explained what was going on as Seth and Paul phased and took off immediately.

'The baby is early Paul. What do you suppose is going to happen?' Seth questioned as they continued to run.

'I don't know pup, but we have to get there fast if we want to know what's going on.' Paul grumbled as they both started to push themselves to run faster.

Leah was pacing the waiting room up and down like a caged animal. Embry had already called her because he could feel the worry seep into her body as soon as she had gotten Trista to the hospital. "Leah!" Her head snapped up when Paul and Seth both shouted her name.

They both ran down the hallway to her and skidded to a stop when they noticed she had blood on her hands and the smell of it was thick in the air. Seth frowned at his older sister. "What's happened Leah?"

Leah shook her head. "We were sitting at Emily's and her water broke, then a few minute later and she started having contractions. She was nervous and scared and we got here and she said she felt a little pinch and suddenly she was bleeding. They took her in immediately, but haven't come back out to tell me anything."

All eyes watched as Dr. Cullen walked through the swinging doors, his face completely unreadable. "Seth, the baby is okay but Trista needs to have a blood transfusion, she lost a lot of blood when she started hemorrhaging."

Seth's frown deepened. "What caused her to hemorrhage Doc; she's been so careful since this is our first baby."

Dr. Cullen nodded. "It wasn't anything she did or didn't do. Hemorrhaging during labor was caused by a condition known as placenta previa, in which the placenta completely covers the cervix. At Trista last sonogram I didn't notice any abnormalities, so the placenta must've slipped down after her last sonogram. Do you know anyone who is her blood type?"

"Yea, I am." Paul nodded as he stepped forward and held his arms out. "You take whatever you need to save my sister."

Dr. Cullen nodded as he instructed a Phoenyx -who had become a nurse- to take Paul into the back and take three pints of blood. Normally a donor could only give one pint, but since Dr. Cullen already knew them he knew Paul could give three pints easy and it wouldn't bother him.

Dr. Cullen's golden eyes turned to Seth. "I know you want to see Trista and the baby, but let me get her stabilized first. Once we get Paul's blood into her she should stabilize fairly quickly. Give me about forty-five minutes; I'll go as fast as I can."

Seth joined Leah in pacing the floor. Paul couldn't pace he sat down and his knee bounced up and down about a thousand miles a minute.

True to his words, forty-five minutes later Dr. Cullen walked out and told Seth he could go back to Trista's room. Seth never moved so fast in his life. He was down the hallway within seconds. Seth looked in the hospital room Trista was in and he couldn't help as tears began to slide down his overly warm cheeks. He walked further into the room slow like a snail, he was afraid to get much closer to her.

Seth watched as her soft grey eyes opened and settled on him as she smiled softly.

"Seth." Her voice croaked out softly. She held out her left hand and he went to her immediately as he took her hand in his as he brought it to his lips and placed tons of kisses on her knuckles as his free hand slowly brushed through her hair.

"I love you so much baby. I'm so glad you're okay." His voice was laced with worry. "I don't know what the hell I would do if I lost you." He felt her index knuckle as it gently brushed against his cheek.

"Seth, turn around and meet your daughter." Trista's voice was so soft.

If Seth wouldn't have had his wolf hearing he would've missed what his wife said to him. He turned around slowly as he watched Nyx carry a pink squirming blanket. Seth couldn't help as h looked down at his tiny beautiful daughter, whose grey eyes matched her beautiful momma's staring back at him. Nyx carefully shifted the newborn into Seth's big arms as he continued to stare at their daughter. They created the beautiful little girl whose small hand latched onto his big finger with a squeeze. There was no better feeling in the world. They made her together.

Trista smiled softly as she watched a fascinated look fall over Seth's face. "Could you really ask for anything more perfect then that?"

Seth nodded as he smirked. "Yea, I can; a son."

Trista giggled, she couldn't help it. "Seth Clearwater, I have no doubt in my mind that I want more children with you. And yes we definitely need a boy next time."

Later that night after everyone had visited, including Emmett and Nyx who were still going strong. And of course proud Uncle Paul who couldn't stop placing sweet soft kisses on his tiny niece's head, but finally went home. Seth was lying in bed with Trista; they would be releasing her the following morning. The hospital said they checked out Amelia and could see nothing wrong with her, her lungs and organs were fully developed and her eyes were wide open. Seth and Trista couldn't have been happier that Amelia –who was born four weeks early- came out completely unscathed.

Seth kissed Trista's forehead softly as he watched Amelia sleeping soundly on his chest. He finally knew why Leah said she'd never been so in love with Embry and JJ, because he honestly couldn't feel anymore love for Trista and Amelia than he did then. "Hey baby, do you think my dad and your parents are watching over us and are happy for us right now?"

"I'm sure if they could see us now they would be more than happy." Trista snuggled deeper into Seth's side. "Just wait until we have a boy."

Seth chuckled. "And when do we get to start practicing for that?" Seth chuckled harder when Trista smacked his leg, being careful not to disturb Amelia's deep sleeping. The newly formed parents drifted to sleep that night as happy dreams filled their minds.

The End