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A quick succession of shallow thrusts from Marion's middle finger had Bethany panting hard, tongue swiping occasionally over her ruby lips; a small reward.

Penetration stopped, but Marion circled the entrance to Bethany's sex with her fleshy fingertip. "You think she's pretty?"

"Mmm..." hummed Bethany, dipping and thrusting her hips in a bid to meet her sister's teasing hand a little more firmly.

"That's not an answer, Bethany." She chided, leaving her sister to seek, dragging her pussy just barely over Marion's palm. "Do you think she's pretty?"

Bethany huffed out a breath, and if Marion didn't know that Bethany was horny, she would have thought she was angry. "Reeeeeee!"

"Okay, well, you don't have to tell me." Marion shrugged, readying herself to pull away from her little sister. "But I won't help you come until you do."

Catching Marion's wrist with surprising strength, Bethany held her in place and ground her sopping pussy against Marion's palm, drenching it, enjoying Marion's shocked gasp.

"I want to tell you." Bethany admitted, her voice dropping into a sensual whisper, slowing her grinding. "You're my sister." she said seriously, licking Marion's lips. "I want to tell you everything."

Bethany very deliberately curled her big sisters fingers back inside her cunt and watched Marion's eyes widen.

"And I want you to make me come."

Marion could feel a trickle of slick slither out of her pussy as it clenched with need, her hand moving quickly against Bethany's burning skin. She wanted to rub herself all over with her little sister's honey, but wanted Bethany to at least work for it. It was hard to deny her little sister, so Marion kept up the finger fucking, Bethany's guiding hand quickly dropping away.

"So, tell me, sister." Marion punctuated her words with firm thrusts into Bethany's cunt. "Do. You. Think. She's. Pretty?"

"Yes. Oh Maker, yes!" Bethany whimpered haltingly, her heavy breasts bouncing with each savage plunge.

Marion withdrew her digits and soothed the other girl's ravaged pussy lips as Bethany gasped for breath, her head resting against Marion's strong shoulder.

"What do you like about her?"

"She's..." Bethany hesitated, voice clamming up again. "easy to talk to..."

"That's it?"

Bethany hummed, but said nothing else.

"But I thought you wanted to tell me."

"I do. It's just..."

Marion noticed the tip of Bethany's ear flush, red racing all the way down her silky neck and blotched across her voluptuous chest.

"Oooh." Marian cooed. "You want her, don't you?"

Bethany's head lifted hastily, mouth opening as if readying an objection, her gaze barely meeting Marian's.

But she nodded deeply, face even more scarlet, her dark hair spilling wantonly over her shoulders.

Not bothering to push the wild hair aside, Marian grabbed Bethany's swelling breasts, one in each hand, and jerked the girl toward her face capturing one nipple with her hot mouth and pinching the other. She could smell her little sister's arousal all over the hand that held fast to the beautiful mound she was attempting to swallow.

She wanted to lick her fingers clean, but her tongue was otherwise occupied.

"You want her to do this?" Marian demanded from around the hot, soft flesh.

Unable to take enough of it in her mouth, she begrudgingly settled for lapping long strokes from top to bottom, firmly dragging her tongue slowly over Bethany's sensitive nipple.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed harshly, digging her hands into Marian's short dark hair.

"What about this?" Suckling so hard against her sister's breast, Marian knew would leave marks. She just couldn't help herself; sucking until Bethany's little pebble of flesh became a giant, throbbing peak, filling her mouth. Bethany whined in frustrated protest and tried to pull away, but Marian wouldn't relinquish the mounds in her hands.

Suddenly the younger girl shuddered violently, groaning her sister's name; jitters in the usually smooth voice noticeable enough to catch Marian's ear.

Bethany was close.

She'd stopped touching Bethany's pussy, but that didn't seem to stop the girl's ascent to orgasm; the curvy little thing quaking under her hands. She must have been so close, but not quite there.

Throwing Bethany off her lap and onto the floor, Marian pushed her skirts up, split her little sister's legs apart roughly and leaned forward into them.

Wincing as her knees squished her heavy breasts in between them, Bethany quickly forgot all about the pain when Marian mashed her hot, swollen sex to Bethany's.

"Ree!" Bethany wailed breathlessly, trapped under the other girl's body.

It was scalding where the two girls met in the most intimate way.

Marian closed her eyes, tongue slipping out to wet dry lips as she flicked her hips unevenly. Skin meeting, shifting, breath hitching in her throat, the heady scents of the girl's mingling arousal all drowned Marian in pure sensation. She loved everything they did together, but this was something new, something different. The little tickle of Bethany's womanly curls swept from the top, from the bottom and from side to side as Marian experimented, unable to keep with one direction for more than a single pass of flesh. Marian could feel the hard little nub at the vee of her lips rake relentlessly over Bethany's pubic bone as she sought pleasure, the feeling a little piece of naughty bliss hidden right between her legs.

A squeak of pleasure from Bethany brought Marian back to the task at hand, and she flexed her backside, thrusting forward, grinding whatever part of her mound she could against Bethany's. She worked fast and hard with her hips, pressing, pushing, rubbing madly, rhythm lost to her.

"This, sister?" panted Marian, clutching Bethany's thighs, digging into the pink flesh. "Would you want her to rub her cunt on yours?"

Then Bethany cried out.

At first the ungoverned sound shocked Marian into stopping, wondering if she'd hurt Bethany.

"Don't stop!" Bethany nearly screamed, eyes wide, and for the first time she felt the bite of Bethany's little nails in her forearms.

Immediately resuming the rutting, Marian watched, spellbound, as Bethany fell apart under her twisting and panting and moaning; deep, satisfying sounds that sent even more blood to her already swollen cunt as it met with a gush of Bethany's warm, wet slick.

It was possibly the most erotic thing she'd seen to date.

Her arms trembled, threatening to collapse and dump her on top of Bethany. Just then, her sister's welcoming thighs parted even wider, with Bethany's warm hands closing around Marian's flushed cheeks, pulling her down fully onto the smaller girl's body for a sinful kiss.

Mindlessly grinding now that the pressure was off her arms, her less than a handful pressing against Bethany's generous bosom, Marian worked diligently towards her own orgasm.

Barely enough friction, Marian was able to get off not because she was being thoroughly finger-fucked by her sister, but because of the climax of thoughts and sensations hammering inside her; the pressure on her clit, Bethany's clever tongue sweeping into her mouth and the thoughts that her sister wanted to fuck that red-headed chantry sister like she herself had just been fucked.

"Oh, fuuuck!" pleaded Marian, whimpering.

Bethany, sufficiently calmed after her peak, could feel the contractions of Marian's cunt against her own as she came. Marian's hot flood dribbled tantalizingly over her own sensitive pussy and down the cleft of her ass. Tonguing Marian's mouth playfully while she grunted above, sparked more lust inside her, unused to her tomboyish big sister sounding so completely undone.

Marian was full of great ideas, and Bethany wanted to explore this new angle of their experimentation much more extensively.

That is if Marian wasn't going to be too angry about her admissions regarding her desire for the Orlesian chantry sister.

She'd pretty much admitted everything she meant to keep secret.

That could be a problem...