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Chapter 1

"Eric! Come down for breakfast!" She shouted from the kitchen and a short while later, the brunette boy came running down the stairs and sat at the counter.

"Good morning, Ann!" Eric grinned as she set the plate of food in front of him.

"Morning," she said with a smile and placed a kiss on his forehead.


"With chocolate sauce and blueberries. Just the way you like it."

"You're the best, Ann!"

"I know," she laughed and Eric laughed with her.

Hearing his laughter and seeing him smile, made her exhaustion seem to disappear. As long as he was happy, she could get through another day.

She piled her own plate with pancakes and sat down with him at the counter, spreading butter and pouring maple syrup onto hers. Breakfast was always a very fun affair for them.

When they were done, Eric told her what he was going to do in school as she brought the dishes to the synch, washing them and Eric kept the juices and everything and wiped the dishes for her and she kept them. They washed their hands and grabbed their bags, leaving the house with Eric holding her hand.

"Good morning Anya, Eric!" Jane Brewster smiled, waving at them from her lawn and they waved back.

"Good morning Mrs. Brewster!" They greeted.

"Look, Ann! The house next door seems to have been sold!" Eric said, pointing to the spot where the 'For Sale' sign, used to be.

"That's odd. The house was sold pretty quickly and that's one huge dumpster," she said.

"Maybe someone just needed the house real bad and there was a lot of things inside, that needed to be thrown away," Eric said thoughtfully and she smiled.

"Maybe." They got into her car, just as Charlie came out of his house and looked in their direction.

They used to be close, him, Ed, Adam and her. Till he became an ass, anyway. Ditched them all to hang with the popular crowd. She didn't care anymore because she had Adam and Ed and they were the best friends she could ever ask for. A bit nutty, but still good. Besides, she didn't have the time to think of Charlie and his betrayal, because she had Eric to think of.

She drove off and dropped Eric off at school and he leaned in, giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Be good, all right?" She said.

"Okay," Eric said.

"What do you want for dinner?"


She laughed at his enthusiasm and smiled at him. "I got it. Pick you up after school, okay?"

"Okay! Bye, Ann!" Eric grinned and ran off to join his friends and they went into school together.

Seeing him disappear into the school, she drove off to school, where she parked her car and got out. She grabbed her bag and books from the back seat and locked the car with both Adam and Ed, joining her as she entered the school.

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