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Hi this is the sequel to {England's Freedom} not giving any more info away so you'll just have to read on to find out what happens. /One shot sized chapters.

The villagers had returned to their homes after spending a few days in the forest, because the threat of the sheriff had been eliminated, they had mourned their lost family by retrieving their bodies from the courtyard and burying them. Though many of their loved ones had lost their lives, Nottingham, Loxley, Nettlestone, and Clun, were now free, free from tyranny, harsh taxes, and torture.

Robin was now spending most of his time helping the villagers rebuild their homes, Archer had disappeared one night and was never heard of from then on, Robin figured that because he had helped them save Nottingham, he was a free man and was free to do whatever he wanted.

Even though it was mainly Archer's fault for most of their downfalls, it was still nice to have a brother where you could see him, Robin and his men were out at the present time doing what they usually did but now with freedom, they had taken food parcels to the villagers and helped them repair the homes of those who had lost the men of their household.

Gisborne had been bed ridden for three days now; he had gotten over his fever and his wound was making very little progress if any at all, Tuck who was there by Gisborne's bed and in the camp for the majority of the day, was getting increasingly worried Guy should have been able to sit up, and join in the meals of the day instead of having to be spoon fed.

In truth neither Tuck or Gisborne had enjoyed that, Gisborne slept for the majority of the day and Tuck didn't know if that was a good thing either, throughout the day Tuck would constantly wake Guy up giving him sips of water, it had been easier to do on the first day of his recovery, because Guy woke like he was only in a light sleep. He also seemed to have more energy when he woke too, only now he was more drowsy, and harder to wake sometimes it took a shaking to arouse him, and when he did get him awake it was very barely, although Tuck made him eat all his meals and drink all the water he brought him, something was going on, and he knew it.

One time when they were left alone, Tuck had tried to wake Guy to give him some water but he didn't respond, so he then nudged him but that didn't work, he then shook him carefully but that didn't work, so finally he slapped him across the face, it was then that he finally got a response. Guessing that his wound was taking more energy out of him then he anticipated, Tuck had brewed up a draught and had given it to Gisborne, after a few hours a significant change was noticed and Guy was easier to wake, but still Tuck knew something was not right.

Noon found Robin and the gang returning, Robin like he usually did every time he came back went to check on Gisborne, and as usual he found him covered to the chest in a fur blanket, and sleeping peacefully, Robin probably from being in the Holy Land war noticed a recovery problem in Guy, so he went to consult Tuck.

"Tuck can I have a word...in private?" Robin asked, as he caught tuck coming back into the camp,

"Of course Robin...now what is it you wanted?" Tuck asked, as they stood under a tree not far from camp,

"I thought Gisborne would be recovering better than he is...is there something wrong?" Robin asked,

"I will admit I have noticed very little recover in him but I have no reason to believe something is wrong." Tuck answered,

"I was stabbed in the Holy Land almost in exactly the same spot by Gisborne and I was recovering better than he is." Robin said,

"I understand your concern Robin especially because he was wounded trying to save you." Tuck said, understanding his leaders concern, "But it is a serious wound it will simply take time to mend." He added,

Tuck and Robin finished their talk and went about their business, and as usual the next day Robin went with his gang to help the people of Loxley, while Tuck stayed behind and cared for Gisborne, Tuck found Gisborne barely awake that morning his face a pale white color and his blanket totally removed.

"Gisborne are you okay?" Tuck asked now worried,

"I'm so hot." He mumbled, just then tuck put a hand on Guy's head, and felt that he was indeed burning up, he was taking another fever,

There was no use in insisting he was fine any longer, Tuck knew something was very wrong, Gisborne was not recovering from his injuries, immediately he brought out his book and began to flick through it's pages, stopping on a certain page, he then slid his finger down a list, before he set it down, and took off into the forest, leaving Gisborne alone.

In Loxley Robin was standing on a ladder placing fresh roofing on a house, he was startled when Tuck suddenly called his name, "Robin!" Tuck called,

"Tuck what is it?" Robin asked, as he clamped either foot on the side of the ladder and slid to the ground, he soon stood before him,

"It's Gisborne." Tuck began,

"What about him?" Robin demanded,

"His dying." Tuck replied,

"Dying?" Robin blurted out, "But you said he was going to be fine." He added in the same manner as before,

"Yes but that was because I thought the wound was taking it's time to heal...but it's not healing, and he is not recovering, his body is refusing to repair itself." Tuck explained,

"Is there anything you can do?" Robin asked,

"No I do not have the knowledge of this physicianory needed...perhaps your brother knows something after his experience in the East." Tuck replied,

"That may be but I have no idea where he is." Robin said,

"Well you better start looking for him because Gisborne has a week at the most left." Tuck said warning him of the danger,

"I'll ask the toll gates if they've seen him." Robin concluded,

"But Robin the toll gates are a great distance from each other you would never be able to check them all today." Kate said joining in the conversation after listening for a while,

"I have to try Kate Gisborne saved my life, I can't repay that by letting him die." Robin said, as he leaped to the saddle of a horse and galloped off in the direction of London road,

Hi me again...things aren't looking to rosy for Gisborne right about now. Where could Archer have gone? And why did he leave after he came to be so connected with Gisborne? All will be revealed in later chapters ;)