A/N : Kink meme de-anon. My first femmeslash, too! Woo!

Prompt was for tribbing and turned out to be a whole lot of incesty porn, which, in my opinion, there is not enough of. The actual tribbing is forthcoming since this is still a work in progress... hang in there.

Warnings for naughty language, 'sisterly love' and a very thin plot.

Marian was usually of a singular mind when she was trying to get off.

A bruising grip clamped around a slim ankle, her other hand pressing down on and clutching a soft thigh to spread legs impossibly wide; hips working steadily, her knees digging into the soft mattress underneath.

But, a beam of moonlight from the window allowed Marian to watch her sister's beautiful face contort every time she undulated, grinding her sopping cunt against her sibling's.

Dark, and quiet, the only noise a satisfying squelch of slippery arousal, and the odd barely controlled gasp or moan – muted out of habit. A swollen lip bit hard between teeth, eyebrows driven together, eyes slammed shut. The rutting of flesh against flesh; the scorching, swollen and almost too slick skin... Marian couldn't get enough of it.

This dance between them was an old one; no matter the circumstances under which they performed it now. Many years, many nights, many muffled cries soothed with sweet, understanding kisses; a secret history between them that only they knew.

Marian remembered well the first time she and Bethany wound up like this, legs curled experimentally around one another, trying to find the spot that would drive the both of them to a sweet, gasping end.

But, it was funny... well, distracting really, that she couldn't recall their teenage experimentation without thinking about Elliott Winterbane. She remembered him, albeit vaguely; remembered he was a boy, and that he had hair... and eyes. Also... he was masculine like all the boys in the primarily rural area around their hometown of Lothering.

He was in the same class as her twin siblings Carver and Bethany.

What a handsome young fellow he was.

Yes, of course he had been handsome!

Looking back on it, she believed that that little fact had been the catalyst to her sexual awakening.

Younger than she, he still had a smooth face, not quite yet old enough to grow a beard, even though there was more than enough testosterone for it. Sturdy for sixteen and quickly embracing the frame gifted by stout father – his body was made for hard farm work.

Oh, that sandy hair and those dark green eyes...

Or was it black hair and brown eyes...?

Well, whatever the combination, Maker, he was easy to look at. He didn't notice her, but, strangely enough, she was fine with watching him from a distance. Too awkward, she never made a move on him; on anybody. She just didn't feel ready, was too quiet, and was too much of a tomboy. She had cropped black hair, by choice, when the other girls had long, shining locks. Marian just couldn't be bothered with all that girlie stuff. She liked to get dirty, didn't mind fighting if she had to, and would take just about any dare anyone would give her.

And just because Marian's atypical distaste for gossip was absolute, that didn't mean she didn't hear it as well as anyone else.

Recent buzz was that Elliott was infatuated with a pretty, long-haired girl in the school named Peaches. She was popular with all the boys – partially because of a rumour that she would suck off anyone who asked her to behind old man Barlin's shed.

Carver had a starring role in a similar rumour and Marian hoped, for his sake, that it never got around to Mother. Such a story would not go over well; true or not.

Idle gossip didn't concern her – especially when it came to Elliott.

He was unattainable; something to look at, but not to touch.

All the same, it was no accident that the first time she daydreamed about what it would be like to kiss Elliott – in History class one sunny afternoon staring out the window – was also the first time she discovered she had soaked the crotch of her underwear.

She'd felt something happening down there when she had such thoughts, and soon the damp turned to wet and she ached when she thought about it too much. Desperate, she attempted to stave off the ache between her legs with thoughts that didn't have anything to do with Elliott Winterbane, but, it didn't work. She ached so bad in her core that she was convinced something had to have been broken down there.

So she tried keep her thoughts about everything chaste.

It was easier said than done, though.

She even recalled with clarity the first time Mother sat them down and gave them 'the talk'. Marian, then fourteen, was completely clueless about the situation, but Bethany had been set upon her courses. And since Bethany was the younger of the two, apparently both girls were ripe for the dreaded conversation.

As for Marian, Mother called her a 'late bloomer', and patted her on the back.

Father took Carver to town, and Mother sat both girls down for the awkward chat. Marian blushed a lot, just really wanting to escape the room as fast as she could. There had been talk of boys and babies, and the oldest of the Hawke brood was not ready for such things.

Bethany listened quietly, however.

Aside from a couple of boys at school she got on with, she didn't have many friends, and she lamented the day – Mother said would happen – that a boy would develop a crush on her.

She objected, knowing where her mother was going – insisting that the only way she wanted to ever touch a boy was with her fist as she punched them. She argued with her mother then about it, loudly proclaiming that she'd beat up any boy that wanted to do that with her! Mother nodded and said that was a good attitude to have, but there would be someone someday.

She appreciated that her mother had 'taken one for the team' as she put it – when she touched her father in that way, because if she hadn't they wouldn't have had her and Bethany. Oh, and Carver too.

But there would be no touching of boys after she knew the gory details – the same details that her mother was all too happy to provide.

Then Elliott Winterbane came along...

And all of a sudden, fighting and dirt and work and sports weren't so important.

She still didn't want to 'take one for the team' like Mother had, but maybe liking a boy wouldn't be so bad.

After having thought about Elliott all day, Marian laid awake, staring at the dark ceiling. She tossed one way, then tossed the other.

She was horny; tingling and hot between her legs as she crossed her knees, hooking her feet, and squeezing her thighs together. The pressure was not nearly enough, and she thought about touching herself, but not only did she have no real idea what to do, but she didn't want to make any noise and risk waking up Bethany.

Huffing quietly, she rolled onto her back, spread her legs, feet touching each side of the bed, and adjusted her pillow, hands trapped safely under it. Squeezing her eyes shut, she willed herself to go to sleep.

If she could just drift off, she'd be free of the ache while in the arms of the Fade.

She hoped, anyway.

But Bethany's whisper floated across the room. "Ree?"

"What?" She replied in a similar whisper.

"What's wrong?"

She must have woken Bethany up with her tossing and turning. "Nothing. Go to sleep."

Bethany was silent, allowing Marian a second attempt to lull herself into sleep.

Until she whispered again.

"I heard something today."

Marian kept her eyes shut when she replied. "Yeah? What's that?"

"I heard that you like Elliott Winterbane."

Bethany might have been her best friend, but her mother always told her that if she wanted to keep something secret, she should never ever tell anyone else. So, she'd never admitted her crush to anyone. How had Bethany figured it out?

"Where did you hear that?"

A quiet moment later, the question went unanswered. "Is it true?"

Maker, yes, it was true. Her head had been filled, even as they spoke, with thoughts of him. She swallowed, formulating any kind of lie.

"Tell me who you heard that from and I'll tell you."

Another short silence. "It's just a rumour."

Marian's eyes were open now, looking around the darkness as she struggled with Bethany's inquiry. It was her sister. It couldn't hurt to tell her. After all, she'd never told any of her other secrets. Maybe it was because Marian was embarrassed that she didn't want to talk about Elliott. But, when she thought about it, there wasn't anything to really be embarrassed about...

"Beth -"

Before she could finish her sentence, her sister had peeled back the thin coverlet over her body and crawled in beside the older girl. It wasn't anything unusual for the girls to sleep in the same bed. In fact, an outsider would have thought that she and Bethany were the twins in the family, as inseparable as they were; not her and Carver.

It had been a long time since they had slept in the same bed, but it was the first time Bethany had been in her bed while Marian ached, her smalls dampened from half-formed fantasies of her strapping young crush.

"I have a crush on someone." Bethany whispered in her ear, and Marian thought it sounded teasing.

That was a tempting confession that Marian couldn't stay away from. "You do? Spill!"

And in that instant, when that demand came from her mouth, Marian knew she had made a mistake.

"Oh. You want me to tell you who I like, but you won't tell me about Elliott?"

To the void with her clever little sister!

She sighed; resigned to her fate.

Surely her secret would be safe.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I like Elliott."

"Do you... think about him?"

Marian wasn't sure that she'd heard her little sister right.

Usually when awkward, potentially embarrassing things came up, she'd get all shy and clam up – both girls would – but there was a lilt in Bethany's voice; something provocative even though it was laced with hesitation. They might have been best friends and sisters, but some things shouldn't be talked about so lightly, Marian figured.

So, she pretended not to have heard the telling intonation, hoping she truly had make a mistake. "What do I think about him? Well, he's handsome, I guess. He's got pretty eyes."

Bethany fell silent for a moment.

"That's not what I meant, Ree."


Then Bethany's body was pressed up against Marian's side, and she was completely aware of it; her already large breasts softly hugging either side of Marian's lightly muscled upper arm. They were warm through Bethany's nightdress; Marian could feel the layer of scratchy, decorative lace as Bethany wiggled closer to her. Marian, unlike her more feminine sister, wore just her smalls and a loose shirt to bed, and she sure didn't have much in the breast department; almost seventeen and barely half a handful.

She wasn't jealous of her little sister, and in fact was happy for Bethany and her assets, but with them all pressed against her like that, coupled with the fact that she was already aroused, Marian's mouth went dry.

The shock of the conversation had been a decent distraction from the ache, but with the dual pressure from her sister's hip and pliant breasts, the ache returned.

Bethany's slender hand was sweeping up and down Marian's forearm, the simple action sending shivers throughout the older sister's body.

"Do you... think about him when you touch yourself?"

"Bethany!" Marian hissed in surprise.

Bethany giggled; a quiet, throaty sort of giggle. Unlike any she'd ever heard from Bethany in all the years they spent together.

"I think about my crush when I touch myself."

Marian was quiet, wholly unsure of the reason behind this rather revealing line of conversation.

But, in response to the question, she hadn't actually touched herself yet, having developed these feelings only recently. And if she were being honest, she wasn't entirely sure what to do down there, so she'd put it off. But that ache, Maker, that blasted, near constant throbbing ache was driving her insane. Lately, it was almost painful. She knew something had to be done about it, but she wasn't ready to let any boy near there yet.

Mother had only told them about the technicalities; the scary bits! And even that had been years ago. If anything, the girls needed a refresher course, but somehow Marian didn't think her mother could manage the more abstract ideas.

Like what to do when she was distracted by fantasies in History class or too aroused to sleep.

Marian had pieced together the wet smalls and the naughty thoughts bit all by herself; it had never been a necessary topic of conversation with Bethany.

... until now.

"You do?"

Marian felt her sister shrug. "It feels good. You should try it."

Bethany had changed courses with her hands, fingertips now ghosting over her exposed belly. Apparently Bethany was a little more versed in the ways of self-pleasure, but she was way too embarrassed to ask what she should do – even if she was insanely curious.

"Maybe I will... sometime." she choked out.

But Bethany had reached completely over her belly, took her trembling hand, very gingerly, and lead it to that weeping spot between her legs. And once her fingertips touched the very spot she realized she needed them to be, she gasped. Too loud; a sharp intake; her surprise so audible that it could have at least woken up Carver in the other room if Bethany hadn't sealed her lips over Marian's, effectively swallowing the moan she knew was coming. At the same time, she clenched her hand, forcing Marian's fingertips to press into the wetness of her underwear.

Marian, already terribly horny, pushed her hips against her own hand, and Bethany pressed down in an easy response.

Pulling away from her sister's shocked, open mouth, Bethany shh'd her soothingly, draping a soft thigh over her sister's more athletic one; and Marian spread her legs for her clever sister without another thought. Bethany didn't move until Marian had fallen still, and once she had, she set a slow, exploratory pace, still cupping Marian's willing hand. Rubbing firmly against the wet, slimy fabric covering her sister's swollen pussy, Bethany continued to press harder when Marian began to instinctively thrust her hips again.

Desperately seeking Bethany's mouth to muffle more uncontrollable noises, Marian turned only her head to meet the safety of her sister's half-open mouth again. She panted as quietly as she knew how, holding her breath from time to time in favour of the fragile silence of the room marked by the soft, wet sounds Bethany was helping to coax from her. Her own arm gone slack some time ago; completely at the mercy of her little sister. Taking that as a queue, Bethany quickened her assistance, pressing harder against Marian's hyper sensitive nub.

Marian had her first orgasm that night, and cuddled – ache free – into the softness of her sweet little sister who chastely kissed her dampened brow.