Author's Notes: More drabbles and twin humor. Drabble 171 refers to Annabelle, Aliens and Abductions. A behind the scene that occurs here. Please review and have a good night.

Drabble 170

"Sideswipe, we have a problem."

The red mech vented deeply, looking over at his twin, the report forgotten. "Only one?"

"Visiting defense technician wants to see our upgraded Chenowth Desert Patrol Vehicle."

"The one from our last prank with Ironhide? There's nothing left, almost.


"Wait, I have a better idea."

"All I see is 4 tires," the man puzzled later.

"It's a camouflage truck. Earth rubber repels our holographic particles. Wheeljack is working on that. If you continue this way, rest of the tour."

That evening, Prowl reviewed the technician's notes. "Camouflage technology in progress, above standard. What technology?"

Drabble 171

Sarah Lennox confronted the Autobots as a parent, feeling both amused and aghast. "I left instructions for food for one day. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon and milk and Annabelle had chocolate syrup in her cereal instead. TV dinner and she ate can spaghetti."

"Unborn birds and burnt animal flesh with pre animal nursing fluids ain't fuel," Ironhide protested.

"The TV dinner had enough salt for eight bags of potato chips," Hound countered.

"Which one is the super advanced sentient being? An ancient giant alien robot or a six-year-old human girl who ate what she wanted?" Sarah teased, wondering herself.

Drabble 172

The soldiers ran, jumping for the dangling ropes and swinging across the floor. "Interesting," the yellow Twin noted. "States here most can swing but not climb to the top. Let us help shall we?"

"Let us," Sideswipe chimed in. "All units, one more time and you can go to lunch." They smiled as the humans smiled.

The first set of soldiers grabbed the ropes and swung. The floor beneath split in two with holographic sharticons lunging up at them, teeth snapping. Screaming, climbing and shooting followed.

"Hey Sunny,"

"Yes Sides,"

"Is it still called swinging if they don't let go?"