Hello! This is my first attempt at an actual fan-fic work. If rhyming gives you a headache, get out now =D

And just for the record: DOCTOR Seuss writes about a town called WHOville, and his most famous character wears a FUNNY HAT, a BOW TIE, travels with two Things as COMPANIONS, and has a BIG RED BOX that's BIGGER ON THE INSIDE.

What Doctor am I using? I'm using my own. I can't do any iteration of the Doctor justice, so I'll just quickly kill off whatever Doctor you picture and make my own for the purposes of this story. No, that's not a spoiler, on the off chance you're actually reading this part (thank you if you are). Many apologies, but The Doctor is the same character, no matter which regeneration he's in, so I'll be true to that, rather than some actor's portrayal that I have no hope of capturing in words.

I don't know how often I'll be updating...maybe once a week hopefully? I really hope you enjoy this and that my rhymes don't get too stale =P

It was a bright sunny day in the old land of Seuss.

You could hear the soft song of the purple-backed moose.

There was nothing unusual about this fine day,

There was no need for thneeds to keep cold away,

It was pleasant and warm, but not hot or muggy

It was safe and secure, like a nice baby buggy

The sky was bright blue and the grass a sharp red

In a small piece of forest where no one had tread.

It was miles away from the bustling town

Where the everyday people were buzzing around

Getting errands done here and errands done there,

Like shaving a beard, or going to the fair,

Too busy to notice, to mind, or to care

About what's soon to happen up high in the air.

But here in the Forest of Lockter, you see,

There's nothing around except a couple of trees.

(Whose leaves are quite luckily all locked and shut

So there's no point in harvesting them to make who-knows-what)

And here in this forest is where it all started.

Where dozens of tourists will want to be carted

For the next dozen years, as this is the spot

Where the saviour of all was first found and caught.

A calm day it was, but it wasn't for long

As a great noise interrupted the moose and their song,

It was a looming, or grooming, or vrooming or sorts

That's all wrapped up in trapping on racquet ball forts

It startled the heart as it VWORP and it VWARPed

It was a wonderful sound, like an unearthly harp,

Like a wheezing or breezing of something quite old,

But yet, a totally new sound unfolds

It's a sound that's familiar yet unknown you,

And then came falling right out of the blue!

What made this great sound was then visible to all

And all of that VWARPing? A big distress call!

It spins and it twisted and pitched as it falls

Right onto the place where the Locktern trees sprawl.

It hammered ground with a mighty big THUMP

And left in its wake a mighty big lump!

But then it's revealed, in this small grove of trees,

A great big blue box lies for all there to see.