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Drabble 163

"Couldn' find a spark sittuh? I'm free."

"Hello Jazz," Optimus greeted, holding his sparkling firmly. "Do you process I am incapable of arranging for a bot to watch?"

"Ahh, Prime. We both know Prowler does ya plannin' an' sched'lin'."

"He is SIC, but incapable of replacing me."

"Realleh? 'Ere I wan'ed 'is job t' get yo'rs," the spy replied cheekily.

"Take it anytime you want," Optimus teased back.

"Only if I c'n shou', 'save the femmes, save the world'."

"Great ideas are never remembered, dumb statements are never forgotten," Optimus said, leaning down to touch nose plates with his sparkling.

Drabble 164

He opened a private chat, waiting. Would she answer? Would she share or understand? BB:: I too was kidnapped by aliens.

MYS:: What do you remember?

BB: The tight restraints kept me on my back. The table below me was hard, cold metal. I remember stabbing pain, flashes of light.

MYS:: Then?

BB:: They released me. My best friend was there when I needed. He understood.

MYS:: Good to hear. Support is important.

BB:: I have to go. Chores.

Venting, Bumblebee released the digital link, the internet connection closing and transforming back into his fingertip. ::Reporting for duty. En route::

Drabble 165

"Reconsider the medic accompanying us," Chromia growled, her deep killer tone making Mikeala shiver.

'Why the grudge?" Barricade prodded, ignoring the Autobots circling them.

"You broke promises. Promised to love me and be there always. Peace or battle. Didn't happen."

"Been there, suffered that," Mikeala muttered softly, thinking of Sam.

"Ironhide has never broken a promise. Not even when injured. Been late or disappointed me but never broken one," Chromia continued. "Mess up and I will break you."

"Understood. Can we go now?" Transforming down, he waited for Mikeala to climb in before revving away with Jazz and Chromia following.