Author's Notes: Welcome to the short and funny world of Transformers and humans. These are drabbles. Drabbles are "an extremely short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length, although the term is often incorrectly used to indicate a short story of fewer than 1000 words."

These "drabbles" will be exactly one hundred words. Use whatever term you want but here they are 100 words long. The important part is they are funny (I hope) and unique. Think of it as your smile for today.

This is rated T. Meaning suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, (battles and the Decepticons) minor coarse language, (Cybertron swearing) and minor suggestive adult themes. (Ironhide and Chromia) You will see far worse in most PG-13 movies and video games, Transformers movie verse included. Chapter 1 - Ironhide.

Drabble 1

"We can do this the easy way," Ironhide began, aiming directly at the cassette drones.

"We surrender?" Rumble guessed, glancing over at Ravage. Neither Decepticon wanted to face Megatron with another mission failure but he wasn't there. The black hulking weapon specialist and his war cannons were. At least they would get medical treatment and energon in the brig.

"You can. Or the really easy way," Ironhide smirked.

"Which is?"

"You move and I blow you away. No reports to fill out," Ironhide explained. Later he complained to Prime that they always surrendered. Why him?

Drabble 2

"It's Bumblebee," Arcee vented. "He is getting weapon modifications. Dual rotating cannons. I miss the fun, carefree youngling he was."

"All things mature with time," Optimus comforted.

"Not Sideswipe or Sunstreaker. Or their pranks."

"What now?"

"They snuck bright blue paint into the wash racks and welded part attachments onto Ironhide while he recharged. Made him into a giant sized remote controlled monster truck toy," she explained.

"That explains Wheelie's request earlier to borrow my ion rifle," Optimus chuckled.

"Copying is the sincerest form of flattery," she giggled, sharing the photo image.

Drabble 3

"You could have been offlined," Optimus stated.

"Mission profile said parts delivery not Starscream appearing," Ironhide challenged, armor bent and charred. "Offline I'd had a peaceful rest."

::Not me:: Bumblebee sent, flashes of worry and fear mingled in his comm.

"Evil goes to the pit, not the Well of Sparks," Optimus comforted. "You are safe there among friends."

::Not for me! Arcee would hunt me down there to blast me for getting offlined! Wait until she finds out about this! :: Bumblebee.

"I just did," Arcee's voice stated from behind them.

::Oh pit:: Bumblebee