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Chapter 8 – The End

Twenty minutes later, they had located Logan reading by the pool and had all gathered in the living room to begin concocting their plan. They had only been at it for no more five minutes when the first argument arose.

"Can't we just beat him up and be done with it? An evil plot could cause stress, and stress could cause bad hair days and zits. And James Diamond does not have bad hair days or zits," James said while whipping out his lucky comb and a hand mirror before running the comb through his already perfect hair and smiling at his reflection reassuringly.

"Because James. We have to teach him a lesson. And since he obviously doesn't learn from having his face smashed in, we must take more drastic measures," Kendall reasoned.

"How drastic are we talking? Because I don't know about you, but I'd rather stay out of jail if you don't mind," Logan laughed nervously.

"Relax. I don't plan on killing him or anything. Just ruin his life so completely that he will wish I had," Kendall said brightly.

The other three exchanged looks and looked at him uneasily.

"Look, Kendall. I know you're mad and everything, but that sounds a bit crazy. Why don't we just find a way to get him fired from Rocque Records and kicked out of the Palmwoods? I think that's all we really can do without getting thrown in jail or acquiring a lawsuit," Logan suggested with a shrug.

"Yeah, Kendall. I mean, I've kinda calmed down a little, and I think that we really shouldn't waste a lot of time or effort on this. Cameron just isn't worth it. We need to simply erase him from our lives and move on," Carlos said with a levelheadedness that was rare for the helmet-wearing boy.

"Maybe look into a restraining order or…" Logan began to suggest, but trailed off as he watched Kendall shake his head in frustration.

"Why are you guys willing to let him get off so easily? Just getting him fired from Rocque Records isn't going to stop him from signing a record deal with another label or prevent him from spreading more lies about Carlos and I! We have to do something more. I don't know what, but we have to make certain that there's no way he can try to hurt Carlos again," Kendall said stubbornly.

Logan again tried to reason with the hot-headed boy. "But Kendall, we can still do that. After he get's fired, Carlos can get a restraining order so he can't contact him, and as for the rumors, Gustavo can hire an awesome lawyer and we can sue him for pain and suffering or whatever."

After a few moments of consideration, Kendall reluctantly agreed to Logan's plan. Their discussion continued on until Mrs. Knight and Katie arrived back from an audition, arms laden with groceries from their stop at the store afterwards.

"Hey boys. What are you doing in the house on a nice day? I thought you'd all be out by the pool or at the park," Mrs. Knight said, setting her load down on the counter.

"Nothing," the guys chorused.

She looked at them suspiciously and Katie spoke up. "They're up to something," the girl accused.

"What?" Kendall let out with an expression that said 'How could you even think that?'

"Boys," Mrs. Knight began warningly. "What are you plotting this time?"

They all avoided her eyes, silence their only answer. Carlos was the first to crack.

"Okay, we were planning revenge against my ex-boyfriend, Cameron," he said guiltily, eyes pleading for mercy.

"Carlos!" the other three yelled, Logan slapping the boy in the back of the head, which began a slapping match between the two.

"Enough!" Mama Knight shouted. The slapping match ended. "Now, back up. What are you trying to get revenge on Cameron for?"

"He basically tried to ruin Carlos's life by doing an interview on national television and he told all these lies and stuff about Carlos and him," Kendall told her, still obviously very upset about it.

His mother stood speechless for a few moments before speaking. "Well I know that as a parent, I'm supposed to preach forgive and forget, but I say go for it. Just as long as it's not anything illegal. And if anyone asks, I know nothing," she said, turning to put the groceries away.

Carlos and Kendall smiled at each other. Operation Get-Cameron-Fired-And-Then-Kicked-Out-Of-The-Palmwoods was about to commence.


As it turned out, it wasn't all that hard to get Cameron fired.

By the end of the day, everyone had either saw the interview or had heard about it, including Griffin. That was why Carlos, James, Kendall and Logan all found themselves in an emergency meeting at Rocque Records with Cameron, Gustavo and Kelly, and Griffin and his entourage at 8:30 that night.

"So, if you hadn't already guessed when I called this meeting, I'm upset," Griffin stated from behind his feet which were perched atop Gustavo's desk. A few beats of silence passed and he continued. "Whose idea was it to drag my artists's, Rocque Record's, and RCM-CBT Global-Net Sanyoid's names through the gutter in some lame attempt at a publicity stunt without consulting with me about it first?"

Nervous glances all around before Gustavo spoke up tentatively. "For the record, Griffin, I knew nothing about this," he said innocently.

"Hmm. Someone get me some warm pants. I can tell this conversation is going to be uncomfortable," Griffin ordered. The warm pants were delivered promptly and Griffin talked as he changed into them. "Now, you boys will have to do some explaining. I'm afraid I don't quite grasp the situation. Ahh, nothing like warm pants to take the edge off."

Carlos glared at Cameron from his position on the other side of the room from the boy. "Cameron here was just spreading a few nasty rumors about me because he's a heartless, conniving dog who can't accept when someone else is happy and he isn't," he sneered.

Cameron took on a hurt look. "Losie, I was doing it for us. And here I thought you actually cared about me."

"Oh, cut the crap Cameron. We all know that you're lying. Carlos would never stoop so low as to take you back," Kendall snapped.

Cameron glared, eyes blazing. "I'd think twice before insulting me again, Knight, or I just might have to acquaint my fist with your face as you're so fond of doing yourself," he threatened.

"Bring it," Kendall said, stepping forward.

"Hey, guys, enough! Stop it right there!" Kelly yelled, wedging herself between them. "This is serious business guys." She gave Cameron a pointed look. "If what they're saying is true, there could be some real consequences, Cam."

"Consequences as in – you're fired," Griffin said matter-of-factly.

For the first time, Cameron started to appear nervous. He looked around at the accusing faces of Carlos and Kendall, the reprimanding faces of Kelly and Gustavo, the imposing face of Griffin. There was no way out of this hole he had dug himself into.

Cameron clenched his jaw angrily. "Whatever," he said, and that was all Griffin needed.

"Well, it appears that you've made a very bad choice, young man. I have to say that I always thought you had the potential to be greater than Big Time Rush, but maybe I was wrong. You don't have half the integrity of these fine boys."

Griffin gestured toward them with a slight smile before it slipped from his face again. Without any indication as to what he wanted, Griffin found Cameron's contract in front of him along with a large stamp and inkpad. In the next moment, he was standing, the contract – that now had 'VOID' printed across it in bright red – extended out towards Cameron.

"You're fired."

Then he was gone along with his horde of assistants. The others stood in silence for a few beats before Gustavo turned to the seething Cameron.

"Well, this means that I'm not gonna pay for you're apartment anymore, so unless you have a way to pay for it yourself, you might have to leave," Gustavo told him in his slightly booming voice.

With one last glare at them all, Cameron stalked out of the room. Before long, Logan, Kendall, Carlos and James were taking his lead out the door to head back to the Palmwoods. In the limo, Logan smiled happily.

"That was easy."

Carlos and Kendall grinned right along with him.


The next morning, Kendall and Carlos had their faces plastered against the windows in the living room, watching with child-like glee as Cameron loaded his car with suitcases below.

"This has to be one of the greatest moments in my entire life," Kendall said, chuckling softly.

Carlos responded with his own laugh, leaving the window to return to the breakfast table where his cereal lay growing soggy. Kendall soon followed, falling into his chair beside his boyfriend and kissing him on the cheek before turning to his own forgotten mush.

"Should we even eat this?" he began to ask, but a glance at Carlos's upturned bowl and the milk streams at the corners of the boy's mouth gave Carlos's view on if one should eat soggy cereal or not.

Kendall smiled good-naturedly before he grabbed his bowl and the now empty one in front of Carlos and took them to the sink. At that moment, Logan walked in, fully dressed and ready to go.

"Guys, come on. Kelly will be here in fifteen minutes. Go get dressed," Logan commanded them.

"Yes, mother," Kendall teased.

They got dressed, and for the next three hours, the mood was light, even when Gustavo was yelling at them. Carlos and Kendall were making more goo-goo eyes at each other than when they had first started dating, and Gustavo was ready to strangle them. But, of course, they ignored him.

When Gustavo yelled at them to go home, Logan, Carlos and Kendall approached him about the lawyer/restraining order issue with Cameron. The perpetually irate man very seriously and very calmly told them that he would take it into consideration and that if there was ever cause for it in the future, they didn't have to worry.

Carlos felt like he was walking on air. Things with Kendall had been smoothed over, and he would never have to worry about or even see Cameron again. As the limo carried them home, he leaned his head against Kendall's shoulder and felt the blonde's warm arm wrapped around his waist. And for the first time in what felt like forever, everything was perfect.

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