My life was fulfilling enough, I was born as the son of a High Priest Bardock, wealth and power given to me without question; my life was simple or so I believed it was. My childhood was very good, I had the best of many things, I never went without nourishment, I went to school learnt to read and write, and as a child I had many good companions.

Yes not many were as fortunate like myself growing up in the beautiful city Swenet, living beside the Royal courtyard of the mighty Pharaoh in the great temple of the sun god Amun-Ra. I was taught the proper teaching and practices of the temple, reciting the hymns and chants word by word ensuring none were incorrect; to make a mistake, no matter how miniscule it was, would anger the god's. But I do not believe no matter how many times I try to please the god's with offerings and blessings I would never be able to redeem my soul; and yet I still stand in the temple praying and maintaining.

One day I came to the startling realization that not only had I become a man, but the others whom I studied with had as well. I believe it was when I watched them doing whatever they did once the class came to an end, either it be to practice their scriptures, talk about the latest scandals, or what 'he' loved to do, race. I was simply minding my own work, nose deep in the scriptures of our god's.

I was interrupted by the blast of sand kicked around me, and the loud grunt accompanied with a light cough. I looked down seeing him there, I suppressed a chuckle; it seemed he lost his footing while racing landing face first in the sand at my feet. He stood shaking off the access sand from his ebony hair and simple tunic; I watched entrapped, suddenly this act was becoming far much more to me then it should. I started from his sandaled feet nearly buried, his toned and powerful legs bared to the harsh sun, his waist was trim, tight muscled stomach, strong chest, powerful arms and shoulders, thick corded neck, his skin was another thing to admire; tanned to perfection, looking smooth to touch perhaps like silk. I dared myself to look higher narrow face, pointed nose, think top lip with a thicker plum colored bottom, sharp dark eyes. One of his hands were buried deep in his ebony locks shaking out the sand that gathered there, his head tilted, bangs slightly covering his eyes, those dark eyes staring at me; not in anger no. He raised a brow ever so slightly, a small smirk graced that beautiful regal face; it was though he said something to me with the little gestures 'like what you see?' they asked me, and 'do you think you can handle me?'. I shuddered then wondering if I could, if I should.

My attention was taking away from the beautiful sight to see the young boy Brolly; yet again I looked him up and down like I had with the first, I noticed only that he was in-fact a man now fully grown out, towering over the other. I did not have the same stirrings, I looked at him like I would with any other; he was just a man, a man alone in my eyes. But the other, he placed such a trembling desire in me, something that was terribly wrong and by the looks he was giving me I do not think I am the only one who felt them. I looked over to my other classmates that day and seen them all in a new light, yes it was true, we all were full grown and soon we would all be separated by the things we will become in our adult lives. Maybe I would see some of these people sparsely, others perhaps daily.

I looked over to that beautiful creature again, our eyes locked; his expression said it all to me, he was interested and conflicted. I thought at the time I would die from the possibilities, me and him alone, in an empty temple… I remember quite well I blushed furiously then at my thoughts. At the time I knew I shouldn't have such impure thoughts, I knew that the man who stood before me was not for any to fantasize about, he was pure, he was the son of Pharaoh, and the son of the mighty god Ra. He was Prince Vegeta, the one day ruler of Egypt. I should have listened to myself then, I should have looked away and never look upon him again; but I didn't.

It was a slow descent into damnation, I held on so tightly, fighting off all urges, he did as well. We both knew how wrong it was to feel these things, to want them more than a parched man would water. Being held in the same room with our classmates became too unbearable, the tension thick between us; accidental touches became the norm between us; I would brush a single digit against his hand, and he would find any sort of reason to brush against me or bump into me.

We talked on occasions, he knew I was going to become the new high priest once my father deemed me fit, so he may travel around temple to temple and see the majestic Nile from top to bottom. We both understood the feelings of lust we shared could never happen; I was to be the high priest of the god's it was expected of me to abstain from sexual activity, now I was allowed to have a wife and raise a family, wife being the keyword. As for Vegeta, well he was to be the next Pharaoh and the Pharaoh never lays with a man, especially a male priest. To say it would be scandalous would easily be a understatement; Vegeta would be dethroned and exiled, I would be killed, and the torment would not end, once we cease to be with the living we would forever be damned to the underworld.

In our young age I didn't love him, it was simple curiosity and lust we felt. We both found each other highly attractive, and the idea of our union being forbidden was an extra assistive to our lust. We didn't act out our needs for years, biting it back harshly, diving into our duties to distract ourselves, finding reasons not to be around one another. It was hard but we accomplished it, it went reasonably well for us both; I believed the feelings I had for him was gone, I did the daily morning cleansings with the other priests, surrounded by nearly naked man daily did nothing for me. I truly believed then my stirrings were gone and I wouldn't have to see Vegeta for quite some time; that was until several major events in our lives changed our routine.

My father passed down the title to me, intrusting the temple he called home to my care, I became High priest. The Pharaoh himself came into the temple and blessed me, accepting me, giving me the granted permission of the son of god. I took the title with no second thoughts, I was born to succeed past my father, keeping the title in my family. I was two years into my position as High priest and found it very tranquil, the only difference was the amount of times I been in the presents of the Pharaoh, he would come several times for a cleansing, bring an offering to Amun-Ra, or ask Amun-Ra to watch over his son, to ensure his victory over the enemy, and bring him home safely. Not once had it occur to me that once Vegeta took the spot as Pharaoh I would be seeing him instead.

I grew accustomed not seeing the prince instead greeting his father in my temple to pray for the both of them. It seemed the prince was far too busy with war councils and racing his chariot to give offerings to the god's. But I knew the true answer; he avoided the temple like I had mentally avoided him all those years.

Then the second course of action that struck finalized our lives, and our souls. The great Pharaoh passed on making his way to the afterlife. I, being the high priest, cast the late Pharaoh with the spells he requested before his death, and wrapped his body. He was placed in his sarcophagus in the temple, which he would remain the night until the morning came and we made their way to the great valley to bury him. It was that night I laid eyes on perfection once again.

I was awaken by the creaking of the thick wooden door, thinking it was perhaps a thief brazen and daring enough to rob the Pharaoh of his precious jewelry, I went to investigate. I had to take a step back and shake my head to ensure what I saw was in-fact real and not some dream. He stood there standing above his father's coffin illuminated by the soft glow of the moon, his dark features glowed with unfathomed misery; maybe he knew then what his fate would be, maybe he knew we would commit such unlawful acts. I could see that he bulked up more from the last time I truly looked upon him, I could see scarring on that beautiful skin, no doubt from war. My skin tingled, my heart drummed with intensity, I knew then my body still lusted for him, cried for him, needed him; I wanted him more than any nourishment or ale in the world. He looked up to me, and in that brief moment we shared I saw him flinch, I knew he needed to be alone, to deal with the loss in his own way; but I couldn't leave. Instead I walked up to him, placed a hand on the hot flesh of his broad shoulder, and we prayed; for what exactly I am not certain, maybe it was for safe passage for the late Pharaoh to the afterlife, or maybe it was for our own selves pleading with our souls to remain strong, or praying for forgiveness, perhaps it was a combination of them all.

I am the High Priest Kakarot, my turbulent lust and fantasies had become far much more then I wanted it to, mine and the great Pharaoh Vegeta. We shared something that should have never happened, and in my last days I feel it is a story that should be written. Maybe one day others like ourselves would learn from us, save themselves.

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