Friends from Past


Mikan Sakura, is cursed when she first born in the world, her curse is when she die and reincarnate she will have the memories of her past life and aside her curse she have the power to hold human soul to keep and that human soul will never goes to the Heaven or Hell, she can make that soul disappear without no traces, the soul is gone from the world and never exist. What if her friends from the past come to visit her in the world that she live just now?, Read the story if you want to know.

author : Kuroshitsuji is not belongs to me but belongs to Yana Toboso

Chapter 1


Narumi come in the class 2B with a gloom aura and with a matching gloomy face, "What! Narumi sensei come in the class with a gloom aura and a gloomy face! Hell must be snowing!" thought the whole student in the class except the famous Natsume Hyuuga AKA Kuro Neko and the famous Hotaru Imai AKA The Ice Queen while the mind reader was having an headache because hearing too many sound of thinking that accidently entering his head "Uhh…, my head is hurt! Where the hell is Mikan-chan! When I need her?" Think our mind reader by now his face turned pale because the headache, "Class… I have two news for you, today we will have 1 student and 1 new teacher, the both of them is come from England" trailed Narumi. "Okay…, the both of you can come in now and please introduce yourselves" muttered Narumi lowly, and there are 2 males entering the class, 1 male that look younger rarely have a bluish gray hair, his right eye is blue like a most beautiful blue diamond but his left eye was covered with black eye patch, his skin is white like a porcelain with no false and his face beautiful like girls while his weight is normal for a 14 years old boy, in short he was a perfect handsome young man, and the other male who looked older have a perfect raven colored hair, his eyes color are crimson like blood, his skin is almost white as snow, and his weight is about 188 cm. in short he was a perfect handsome man. "Name Ciel Phantomhive, age 14, Special Star, Elemental Alice, Dangerous Ability class" said the younger male coolly who his name is Ciel, "My name is Sebastian Michaelis, age 22 years old and my Alice is Fire and Ice Alice, is Pleased to meet you all" said the older male politely who his name is Sebastian.

"Because you all already know the both of them I'm going to tell 1 last news" said Narumi bluntly, "But Narumi-sensei Mikan-chan is not arrived yet!" trailed off worried Yuu Tobita AKA Inchou, "probably she was late again" snickered Sumire Shouda AKA Permy, "ahh…, Mikan-chan?, let us count from 5-1" sighed Narumi.




Suddenly there a loud shout heard, "Gomenasai! Narumi-sensei sorry I'm late! My alarm was broken!" shout Mikan without seeing the new student and the new teacher, "its okay Mikan-Chan please catch your breath first, then meet the new student and the new teacher and you can go to your seat" said Narumi gently "okay!" beamed Mikan cheerfully, and then Mikan eyes widen due to shock and happy when she sees the new student and the new teacher.

Chapter 1 fin

author : this is my first chapter so please enjoy