Chapter 15

Each day was a blessing under the watchful eye of the sun, no threat of wars, the land gave plenty, and people went about their lives. The Nile was bountiful and giving, the creatures whom dwelled there forgiving; it was as if the gods themselves blessed the land, wrapped this wondrous land in a warm embrace. All was peaceful. My seed grew to a young man, and the other, my dearest Goten sprouted to a walking inquisitive being. My wife, gods rest her soul, in this time she glowed with warmth and happiness in our children; it was the only true happiness I could have given her, for my heart, my heart and damned soul belonged to the Pharaoh.

Ah my Pharaoh then, he nearly bounced as he walked down the corridors of the palace, a smile; an asinine grin that always was in play. It made me smile back. I would ask him what brought him to such a great mood, and he would look at me with such a juvenile and silly manner and whisper 'it's a surprise' shushing me with finger to his lips in a cute playful manner; which had nothing to do with sex.

I was a blissful foolish man then, signing an upbeat tune to myself, finding myself gazing into the clouds, loving every moment of my Pharaohs playfulness. It had been so long since I've seen him this delightful, always serious, lustful, and in command, it's been years since he just let go and happy. Well around this time he reminded me of a little boy who had a big exciting secret that couldn't tell his best friend even if he wanted to. His excited energy made me excited, and more curious than a feline. Alas, my poking a prodding accomplished nothing, his lips were more sealed than the dead; he would only smile and winked, quickly changing the subject to construction, to the more serious topic of his tomb.

It was also around then Gohan really started to strike on his own, it gave me a few headaches. As I always believed would happen, and no matter how much I tired to prepare myself for it, it was still difficult; Vegeta had remarked on this, calling me a mothering hen… lucky for him, Trunks will always be around the palace. Gohan wanted independence, he wanted to leave the capital and move further south of the Nile, to see his grandfather and venture out. I had argued more than enough and nearly begged him to remain home, continue the studies of becoming a priest, then he could roam around the capital, and once all duties were done and gone, another to take his place and I am long gone in the afterlife, he could do as he choose; in all honesty, I wanted him to remain home out of my own selfishness. I wasn't ready for my hearth to shrink, and worried of my wife's eyes straying to close on me, seeing the lies in which I laid upon. It was cowardly of me, I know.

My wife, her on the other hand, she was fine about Gohan going out on his own, she deemed him ready for such a departure, however I did not share in her decision, stomping my foot down that night, only for her to slam hers down as well. It was the first time me and my wife didn't see eye to eye, and cause disharmony in the home. Gohan begged for me to see reason, to agree, allow him to go, I would not be swayed, and by my final say, with the voice of the gods, I declared my wife wrong, and my son to remain.

It really wasn't the best of nights in such a harmonious time, but even now as I look back I still believe the boy should've stayed. The matter had persisted in my home, affecting my daily life and nightly, unable to fully enjoy the company of my Pharaoh due to the constant bickering at home. Contrary of what you may believe of Vegeta now by what you've read, he was quite a problem solver, he was after all Pharaoh, always solving the problems of the peoples daily.

He went to Gohan himself, a gentle hand on my boys' shoulder he fully agreed with us both, knowing the young man craved for adventure and my hesitance on allowing him to go. He calmly stated that he should continue his studies, be an educated man, intelligence was a golden means for any man, and that once he was done he was free to go as he pleased. I stepped in, voicing my wants, and my Pharaoh silenced me with a raised hand and daring glare.

"I know what you desire of the boy, Kakarot, and honestly you ask too much of him. He is a young man, being stationary is unbecoming of him, of any youth." He turned his attention to my son, a gentle smile on his lips. "I know of your hunger boy, I had such dreams of the lands beyond the city, and I know of its beauty. When the time comes, I'll sponsor your ventures. Now let this matter be done, time will pass soon enough, and give your apologies to your father, for he is just worried for your welfare."

That night I clashed with Vegeta, kicking up a wrath even Anubis would cringe. Vegeta, well he took it and gave back in ten fold, attacking my 'silly concerns' for exactly what it truly was, knew it was fear and selfishness's, holding my son back in fear of my wife catching on. I had no rebuttal, and I knew he was disappointed in me. It was his words after that really caught my attention and burned to memory. "I understand, Kakarot, I look to my own child and think one day he will be sent to war, one day he will take a life, just as I had. By the gods, I wish he will never grow, will always be that young rabble-rouser he is, but I know one day I will see him do these adult things, see him want to strike on his own, make his name known to the whole land of Egypt. However, there is nothing we can do, only allow them their freedoms. Gohan will return, this is their home, he will return and take up your mantle." He cupped my jaw bringing my chastised face closer. "Let him become a man, Kakarot, not a sheltered boy."

"But I was a sheltered boy, Vegeta." He chuckled and lightly kissed my lips.

"Yes, and that is something I love about you." His head tilted, eyes gazed into my own. "Do you fear the world beyond?"

Teeth wearing my lip, I didn't know how to answer, my only outside experience was going to the Valley of the Kings to bury Vegeta's father. I thought about it, felt an swell of fear raise in my chest; yes I did fear it. By my look alone the Pharaoh knew. "My beloved…" His lips were moist and heated, words spoken to me in a breathy whisper making my body shiver. "I offer you the world. One day, you and I will travel and see all the lands and what they can offer us." He took my hands, held them tightly between our bodies, his forehead against my own. His eyes shone, sparkled in the night light. "Have no fear of the outside for I'll be with you, Kakarot."

He held me close that night, our bodies melded together in one being as we made love slowly, passionately, each kiss a testament, each touch stroked our fire; no one, man, woman, or god could ever love or touch me as he, no other would ever satisfy me, my soul burned for him, our damnation was pure… it was a pity, after such great love making, I had to depart and join my wife to sleep.

I seem to portray myself as an uncaring father, that is entirely my own fault, for you see, this is not a memoir of my life, a record of the things I've done and the people I've met, nor of my family life. This is for my Pharaoh, for my love, for the love we shared. As selfish as it sounds, it is. Now do not believe I've never cared for my sons, no, I loved them deeply and each day that past I loved them more. But my family life doesn't belong on these scrolls. These are confessions of a damned soul, and the beauty that blossomed in the sinful blasphemy.

'I offer you the world' true to his words, my Pharaoh had sent me away.

In the hall of the throne, Queen Bulma looked upon me in disgust, my Pharaoh sat beside her, others standing by looking on. "High priest, I wish for you to speak to the gods, it's been too long since their words blessed us. I'm sending you the mountain, bring my offering of gold, and ask them to tell their stories."

Bulma was quite pleased, I on the other hand, I felt dread, but I couldn't go against my Pharaoh wishes. It was then I faced the fear of the outside world, making my pilgrimage, alone; he had lied to me, promising me he would be there by my side, yet I found myself huddled against a rock a fire to keep me warm and warn off the predators of the night. I felt fear, and loneliness, I couldn't comprehend why he wished for me to do this; I knew it was a possibility, I knew High Priest were the ones to communicate to the gods and tell their tales to their Pharaoh, but it hasn't been done in ages, why now?

I huddled tighter against my small hiding place hearing the sounds of scuffled earth behind me, thoughts of a giant cat or jackal stalking me in the darkness, my heart pounded and eyes widen. I heard the tale tell sounds of something climbing the rock above me, doing everything possible to turn myself into a ball; I clenched my teeth to the point of pain and waited. I felt something brush the tips of my hair making it sway and with all my mustered courage I peeked upwards.

Lazing on the top of the rock like a lazy panther was my Pharaoh a playful smile upon his lips as lidded eyes gaze into my startled ones. "Greetings, handsome." He all put purred to me. "I apologies for my tardiness, it was a nightmarish endeavor getting out of the palace, seems people just popped out from under each rock as I tired to get away."

"Ve… Vegeta…" I shook off the wonderment, mimicking his playful grin. "You are as sly as a snake, Pharaoh. You'd plan this for quite sometime haven't you? You devious thing."

"Guilty, my skittish, Priest." He slipped down from the rocks, effortlessly situating himself beside me, an arm wrapped around my shoulders me pulled me closer. We sat there by the fire for sometime, enjoying the silence all around us, a day ride away from the noisy city. He nudged his head closer to mine, a finger playing with the locks of my hair, we were content in the silence, welcomed it really, and I melted under the knowledge, he didn't lie to me, he kept his promise.

I remember looking to him, my face tilted up, lips close and I smiled. "I guess we finally get to spend the night together, Vegeta, like you promised."

He had a knowing look in his eye, and kissed the tip of my nose; he didn't say anything to me, only held me tighter and I returned the favor, sharing in our body heat.

What he didn't know then or now, was while he slept in my arms I looked to the night sky and I damned the gods, damned them all for not accepting the love we shared, cursed them to the abyss. I swore to them myself and Vegeta will never share that fate, for we shall walk the lands forever…

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