Harry Potter and The Chosen Family

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Chapter One: The Family That Lived

The date is October 31, 1981, Halloween to be exact. On a seemingly normal day at Godric's Hollow, the Potter's, a seemingly normal family was spending the holidays in joy.

On the outside they really look like perfectly normal and ordinary, but, James and Lily Potter along with their son, Harry, are wizards.

"Lily?" James, a man with glasses and black messy hair called for his wife as he step in their living room. There he saw Lily Potter, a redhair with green eyes looking at their son, Harry, who's sleeping peacefully on her arms.

"What's the matter James?" Lily doesn't even bothered taking her eyes of her son.

"I just thought that it's good to live like this, as if there's no war, just us living peacefully." James sighed as he wrapped his arms on his wife and son.

"Yeah right, I know what you mean, but at least I want Harry to have a proper childhood." Lily carefully leaned her back on her husband's chest.

"Don't worry about it, me, Moony and Padfoot will definitely make Harry's childhood perfect." James grinned earning a playful swat on her arm by his wife.

"Oh don't ever think about it, I don't want Harry to grow up like a Marauder, Prongs." Giving the last word more emphasis, "Don't ever think of corrupting my son." Lily tried to get away from her husband's arms, but James just hold her harder.

"Oh Lily, you don't trust me to teach our son properly?" Faking a hurt look, James pulled her wife in a tighter hug.

Giving her husband a look that clearly says 'of course, what else?' Lily hummed to soft melody as she felt Harry jerking on her arms. James on the other hand, buried his face on the crook of her neck, breathing the scent of her lovely wife.

After a few moments, James spoke up as he looked at the clock, "oh I wonder if i could invite Padfoot and Moony for dinner." He loosened his arms around Lily as he walked around the room. "I hope you inviting them is not just because of the thing were talking earlier James." Lily turned around to where her husband is, narrowing her eyes in dangerous fashion.

James fidget at the stare his wife is giving him. "O - Of course not. I – I just want for a little dinner with our friends you see." James straightened himself as if trying to look trustworthy on Lily's eyes, but Lily's flashed more dangerous as he tried to evade her stare.

"Alright, you could try flooing them." James smile grow hopefully. "But –"James groaned, he definitely knows that she's not finished yet. "Don't ever try to create havoc similar to Harry's first birthday." James groaned at the clear threat, but knowingly nodded as he doesn't want to push his wife's dangerous anger.

But he thought that his son's birthday party last July 31 was indeed as chaotic as Lily has feared as they are planning it. Padfoot, being a mischievous one, charmed almost every utensils in the house as he say for the laughs, bur ended up being the receiving end of Lily's famous anger. But knowing Sirius Black, It didn't stop him throughout the night, even stating that his godson, Harry, seems to enjoy the show he's giving, thus promising for another one in the next holiday celebration that they would plan together.

Shaking his head on the thought of Sirius' next chaotic celebration, he headed for the fireplace, "Of course Lily, do you think I would love to cause havoc while my 1 year old son is there."

Lily seems to break out of her peaceful stupor with her son as she heard those words from her husband's mouth. James Potter? Prongs? Not wanting to cause trouble? Is she hearing things or what? James seems to read her expression as he groaned as he's on the door, "Really Lily? You don't believe me? I'm devastated." James bowed his head in a mock hurt fashion. "You should think higher of me, my dear son is definitely too young for marauder business."

Lily raised an eyebrow on James and let a sigh escape her lips. "You said it yourself, Harry is too young to be a marauder, but you didn't say you wouldn't want him to be a marauder." Lily shook her head slowly as she tried to sit upon a couch. "I definitely expect that once Harry is seven years older, you along with Padfoot, are practically spending everyday trying to corrupt my dear son with those nonsense marauder things, I just hope that Remus wouldn't mind helping me pry Harry out of your pranks." Lily let out a sigh as she pat her son's back.

James just shrugged as he makes his way out again, definitely wanting to get out of that hard position, he wouldn't have anything to say to retort back on Lily Potter. But as he passed on the window, he saw some sort of hooded figures just outside of their house. He almost fell as he identified them as wizards as he saw some are holding their wands, not wanting to panic; he took deep breaths as he try to dissolve the revelation. 'Relax, we are perfectly safe because of the Fidelius Charm, there's no way they could find us here.' Even though, he hid himself on the curtains as he tried to peak outside, not wanting to be unprepared for whatever that could happen.

He felt himself tense as the wizards outside seems to be planning on breaking though their house, as they started whispering and pointing around the house. 'I need to warn Lily, I don't know how the bloody hell they could have managed to broke the charm but, there's definitely trouble.' James is practically panicking right now, as he screamed for his wife.


Lily, on the other hand, has felt the panic on his husband's voice, as she tried to nuzzle Harry closer to her to prevent him from waking up. "What's the matter dear?" She tried to stop herself from croaking but seems to failed as he saw her husband running towards her.

"There are wizards outside, possibly Death Eaters," he saw Lily's widened at his words and he continued before she could even interrupt her. "I know you're thinking of how did they manage to broke the Fidelius Charm, but I don't want to take chances." James is leading his wife and son upstairs, not wasting anytime. "I want you to stay here, as I try to hold the ones that were going around the backdoor." He led Lily on the master's bedroom, as he pulled out his wand from his pocket. "James wait!" Lily's voice stops him on his tracks as he goes for the stairs. "Let me help you." Lily put her son on his crib, carefully as she don't want Harry to woke up, especially now with all the commotion.

"No, you should stay here." James pleaded on his wife, as she pulled out her wand from the drawer. "We couldn't leave Harry alone in the room, you know it's dangerous." He tried to plead his way on her stubborn wife, who's now beside him on the top of the stairs. "I know about it, I really don't want to leave Harry alone, but there's no other way." Lily replied shakily, resisting the sadness on her eyes. "You know perfectly well that it's hard to duel in tight space especially against a lot of Death Eaters, you need me, and I'll also check for others going through the front door, it's the best way and it will also enable us to prevent anyone from going to Harry." Lily's eyes have shifted from him to the door to the master's bedroom, she definitely trying to put more courage on her voice.

James wanted to argue more with his wife but the look on her eyes made him stop his doubts. "Okay, but I want you to focus on the ones that were going for the stairs okay?" Lily nodded and they move down quickly on the stairs. Fortunately, the Death Eaters just manage to blow the backdoor open, and tried to move inside. James quickly let his Stunning Spell against the lot, who couldn't evade because of the lack of space. The others block it with the Shield Charm, but caught in surprise by another set of Stunning Spells, courtesy of Lily.

Then they heard the front door burst open, three Death Eaters rushed inside, Lily threw a cutting spell along with stunning spells along the Death Eaters, who are surprised by the sudden attack, four have followed inside as the three falls, and every one cast a shield charm to prevent being flunked. James on the other hand has the advantage as every Death Eater that tried to get inside using the backdoor is forced to fight in a much smaller place, along with the essence of surprise, Death Eaters, one after another fall with every stunning spell, bludgeoner and cutting spell from James, but their numbers doesn't seem to decrease.

"Damn it!" James swing his wand angrily at a Death Eater trying to shoot a Killing Curse on him, fortunately, the said Death Eater fall before he could cast it as he was been hit by a bludgeoner from Lily. "Thanks, dear." James turned to Lily after hitting another with a cutting hex, "How is the situation from the front?" Lily opened her mouth to answer but three Death Eaters rushed with shield charms up front. James fired a bludgeoner and duck from the curses thrown at them. His bludgeoner destroyed their shield charms, and before they could recast another, Lily popped her head from their shield, a marble table and threw hexes one after another. The first one hits the middle one, the one on the left dodges a few but the lack of space really working on the Potter's favor as he was hit by a stunning spell, the last one points his wand at Lily, but before any hex is cast on her, he was hit by a stunning spell on the chest, from James.

Giving a quick glance at the front door, which is peaceful in an unbelievable way, Lily faced her husband. "James, it seems the most of their numbers where at the backyard, we should push there to finish the fight."

James glanced nervously at the front door, before answering shakily, "Are you sure? Should we left Harry?" James slump back to their marble shield, catching his breath, "Maybe you should stay here?"

Lily glanced at him nervously, "Are you sure dear?" She was scared; she fears that her husband couldn't do it alone. "Of course, just make sure that Harry is fine." James gave her a soft kiss on the lips, before jumping from their post, casting a shield charm on himself, and then sending hexes flying on his enemies.

Calming herself, she prepared herself as she levitates another marble table and placed it on front of her, a few step away from the stairs. Then she heard steps coming outside the front door, she gasped as she saw who the intruder was. Red eyes, a very scary looking face, white pale skin, Lord Voldemort himself has come and on their front door.

Pushing away all her fears, she fired a cutting hex towards Voldemort, which he easily deflected, Lily fires spell after spell after the man but he blocks all of it easily. Voldemort sent a cutting hex at her but she deflected it at time, then ducking at her shield after the next batches of curse.

'It's bad, he's powerful, but I definitely need to hold him, for Harry!' Lily was snapped out of her thoughts as Voldemort sent bludgeoners around the house. Lily send a few sets of stunning spells along with cutting hexes towards the man. Voldemort blocked it, and pointed his wand at Lily, the end emitting a bright green glow, "Avada Kedavra" Voldemort sent the Killing Curse at her, she duck just in time, it narrowly missed her hair.

But Voldemort sent a strong bludgeoner at her post, destroying the marble table that she uses for protection, effectively knocking her out of hiding, and she flew towards the cupboard.

Voldemort not wasting anytime, send another Killing Curse towards her, the green light dangerously flashes towards her.

Silence reigned the room, and Voldemort made his ways towards the stairs, with a squeaking noise every time he took a step up to the master bedroom, on his way towards the Potter's son.

Little did he know, Lily Potter is still alive, she was lumped on the floor as she tried to stand up. She have managed to levitate a huge piece of marble towards her, which she used to protect herself from the spell. She grabbed her wand, panting, as she made her way, following Voldemort.

Unfortunately, she was barely at the door when she collapsed to the floor, her body is hurting, she couldn't move anymore. Inside the master's bedroom, Voldemort is already facing her son, she hears his cry, and Voldemort's hollow laugh fills her heart with so much pain.

"No, please, I beg you don't kill my son, he's just a child, it's only been a year that he's with us, please I beg you!" Lily tried to shout, but her strength is fading, her voice comes out weaker than she imagined. She opened her mouth to shout again but she was interrupted as the wall near the door is smashed, Voldemort sent a bludgeoner at her, luckily, even though there was a hole in the wall, it was a few feet away from her, she covered her head with her hands from the falling debris.

Outside, James just managed to defeat all the Death Eaters on the backyard, and he's panting too much from exhaustion. He tried to push himself up, as he wanted to go and see Lily, he's worried about her, hearing a few explosions inside; it almost cost his life because he was distracted. He clutched his left shoulder, a wound was there courtesy of a cutting hex, and he couldn't stand upright, as the same hit his left leg. As he collapsed to the ground he wished that Lily is fined, but his wishful thinking was interrupted by an explosion from the second floor, which he was sure that was the master's bedroom. He froze, Lily and Harry is in trouble, he tried to push himself off the ground again but failed miserably.

Panting, he has realized that tears are flowing from his face. Gathering all his remaining strength, he cursed loudly. "Bloody Hell!" He punched the ground, tears dropping on the grass. "Damn It! I couldn't protect them, please, oh please Merlin, please save them! I beg you!" His piercing cries stop as he fall to the ground.

Lily, who's outside the room where Voldemort and Harry is in, is also at the same state, crying hysterically, she tried to crawl towards the room. "Please, don't kill Harry, just kill me instead, please I beg you." She tried one last time to look towards the room, her consciousness is fading, lifting her hand, trying for the last time, and her unconsciousness took over her.

Inside the room, Voldemort is facing the Potter's son, Harry, who's crying because of the noise created of the clash between the Potter's and Death Eaters. Voldemort raised his wand on the child, "Now, your fall will be my climb to more power, blame your blood as the blood flows through you is the one of the propechy." He tightened his hold on his wand, his eyes narrowing at the child before him, "Now, Die!"

"Avada Kedavra"

A bright light engulf the Potter's house at Godric's Hollow, and silence rules the night.

A few moments later, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin appeared at the doorstep at the Potter's house at Godric's Hollow, they were shocked because of the bodies of Death Eaters around the front door. Both of them scrambled going inside, as bodies of dead Death Eaters are scattered inside the living room, and a pile of them are at the area around the backdoor. Both men drew their wands as they look around the house. "Lily! James! Where are you?" Sirius shouted as he crossed the living room, wand still on hand.

"Padfoot! The body of Death Eaters creates a trail towards the backyard." Remus shouted on Sirius, as he turned to face his werewolf friend, who's leaning on the wall near the door, studying the bodies. "I'm going to take a look at the backyard," he took a peak outside the backdoor, "Padfoot, you look upstairs, be careful, there are fallen debris there, as if the walls were blasted."

Sirius shook his head at his friend, as if he would let his guard down, he could be a prankster, but I the face of enemies, he took them seriously. Taking a step at a time, Sirius looked around the house, trying to assess the damage of his friend's house. 'Good thing that Lily and James are very strong witch and wizard, I just hope that both are okay.' As he reached the top of the stairs, his chest heaved with pain and remorse. Lily there is lying, a few feet from them door. He dashed towards her, putting his wand on his pocket. "Lily!"

Remus on the other hand, is walking slowly across the backyard, taking peaks at the lifeless bodies of Death Eaters scattered at the yard.

'What the hell have happened here, how many Death Eaters have gone to attack James and Lily?" Remus' thinking is snapped and he's pulled to reality as he saw a familiar lump in the middle of the yard. "James!" He dashed towards his friend, the bodies of Death Eaters around him doesn't escape his eyes.

"James! Wake up! Prongs!" He ran a hand across his friend's body, looking for wounds, except for the obvious one at his leg, which where he is looking at, trying to look how deep it is. Then he felt a sticky substance on the chest part of his clothes. He look up, seeing blood that stained James' clothes, and a wound along the shoulder.

Fortunately, Remus felt his friend's body move, as James eyes are opening slowly. "Prongs! My friend good to see you're alive!" Remus face managed to give his friend a small smile.

"Moony?" James voice definitely shows that he needs more rest.

"Yes Prongs, the one and only." Remus face broke into a grin, hoping that it will relieve the pain his friend is currently feeling. Unfortunately, James eyes widened as if he remembered something of utmost importance.

"Lily!" James tried to stand up, but failed miserably, only increasing the pain from his shoulder and leg. "Don't move Prongs, I'll try to heal those wounds but I'm no healer, okay?" Remus raised his wand on his friend, pointing at the wounds. "But Lily!" Where's Lily Moony? Is she okay? Is she hurt?" James continued to try getting up, but Remus stopped him.

"Prongs stop!" Luckily, James stopped wriggling on Remus hold. "I don't know about Lily because I go straight here at the backyard, but after I tend at those wounds, we'll go after Padfoot, I left him to search for the second floor, okay?" He let a sigh of relief as he felt James stop shaking and gave him a little nod. But what could he say, James really loves Lily, so he expected this from his friend, but Merlin, at least he should remember his wounds. He just shook his head as he tried to heal his friend's wounds.

Meanwhile, at the second floor, just outside the master's bedroom, Sirius is trying to pull Lily up. Letting her head to lie on his leg, he tried nudging his unconscious friend to wake up, "Hey Lily! Wake up, you okay?" Sirius is definitely relieved that Lily is still breathing, a few seconds passed and he felt her body slowly moving, and her eyes are opening slowly as he heard her moan softly because of the pain she's feeling.

He saw Lily's eyes linger on their surroundings as if relieving what happened earlier, and it came to a stop as she saw Sirius holding her close.

"Sirius?" Lily asked weakly, trying to raise her hand. "What happened?"

"Well, Lils, I honestly don't know, Remus and I arrived a little earlier and we found dead bodies inside the house," he felt Lily tense on his hold, as if she remembered something important.

"Harry!" Lily screamed as she tried to get up he feet, but the pain is unbearable that it made her sit instead, lying her back on Sirius. "Sirius, How's Harry? Is he okay?" Lily whispered as she tried to fight back the tears that where escaping on her eyes.

"Well, Lils, I haven't seen Harry, I dashed towards you the moment I saw you lying on the floor." Sirius tried to look around as if trying to look for Harry, and he felt Lily's hand clutched his robes.

"Please Sirius, look for Harry inside our room, please Sirius, I want to know if he's alive." Lily couldn't stop now the tears that where falling in her eyes, as he clutched harder on Sirius for support. "Please, I want to know what Voldemort did to him." She continued to cry on Sirius arms, not noticing the surprise look on his friend's face.

"Voldemort?" Sirius tried to keep his voice calm but failed, "He's the one who led this attack?" He couldn't believe that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is there moments ago trying to kill his friends, including his godson. "But are you okay LIls? You know I couldn't leave you alone."

He felt Lily's head nodding on his chest, as she mumbles slowly. "I'm fine, it's nothing to compare if Voldemort has done something to Harry." Sirius, knowing the feeling that's eating Lily right now, help her sit, using the blasted wall as a support, he makes his way on the bedroom, wand on ready, for any possibility of an surprise attack by anyone inside the room.

The room looks the same except the hole on the wall near the door, and the dust and debris that were scattered inside, making his way inside, he heard a weak crying voice in the middle. As hope starting to wash away his fears, he quickly made his way towards the cry. He saw it there, Harry' crib still standing, and his godson, oh Merlin, still alive and crying inside.

"Oh Merlin, thanks your alive Harry!" He quickly sweep his godson of the crib, giving him a hug, as he pat his back to stop him from crying. He quickly look at his godson, trying to look anything that Voldemort have done to him, his eyes stopped at a lightning shaped scar on Harry's forehead, he's definitely sure that it's not there earlier.

"Sirius? How is Harry?" Remus voice lingered the hallway outside the door, a few seconds, Remus Lupin, made his way towards the crib. "Moony, look Harry is fine! Unbelievable isn't it?" He lifted Harry so that Remus would see him, breathing and all, and Remus breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Harry alive and well.

"Then I suggest we gave him to his parents, who are outside, maybe it would stop Lily from crying." Remus was already on his out the door, giving Sirius a quick glance, "You coming Padfoot?"

As they stepped out of the room, Harry still in Sirius' arms, they could see James and Lily there, James with his arms around his wife, and Lily, crying on her husband's chest. As they approach them, James raised his head to ask about his son, but instead his eyes widened at the sight, as tears threatened to fall from his eyes, he nudged Lily to look at them. Lily, on the other hand, looked up hesitantly, and as she saw her baby breathing on his godson's arms, she stood, and run towards her baby.

"Oh Harry! Thank Merlin you're fine." Lily is practically screaming as Sirius handed Harry to her. James stood up and walk towards them, putting his arm around his wife and child. Remus and Sirius exchanged a smirk as they watch the happy reunion of their friend's family.

After a few moments, as Lily calmed down, they took the time to scan Harry. With Remus helpful knowledge of a few medical charms, Harry shows to be perfectly fine, except the lightning shaped scar on his forehead, which Lily dangerously swear that Voldemort will pay for that scar.

"Hey guys." Remus spoke up, stopping the hopeless banter of James and Sirius about the scar. "What exactly happen to You-Know-Who? Why did he left Harry with only a scar?" Before the others could answer, the creaking sound of the stairs make them look towards it. An old man, with a long white beard, black robe and black pointed hat, appear at the top.

"Professor Dumbledore" everyone was surprised at the arrival of the current Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Oh hello there, I'm glad that the whole family is safe even after that fierce attack." He gave the Potter's direction a smile, which they returned with a nod. "And I have news of what happened with You-Know-Who."

Silence fills the hallway, and taking their silence as a sign for him to continue, "You-Know-Who, tried to kill Harry at wandpoint, using the ever lethal Killing curse." Gasps are heard across the room, definitely shocked because of the revelation. Then he continued before anyone could ask the same question on their minds. How.

"I don't know the exact reason how, but the Killing Curse instead of killing Harry, is deflected back to You-Know-Who, effectively defeating him." Dumbledore finished, giving the baby on the Potter's arms, an amused glance.

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