Always you

Disclaimer: Don't own the movie or Shakespeare Twelfth Night in which the movie was based off on.

Note: This AU! Basically an alternate universe where Olivia and Viola met when they were younger and how the story would've progressed.

Prologue: Pandora's Box

"Look I may be Sebastian's twin, but you do realize it's scientifically impossible that we are identical twins, right?"

Olivia rolled her eyes, of course she knew, for God's sake she was an A student in Biology. "Look, I know you guys are fraternal twins but let's be honest, how many times has the Mon-monster mistaken you for Sebastian?"

Viola's nose crinkled at the mere mention of Monique but nevertheless she smartly replied, "Yeah, but may I also remind you that, that's only when she sees me from BEHIND." Mimicking Olivia's condescending tone, she added "And let's be honest Liv, I can't go around your school walking around backwards all day."

A scowl rippled across the blonde's lips quickly before a dangerous glint flickered through her eyes, the glint that only ever promised trouble. Despite popular belief, Olivia Lennox, America's prettiest debutante was quite the scheming bitch when she wanted to be, and Viola knew all the signs to watch for, and signals were definitely flashing.

"No. Before you even ask, no, never! Do you understand me Lennox?" Viola hissed while clamping her hands over her ears.

"Oh real mature Vi," she sneered before grabbing Viola's arms down roughly, "Now listen. It's only a suggestion and please remember, Prom's at stake here."

Viola butted in, "Yeah, junior prom!"

"Regardless, its prom and this is my big chance to get myself noticed." When she spotted Viola open her mouth, she glared and continued, "A couple months ago a bunch of ladies were talking about this amazing hairdresser who literally changes how you look with a haircut. Trust me, he's amazing and I've seen some of his work, you will definitely pass as Sebastian once he's done."

Finally, in foreign hesitancy, "Does this mean we are even for 19-9's D-day?" It was the biggest and the initial covering that Olivia had ever done for Viola; it was also what began the feud between Monique and them. Jr. Deb Disaster, it was the one thing that Olivia had over Viola, something that she held with a death grip, and every so often she could bring it up and immediately get her friend to do whatever she wanted her to do. It was the oldest and heaviest debt Viola had to the blonde.

Gulping, Olivia gave a slight nod. "Okay, fine," she promised.

"Okay…guess we are finally even then." Viola muttered with a slight smile, as if the agreement had physically taken a load off her shoulders.

Returning the smile, Olivia tsked, "Not yet. We've still got to get you to look like Sebastian and make everyone believe that you are my 'Collage boyfriend.'

Suddenly, Viola felt her stomach knot up; nevertheless she did owe Olivia. She forces the ends of her lips to curl up and nod, unconvinced, "Right. Boyfriend. Me, a girl, pass as your boyfriend. Gotcha." Not.

Author's note: I know I haven't updated 'Deal' in like forever but I do have a rough outline for the next chapter- finally! However I'm not a big fan of that fic, so we will see how that goes. Either case hope you like this one, I'm much more invested in this story and hopefully I stick to this to the end. Cross your fingers!