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Friends From Past

Chapter 7

Under the Night Sky and The Untold Past






Somewhere near 3000 years ago :

Sitting in front of a small cottage in the forest, a black haired girl with crimson eyes was knitting a black colored scarf, her black hair pulled in a messy low bun with a few strands loose. She wore a cream short- sleeved button- up blouse with a brown colored outer corset that hugged her slender waist and a long brown skirt. The sound of chirping birds kept her company, and when she finished, she smiled to herself as a job-well-done. The sound of the rustling bushes alarmed the girl, and once a figure showed up, it revealed a bloodied man. Her eyes widened in horror; she abandoned the black scarf that she knitted earlier and ran towards that man. "Brother!" she cried out.

"Hikari…" the man she called her brother croaked up as he walked unsteadily to his sister. Her brother collapsed in her arms; her tears poured down her face as she noticed a big gap on her brother's lower torso, blood pouring out intently and ruining her long brown skirt- but then again, she did not care. She ripped her skirt and tried to stop the bleeding. "I'm sorry… This is all my fault! I should have left you alone from the beginning instead of staying with you!" she cried out. She kept trying to stop the blood flow but to no avail. The glow in her brother's crimson eyes was gone, his pulse had stopped, his body became cold, and everything seemed to stop as she witnessed the death of her brother.

She saw red. Winds surrounded her in a protective manner. Her tears became red as blood poured out from her eyes. She noticed demons and monsters lurking from the shadows, but she remained emotionless. They tried to assault her, but before they could touch her, they found themselves ripped to shreds. The last thing they saw was a red- eyed girl with a merciless face.



Present day :

Mikan's face was serious while Sebastian's smile turned into a small frown. He kept quiet though, waiting for Mikan to continue. "Don't think that I don't know anything, because I am your-" but instead of continuing her sentence, Mikan only sighed in desperation. She stared at the fake-smiling face of Sebastian, glaring at him then turning her back on him, leaving him alone in the already dark forest of Sakura Trees.

"Sebastian, you big oaf!"

Sebastian's smiling face was replaced by a small frown, but he only shook his head in disapproval and murmured, "You should know better, Mikan," smirking devilishly at her retreating figure.

Mikan walked away from the Sakura Trees, stopping to gaze at the full moon and the millions of stars that accompanied it throughout the night sky. Silent tears ran through her cheeks, and unbeknownst to her, Natsume stood behind one of the trees silently watching her.

Natsume felt a pang on his chest as he watched her cry. He wanted to go over and wrapped his arms around her now-fragile stature, but no matter how much he wanted to, his body would not cooperate. He was only able to sigh loudly.

Mikan heard the sigh; she turned her head only to see Natsume standing beside a tree with his usual stoic expression. Her teary eyes widened from shock. She could not believe that she did not sense Natsume. She quickly shook that thought away and wiped her tears. "Hey… Natsume," Mikan croaked out, laughing sheepishly at him. "What are you doing here?" She continued, not knowing what to say or do.

Natsume gave her a bored expression that only ticked her off.

"What are you doing here?" Natsume heard Mikan ask again after she wiped her tears, but he chose to ignore her question and watch her with his usual bored expression. He knew that by ignoring her it would tick her off, but he also knew that she would be suppressing her anger if she did not let it out on him. Natsume continued to ignore her, sitting on the soft grass and leaning against at the tree.

Veins popped up on Mikan's head; she walked angrily towards Natsume and plopped herself down on the other side of the tree.

Natsume sighed at Mikan's antics, but was nonetheless glad that she had stopped crying.

"You know,I had a brother once..." Mikan started, perking Natsume's interest. "He's not really my brother by blood, but I consider him as my dearest brother..." She confessed.

Natsume kept in silence as he waited for Mikan to continue, knowing that the only thing he could do for Mikan to keep telling her story was to keep quiet.

"I thought of him as my brother… But one day, while I was out in the forest, I saw him hurt and bleeding. I could not help him! I tried to stop the bleeding, but I couldn't… He tried to protect me but he failed. I don't know what to do… I know that he's still alive somehow, but he's suffering..." She ended her story with a long sigh. She knew that she can only give Natsume a half-truth right now, but the weight on her shoulders felt a little bit lighter somehow.

"He did what he thought he must do..." came Natsume's voice as he stood up and walked in front of Mikan. He stretched his hand for her to grab and she did so without hesitation. "Your brother did what he thought was best for you; any other protective brother would do that, baka." He added with a little insult in the back.

Mikan looked annoyed at first but smiled as she was still holding Natsume's hand. She enjoyed the warmth of his hand for a bit.

Natsume suddenly let go of her hand and started to walk away from her, but then stopped and glanced at Mikan for a bit."You owe me one, Polka."


"Meet me at the bus stop at Central Town tomorrow, Sunday, at 10 AM sharp."


Natsume ignored Mikan and resumed walking away, leaving her behind.

Mikan looked dumbfounded at first but grinned from ear to ear when Natsume's words registered in her head. "Baka-Neko… If you wanted to have a date with me you couldjust say it clearly and not just order me like that..." Mikan mused. "Maa… I should get back already, seeing it's already this late." She decided to teleport back to her room since she was too lazy to walk to her own room and wanted to avoid causing suspicion to the others.

Friends From Past

Mikan's POV

I sighed at the sight of my room once my view was clear from the side effects of transporting; my room is a complete mess. I know someone tried looking through my things when I wasn't here, and it looked like the barrier that covered my room was torn to shreds. This something or someone that succeeded at breaking into my room must be either quite powerful or quite stupid. My barrier is not like the Shield Alice or the usual magical barrier; for someone powerful enough, breaking my barrier might be a piece of cake, but there's a side effect for breaking it. No matter how powerful that someone is, he will die in a matter of seconds, and his soul will never experience hell, heaven, or reincarnation. His soul would perish. I can imagine how angry the person who sent out his underling to investigate is for getting nothing out of it. "Heh… Such a stupid decision after all, tryingto investigate the fallen human."

I walked over to my king-sized bed, not caring about the mess surrounding it. I avoided the broken shards of window glass and completely ignored the sickly smell of the blood that was painted all over the walls. I clapped my hand once, and in a second, my room looked brand new; all that is left for me to do is to make a new barrier. I chanted a few words using the language of soul, remembering that the spells will be stronger when spoken using that language. I am the only one who has found out about this aside from a certain boy that has a wish-granting shop. I collapsed to my bed when I finished, feeling as drained as ever. As I closed my eyes, several flashbacks played in my head like a movie.

The green forest that was always there as my company, the unusual village with its villagers that always talked behind my back, the old little wooden house where I used to live, and a blazing red night. Fire… a fire that I started... to burn that unusual village to the ground and slaughter the villagers... not leaving any living being left. I clutched the bed sheets like a lifeline, the memories make my head throb so much and my body tremble violently. Hot tears threatened to fall from my eyes. I buried my head in the soft pillow, seeking for non-existent comfort, and I let myself fall asleep without bothering to change my clothes.

End of Mikan's POV

Friend From Past

Sunday, Bus Stop:

Mikan Sakura arrived a minute later than the time they had agreed to, but Natsume was nowhere to be seen. She made quite an audience at the bus stop with her choice of appearance-a pair of jeans that hugged her slim legs perfectly, a white tank top with a brown cardigan, and a pair of heeled dark brown boots, and for the finishing touch, she had tied her hair into a loose ponytail. Mikan kept glancing at her wristwatch because it was 5 minutes past the appointed time already, and she was trying to convince herself that Natsume was not playing a joke on her.

10 minutes passed….

15 minutes passed…

30 minutes passed…

1 hour passed….

"AARRGHHH! Where is he?! It's past an hour already!" Mikan fumed, attracting more unwanted audience, and not realizing that her favorite Fire Caster was already standing behind her with an annoyed look on his face.

"Oi ,Polka!"

"Waahhh! Where were you, Baka?! You're late! It's okay with me if it's just 10 or 15 minutes, but an hour? One whole hour!"

"Shut up, Polka, you're making a ruckus." Natsume pointed out, at which Mikan blushed.

She realized that people were watching her, and she could only lower her head due to embarrassment. Mikan wanted to turn her back on Natsume, but because of her carelessness, knocked over a red-haired girl instead."Ah! I'm sorry!" She blurted out immediately, stretching her hand out to help the girl stand up. Mikan recognized the red hair and the vibes that surrounded her when said girl lifted her face. Mikan could only let out a nervous stutter.


Chapter 8 fin~






Friends From Past

Chapter 7

Under The Night Sky and The Untold Past

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