A/N: So… Would anyone object to Eragon x Saphira being called Blue-Blood shipping?

Anyway, this fanfic is told from Saphira's POV. In Sonnet form~


Blue Requiem

I was supposed to stop living.

Without him, I was told that I would die.

Eragon is dead and I feel like shivering.

Now that he's gone, all I can do is cry.

My rider, killed by his endless fire.

Shruikan, you are a traitor to our race.

My friend, now dead with his sire.

If I could, I'd tear off your face.

I didn't even have time to say goodbye.

Eragon, I wanted to think you were fine.

It's a crime I couldn't tell you how I felt.

I thought of you as being mine.

Arya says it's a miracle I'm still here.

Yet I cannot feel happy in any way at all.

My heart is in tragedy and I am in tears.

How could I steel myself to love again?

I have lost my reason and will to fight.

I could not be the mate of anyone but you.

I longed for you, and am in constant blight.

Arya and others were my rivals for being your one true blue love.

I admit I felt jealousy when you looked at others and not me.

We were connected, you and I, the closest two beings could ever be.

We could've worked, despite all our arguments, and kissed in a tree.

Now I am all alone in this world, to fight and fight, while you are free…

Eragon, I have always loved you, you were my will to power.

You taught me beyond good and evil, and what to believe in.

You were to me what I consider a beautiful flower.

For you, I would do anything to bring you back, even sin.

Without you, there is no longer a morning glow.

I have lost the unthinkable, my rider, my friend, and my love.

But, I shall destroy Shruikan in vengeance for you with my mighty blows.

And after this is done, I shall follow you into the abyss, like two inseparable doves…


A/N: If you don't know what a requiem is, it's a song for someone that has already died. I was listening to the sad Full Metal Alchemist song, Rakuyou as inspiration throughout this fic.

Eragon was killed by Shruikan, leaving Saphira with an unrequited love for life. And worse, she didn't die with her rider, despite everything and everyone telling her she would. That must really suck to be her… ;~;

Please review and tell me what you thought. Also tell me what you thought of the sonnet itself. (…Yes I know, I am a total jerk for killing Eragon. It has been noted.)