Hey, person-reading-this! This is not only my first BTR story, but also the first time I've written something with two guys liking each other, though I have written other stories on another account. I'm kind of nervous about this. When I first started reading BTR fanfics, I honestly wasn't even expecting to find nor was I looking for anything with the guys being with each other, but I gotta say I'm hooked! So I decided to write my own on a new account. Hopefully it's semi-decent and you like it.

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Chapter 1: The New Guy

"DOGS! You're dismissed! BACK TO THE KENNEL!" Gustavo bellowed at them.

The four friends that made up Big Time Rush were confused at this act of 'generosity' displayed by their forever angry producer, as they had only been in the studio for thirty minutes as opposed to the multiple-hour long sessions that they usually had, but they weren't complaining. They hastily left the recording room and were running down the hallway towards the exit, laughing and reveling in their good fortune, when they came across Kelly leading a boy about their age in the direction from which they had come. They stopped and peered curiously at this new guy.

"Hey, Kelly," Kendall greeted, tilting his head with a question mark clearly written on his face. "Who's this guy?" he asked bluntly.

Kelly sighed dramatically, rolling her eyes before turning to them. "Cameron Rhodes meet the guys of Big Time Rush; Kendall, Logan, Carlos, James. Guys, this is Cameron. He's part of a new project Gustavo is working on and I was kind of hoping you guys would be gone before he got here. He'll also be staying at the Palm Woods but Gustavo wants you no where near him, as you always seem to find yourselves on someone else's track and he is adamant about Cameron having a solo. So goodbye."

They all tuned her out after the introductions and just kind of gave each other a once-over. Kendall, Logan, and James had all deemed Cameron as no threat to their career and left it at that with no worries, fine with whatever it was Kelly was talking about. Carlos was about to do the same, but then he noticed the way Cameron's eyes seemed to linger on him longer than they had on his friends. Heat rose to his cheeks as he came to another realization: the guy was checking him out! There was no mistake; he had the same kind of smoldering look Carlos had seen on James' face countless times when he had come across a new girl he had found attractive and was about to make a move.

Carlos panicked internally. What if this guy, Cameron, hit on him? His nerves got even worse when he realized he wasn't really opposed to the idea. He had known for a long time that he was as attracted to boys as he was to girls. He had tried very hard to keep it a secret, and a lot of times he thought he was close to blowing it back in Minnesota when it was shower time after a game or practice.

Looking at the boy in front of him, he really wouldn't mind if he did approach him. Cameron could seriously rival James as the prettiest boy at the Palm Woods, though if he would actually win was up for dispute. He had beautiful chocolate brown locks that had just a hint of copper, and it was styled perfectly in that carefree tousle that appeared as if he had done nothing to it, though he must have. He was maybe half an inch shorter than Kendall with a lean figure that subtly hinted at the muscle hidden beneath his grey hooded sweatshirt. His skin was the natural golden tan of someone who spent a lot of time outdoors and not in a tanning bed or under a spray tan. But Carlos' favorite thing about the gorgeous boy before him was his amazing set of dark blue-grey eyes. They reminded him of the Minnesota sky right before a bad rainstorm, which was different from a snow sky which appeared white-gray.

As much as Carlos enjoyed the thought of Cameron asking him out, he wasn't sure he was ready. He knew he wouldn't be able to say no, and he wouldn't be able to keep his sexuality a secret from his friends any longer if he said yes. He wasn't exactly certain how they would take it. He knew they didn't have an issue with gay people, as there had actually been a gay and out member on their hockey team that they had been fine with, but he didn't know if they would feel weird about the boy they had know more than half of their lives turning up to be bi.

But now that Carlos was thinking about it, he really didn't want to keep it a secret anymore. Why should he? They were his best friends and they shared everything with each other. Carlos became more and more eager at the prospect of coming out to his friends and Cameron inadvertently helping him do it. But then he came to another thought. What if Cameron was in the same position as he was? He probably wasn't out either and he probably didn't even know he was so obvious in his perusal of Carlos. Carlos started to feel disappointment creep up on him but it evaporated as Cameron's eyes came up to meet his. His cheeks flared hot as Cameron's eyes flashed in recognition of his feelings reflected in Carlos' chocolate brown eyes. Carlos was sure he would say something then, but Cameron just smirked softly with a little wave and turned away as Kelly again began to lead him back to where Gustavo waited in the studio.

Carlos was amazed at all that he had contemplated in those few seconds, and also at the fact that all the could-be's were walking away with the grey-eyed boy. Carlos wasn't sure how it happened, but before he knew it, he was racing after him. He grabbed Cameron's shoulder, turning him to face him.

The words spilled from his lips in a rush. "Would you like to go out with me?"

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