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Harry Potter and The Chosen Family

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Chapter Ten: The Alchemist and The Hidden Desire

The Christmas holidays seems to pass on very quickly for Harry. They are already a week before the start of the term, which made his mom, Lily and Hermione bare their lecture modes and Harry's their number one target. Even James, Sirius and Remus are all avoiding the two, knowing that the moment the two set their eyes on anyone, they would pull whoever it was to the library to help revising for Harry. Remus had experience it for the first time when he was spotted by Lily on the kitchen, and she practically pull him towards the library. Luckily, he always helps Lily with Harry's studies so it doesn't really bother him at first. But the constant nagging of Lily, which was intensified by Hermione's presence, manage to break Remus out of his good will, and he finally swear after ten bloody hours of revising and advance studies that he would never let Lily pull him, even though he felt a little pity for Harry, who looks like ready to run away from home.

While Sirius and James took cover from Lily every time that she made her way towards the library. The moment that they heard Remus' story about the dreadful time that he experienced, they both prayed that Harry could pull through such madness, and that he would forgive them by letting him shoulder it alone. After all, they would love to feel such torture. Even Quidditch practices devised by James were put on hold, since he wouldn't want to march through the library, and coming back after ten bloody hours.

Luckily, the three men took shelter with the Weasley brothers, who decided to stay after the very amusing Christmas party. The party seems so normal, with Lily Potter and Aurora Greengrass talking with Augusta Longbottom on one side, peacefully drinking their teas. James and Daniel are on the other side, trading stories about their lives after Hogwarts. The first years are all huddled up in the center, talking about their previous holidays and even lessons, with Remus and Sirius seated on the sofa near them.

But after a few moments, the Weasley twins entered and started throwing spells towards the group of first years. Before anyone could react, Harry's laughter drowned the room, which was followed by Hermione. As the adults look towards the kids, they couldn't help but snigger at the sight. Ron's hair was changed from its usual red to a bright green. Neville has his hair changed to a wavy blonde, while Daphne's blonde changed to flaming red.

As James and Sirius howled with laughter, Daphne quickly narrowed her eyes towards the twins, whose housing a wide grin. As her face glowed red as her new hair with anger, she quickly whipped her wand towards the two, hitting one of them, which the others couldn't identify if Fred of Geroge, with a tickling charm. But before it hit the twin, the two manage to blow a spell towards James and Sirius, who quickly ducked into cover, and the two grin at each other before whipping their wands out, starting the prank wars.

Sirius hit the still laughing twin with a leg binding spell, as James changed his hair to a light shade of blue and Remus added a spell that made the twins skin sparkle like gold. With a quick finite to help the laughing twin at the floor, the two let out a barrage of spells, which unfortunately, hit Lily and Augusta, which made Augusta's hat turn into assorted flowers, falling on her lap; while assorted flowers grew from her hair.

The adults along with Harry and Neville quickly back away from the two. Seeing the scared looks from the Harry and Neville, Hermione and Daphne wisely followed the others. As they manage to find themselves at safe distance from the two, Lily angrily whipped her wand towards the twins, and she let out a stunner which surprised the others.

The Weasley twins manage to dodge it in time, but before they could react to Lily, Augusta whipped her wand too, and a blasting hex hurled dangerously at them. As the twins nervously ran out of the door for their life, Lily and Augusta ran after them, the murderous stares reflect the harmful spells they are throwing. A few seconds as the four ran out of the room, James and Sirius manage to let out a weak chuckle, saying how the party seems more interesting with Lily and Augusta's Weasley hunting.

After a full hour, Lily and Augusta returned to the room, with their hair and hat respectively returned to normal, holding the Weasley twins' wands. A few minutes late, the Weasley twins return to the room, with obvious injuries to boot, and everyone already knew that the two who returned earlier doesn't even bothered healing them and without their wands, they couldn't do anything too. James and Sirius sniggered loudly but quickly shut up because of Lily's glare at them. Even the kids couldn't laugh because the dangerous look from Lily and Augusta. The remaining hours was spent talking and agreeing that the two of them are definitely shouldn't be crossed.

At exactly seven, Daphne and her parents got up to go home since they need to return early and Daphne's younger sister and grandmother would arrive at seven too. Neville and her grandmother stood up to leave for home too. After bidding goodbyes, Harry volunteered to lead them out which made Hermione shot an eyebrow at his actions.

That interesting party marks the stay of the Weasley twins, since the two enjoyed the innocent remarks and comments given by James, Sirius and Remus about their pranks. The two quickly summoned quills and parchments as they asked for permission to stay for the remainder of the holidays. They couldn't let the opportunity pass that there are three wise wizards whose helping them improve their prank materials. As the three men quickly agreed to the idea, Lily on the other hand only approved as long as Harry, Hermione and herself were exempted from the prank testing's, which the five quickly agreed since they wouldn't push their luck by pranking Lily.

That also marks the stay of Ron. As the twins sent the letters to McGonagall for the permission to stay, they all agreed that they would stay for the night and wait for the replay in the morning. And the breakfast of the very next day, after finishing a very mouthful of bacons, sausages, toast and eggs, Ron decided that the Potter house elves are doing very well with the foods. Luckily, the twins only wrote about the Weasleys staying, so they could include Ron. Hermione on the other hand, just shook her head with Ron's reason why he would want to stay. She definitely thinks that it was pathetic and funny at the same time.

And currently at the Manor, Harry was experiencing another session full of books, advance reading and revisions. He would like to walk out the library, walking straight towards the Weasleys' room, where you could hear explosions, which Harry and Hermione wouldn't like to know what caused it. Harry was currently staring at the open window, hoping that he could grab his broom, and fly across the bright sky. He gave a quick glance at his mom and Hermione, who are doing some reading on a book that Harry couldn't recognize. The two have stacks of books beside them, courtesy of the Potter's library and their last trip at Flourish and Bolts. He was currently wondering how severe his injuries would be if he stand up, march towards the fields, and fly around the pitch. The injuries would definitely be from his mom's hexes that she would gladly do to put her point across. Even though he knows that she love him, but he's not taking chances, after all, he knows that when he fly at the pitch, his mom would be there the moment he finished his death defying dives, and she would gladly ground him from flying. That's one thing he wouldn't want to happen, so even reluctantly, he put up with the ten bloody hours of studies.

"Come on Harry, are we really that boring." Hermione broke Harry's thoughts, which made the later look at the former. Hermione's face is currently sporting her cute pout, with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Of course not dear, Harry wouldn't think of that, right darling?" Lily countered sweetly, which is a sign that Harry shouldn't push her buttons at this point.

"Of course not Hermione." Harry quickly answered, but Hermione didn't buy it.

"Are you sure?" Her pout changed into a glare.

"Well, not really." Harry stated weakly, and from the draw of breaths, he figured that was not the right thing to say.

Hermione was now fully glaring at him, with his mom wearing a disapproving look on her face. He couldn't believe it; they spent ten hours on the library, for almost five days already. Putting up with those hours are already unbelievable, since it was hard for Harry to fully concentrate on his lessons without any diversion, like his godfather's jokes or flying with his dad, and now they couldn't understand him.

Lily seems to understand the annoyed look on her son since she swept him into a hug. "I know that you're not really comfortable with a full study session, and we are acting like we didn't appreciate it honey, we're really sorry."

Harry quickly hugged her mom back. "Sorry too mom, I know that you two are just looking for me, but maybe not too much?"

Lily giggled a little. "Well, maybe me and Hermione really did get overboard." She tried to straighten Harry's untamable hair. "But luckily, you have a few parts of my brain there too." She teased him, as she point at her son's forehead, which earn him a playful glare.

"Mom, what do you mean by that?" Harry pouted which made Lily giggle a little more.

"Since you are putting up with those lessons, it means that you hold your mom's desire to learn more things." Hermione said, clearly amused that the two seems to forget that she's still there.

Lily nodded at her. "She's right, James is not really that initiative in trying to learn more, because of his natural ability, so I'm proud that you have his natural ability to quickly learn, and my desire to learn more. It would be very helpful to you in the upcoming years." Lily said as she let Harry lie on her lap, running her hand through his hair.

"Fancy a fly darling?" Lily asked, which made Harry and Hermione's eyes widen.

"You wanna go flying with me mom?" Harry asked, not wanting to believe what he just heard.

"Of course, then maybe we could nag Hermione too." Lily giggled, as Hermione's eyes widen further because of shock and fear.

"I doubt that we could do that mom." Harry smirked at Hermione's face.

"It's the least we can do for you son, you put up with us for the past days, it's your turn to pick now." Lily smiled at her son. "Just leave the tricks and dives though."

"Brilliant!" Harry exclaimed, getting up as he pulled his mother into a hug and sent a smirk towards Hermione who pouted in return.

Their conversation was put on hold as the library door burst open, and the Weasley twins, along with James and Sirius entered. The three who are seated at the library are all but confused; especially the four trespassers are all clad in military like clothing, along with helmets, with their wands on their hands. The four stiffly pointed their hands towards them as Sirius spoke. "We are here to save my poor godson from the clutches of the evil books."

A few moments of silence pass by, before Harry, Lily and Hermione burst into peals of laughter. The scene was extremely comical, and Lily couldn't even bear being angry at the four, especially at the sight of the men on the door. The four exchanged confused glances, and Sirius cleared his throat to try gaining their attention but to no avail, the three continued to laugh, Harry's even on the floor now.

The laughter was broken when Remus and Ron appeared beside James from out of nowhere. Hermione gasped, clearly surprised and amazed at the same time, while Harry and Lily eyed the cloak in their hands.

"Why are you using my cloak Uncle Remus?" Harry asked.

Remus smiled sheepishly and he opened his mouth to speak but Ron beat him to it. "Blimey – Harry! This cloak was amazing!" Ron exclaimed, making Hermione eye the cloak too.

"Harry what's special with that cloak?" Hermione asked, clearly confused.

"Well, Hermione that's an invisibility cloak, a heirloom passed from our ancestors." Harry said, and Hermione's eyes widened at the words.

"A real invisibility cloak?" Hermione squealed, while Harry rolled his eyes.

"Of course, that's how me and Ron snuck in and appeared out of nowhere." Remus explained calmly, and then he turned towards Harry. "By the way Harry, why does the three of you laugh at those four?" And he pointed at the four still pouting. "Even though I know how ridiculous their antics were."

"It's just that we should be heading towards the Quidditch pitch before those guys barge in." Lily said, and the men before them dropped their mouth in shock. Does really Lily Potter said that they would be heading towards the pitch?

"It's true Uncle Remus." Harry admitted. "And if you guys wanted to come with us, feel free to do so." Harry said as he pulls his mom and Hermione out the room, leaving the still shocked men standing still.

James was the first one to recover, and with a clearing of his throat he manage to get the attention on the others, who are now looking at him confusedly.

"Well guys, you all have new orders." James paused a while for dramatic effect, as he eye the others. "We have a new enemy at the pitch. We should conquer them in Quidditch!" James shouted as he raised his clenched fist in the air. Sirius and the twins smirk at him before giving him a mock salute. Remus on the other hand just shook his head with a small smile on his face. Ron was staring at the others blankly, but the mention of Quidditch got his attention. The six quickly made their way out of the room, and they march towards the next battlefield: the Quidditch pitch.

The last few days of the holidays were spent mainly by flying on the pitch or even around the manor. The added bonus for Harry is that his mom and Hermione, both, who rather spend the time in the ground, fly with them. The problem is that with Lily flying near him every time, he couldn't perform his dives which would earn him detention in the library for the rest of the holidays. Even though, with all of them high in the air, Harry feels completely safe and comfortable.

The Weasleys along with his dad and godfather started their own Quidditch matches, and they pulled Remus with them to equal the teams since Harry would rather fly with his mom for a while, but he would join for a few times too. The team was mainly composed of James as Chaser, Fred as Beater and Ron as Keeper for the other while, the other one has George for beater, Remus for Keeper, with Sirius as Chaser. When Harry decided to join he mainly substitute for Sirius as Chaser, with Sirius keeping the goals.

James was still an exceptional Chaser, with Sirius having a very good game either he's a Chaser or Keeper. Harry thought that he should ask him if he was part of the Quidditch team too. Ron was a good Keeper too, but seems having confidence problems. Remus has talent in the broom but definitely lack the knowledge in Quidditch, but his werewolf sense and dueling skills made up for it. Harry too was doing a very good job as a Chaser, out flying everyone and even zigzagging against the goal post to confuse Ron and make a successful score. Fred and George are telling him that they would tell Wood that he could also play Chaser, and could be a very good reserve. But Harry doubt that Wood would put him into play as Chaser, with no reserve Seeker, there's no way that could happen, but he was hoping that he could play a official Quidditch game as a Chaser, as he wanted to know if he could really pass as one.

But it seems that Harry couldn't escape the clutches of the evil books completely. Every day, his mom spent an hour or two with him to make sure that he wouldn't forgot about what they have been studying the past days. Luckily, this time she was true to her words since they mainly study for at least two hours and a half as the longest in record. Secretly, he was hoping for another crazy rescue mission of his dad and the others, but they all know that it wouldn't be a good idea since Lily almost hexed James when the later tried to pull Harry towards the pitch. She said that since they would only spend two hours at most, they should never ever interrupt them, and James definitely set the example why they shouldn't be.

The last day of the holidays was spent by talking about what the students plans for their upcoming term. The Weasley twins have a clear and simple one; to make sure that the new and improved pranks reach the student body. The two are thanking James, Sirius and Remus and even said that they could be a very good team of pranksters that would rival the Marauders. James and Sirius sniggered, while Remus just smile knowingly at the two, who haven't decoded the looks on their face since they all already planning for their prank at the Hogwarts Express.

Harry and Hermione on the other hand are talking with Lily. Well, it was mainly Hermione discussing something with Lily and Harry was just seating beside his best friend, not even bothering to listen and take part in the discussion. Ron was currently on his room packing against his reluctance. Lily manage to persuade, or rather force the boy that he should pack now, are they would left them here and won't bother to send him away.

The following morning, the Potter Manor resumed its usual morning routines. But since there are four more person this morning that needed to arrive at King's Cross early, the house elves and Lily are extremely busy. Hermione was currently doing the job given to her by Lily; waking Harry up. She couldn't understand why the three men quickly sniggered behind her back, what's the problem with waking Harry up? She finally arrived at Harry's room, and with a quick peek, she saw Harry still sleeping. His unruly hair was ruffled in a way that looks so cute, with his arms wrapped around one of his pillows. Hermione couldn't help but giggle at the sight, if only she has a camera. She move towards the bed, shaking Harry by the arm. "Harry wake up."

Harry didn't even bulge. Maybe it was the reason the three thinks it was funny. Harry was a hard sleeper, and any one would be having problems waking him up, but Hermione wouldn't give up.

"Come on Harry, wake up already." She shook him harder this time. Harry finally move, but only turning over the other side.

It made Hermione pout, crossing her arms across her chest, she jump at Harry's bed. She quickly jump over Harry's sleeping form, landing on his chest. It stirred Harry for a little bit and he sleepily mumbled. "Few more minutes mom."

If only the situation doesn't need Harry waking up immediately, Hermione would laugh loudly at the antic, and would let her best friend sleep a little more. Putting her hands on his shoulder, he proceed to shake him violently. "Harry James Potter, if you wouldn't wake up in the next five minutes I would call your mom to personally wake you up, and promise me, you wouldn't love that idea."

Harry slowly opened his left eye, trying to take a good look at the person on top of him, and then he tried to rub his eyes, as if trying to find out if he's seeing an illusion. After a full minute, Harry almost jump out of the bed, if not he's being hold down by Hermione seated at his chest.

"Hermione what are you doing?" Harry said, clearly surprised.

"Waking you up, silly." Hermione giggled a bit, before standing up to let Harry get out of his bed. "I'll give you four more minutes to get out of this room, or I'll call your mom." She walked towards the door, leaving a gob smacked Harry, who reluctantly got up of his bed.

After almost thirty minutes, Harry finally manage to get down the dining room, where the others are already eating their breakfast. Hermione was there and glaring at him, it seems that she really did wait for him outside his door. Giving Hermione his best apologetic smile, he seat himself beside her and his mom. Unbelievably, Ron was already there, stuffing the breakfast toast and ham on his mouth.

"All of you hurry up and we are going to be late." James said as he stood up from his seat.

"But James, Harry's not finished yet!" Lily pointed towards their son, who's still seated on the table.

"I'm fine mom, no need to worry." Harry stood up too, and move towards his dad but his mom grab his arm.

"Young man, you should eat more!" Lily scolded, while Ron and Hermione sniggered at Harry's expression.

"Mom, I'm eleven already and I'm fine promise." Harry pleaded, and he never forgetting to send a glare towards Ron and Hermione.

"Budge up Lily, just trust Harry." Sirius said, clearly bored.

"That's right dear, and come on now, they are gonna be late." James wrapped his arms around Lily, pulling her towards the door with the others following them.

"Actually James, why don't we just create a portkey keyed in the wards of Potter Manor that would send us at King's Cross?" Sirius whined. "It's clearly better and faster, instead on needing to go towards the apparition point outside the gate."

James put his hand on his chin, definitely thinking about Sirius' idea. "Good idea, actually, aren't we talked about creating one before we even decided to live here?" The others looked at him incredulously. "What?" He asked, confused from the looks he's receiving.

"It seems you forgot that it was you who decided not to do it." Lily rolled her eyes on her husband.


"Yeah, really." Remus seconded.

"Does that mean that it was dad's fault that we need to walk towards the gate everytime?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, it's his fault." Lily admitted.

James quickly back away from the looks that are given to him. "Well, I promise that we'll create a portkey before we return here at the manor, alright?" Luckily for him, all of them nod at acceptance. Further talks about the portkey were dissolved in thin air as all ten of them vanished with silent pops.

The ten arrived at King's Cross, with the Hogwarts Express whistling near them. The Weasleys quickly made their way towards the train. Ron was to find a compartment, while the twins are looking for a place to perform their pranks. Since they arrived a little late, the Potters couldn't talk a little longer. Harry engulfed his mom and dad in a hug, while Sirius, Remus and Hermione watch with smile on their faces.

"I hope you'll have a good term Harry dear." Lily rubbed her hands soothingly on her son's back.

"Hope so too mom."

"Kick some bloody arse at Quidditch would you Harry?" James grinned at his son, who replied with a cheeky grin of himself. "You're coming to watch again right?" Harry asked hopefully. Lily replied her son with a nod. "Of course dear."

"After all, maybe you need us again when someone tried to hurt you." James said, half-teasing, half- serious.

"I just hope that I would have a little peace."

"I hope so dear. Come on, Harry." Lily pulled her son towards the train door. "Stay away from trouble alright?" Harry just nodded at her. "Good. Now go already." Harry and Hermione step inside the train, but after waving at the four adults, who waved back at them. The two made their way to find Ron and Neville, and near at the back of the train, they found the two talking with each other.

"Hello Neville." Harry greeted.

"Hello Harry." Neville greeted back. "Hello Hermione."

"Hello Neville. How's your holiday?"

"Fine, except for grandma talking about the hex war at the Potter Manor, you could say that it was fine." Neville said, rubbing Trevor, which he was holding tightly on his other hand. The train howled a final whistle, and Harry quickly tried to find his family over the window. Luckily, they are positioned at the center of the platform so it was easy for him. He wave at them as they saw him and they warmly waved back. As the train began to move, the four exchanged stories about their holiday, especially Ron's unexpected one.

After a few moments their discussions were interrupted by the opening of the compartment door. Daphne Greengrass step inside the compartment, along with a girl with auburn hair, with blue eyes which almost looks like Daphne's. The two look closely at the others before Daphne spoke. "Harry, a word?" The others raised an eyebrow at Daphne, even the girl with her. Harry on the other hand just smiled at her and stood up, leaving the compartment with Daphne, leaving the other four still looking confused.

Outside their compartment, Daphne lean towards the train's window while Harry stare at her. After a few minutes of silence, Daphne finally spoke. "I found out what you had wanted to know about Nicholas Flamel." Daphne smiled at excited look on Harry's face, and it made her remember the time that he asked her to look for the information.


Daphne and her parents are walking towards the apparition point near the gate of the Potter Manor, but were interrupted by a familiar voice calling Daphne's name. As she turn around, she saw Harry Potter walking running towards them.

"Daphne, good to catch up on you." Harry started, and then he look towards her parents. "Could we talk for a moment?"

Daniel and Aurora Greengrass exchanged an amused glance, before looking back at Harry and Daphne. "Daphne darling, we'll just wait for you at the point alright?" Aurora smiled sweetly at her daughter before pulling her husband with her.

Daphne sighed from her parents actions, but she steadied herself as she look towards Harry. "What do you wanted to talk about?"

Harry look around nervously, before whispering softly at her. "I want you to look into something."

Daphne raised her eyebrows at his words, Harry took the chance to continue. "I want you to look for information about Nicholas Flamel."

Daphne's eyebrows shot higher if possible, and noticing her silence and confusion Harry recited about the third floor corridor, the three headed beast, Nicholas Flamel and of course, their guess that there is something hidden at Hogwarts. After the story telling, Daphne couldn't even believe what he was talking about. A three headed dog at Hogwarts? Her thoughts were broken by Harry who leaned closer to her. "Could you help us by looking for info about Flamel?"

Daphne crossed her arms across her chest. "Why wouldn't you look at the Potter library? Hermione would love to look for more knowledge.

Harry smiled nervously at her as he rub the back of his neck. "We don't want mom or anyone knows about what we are looking for.

Daphne look closely at the boy in front of her, and after a few moments, she let out a sigh. "Okay, I'll look for anything about him."

Harry visibly brighten at her words. "Really?" Daphne gave him a small nod. "Thank you!" He wrapped his arms around Daphne, who jerked at the sudden contact, but she reluctantly wrapped her arms around him too. "Just don't do anything dangerous alright?"

Harry nod at her as he pull away. "I think that you should leave now."

Daphne nodded at him again, and turn towards the gate. "Enjoy the holidays Harry."

Harry gave her a wide smile. "You too Daphne." And the two made their way on their respective paths.

End Flashback

"So what did you found out Daphne?" Harry's words broke her from her reminiscing. Daphne cleared her throat before handling Harry a parchment with handwritten notes.

"I thought that it would be better, so that you and the others could learn about it quickly."

Harry smiled at her as he accepted the parchment. "Thank you Daphne, really. I hope I could return the favor."

Daphne's expression quickly changed her neutral one was swapped by a small smile. "You already did." Noticing the confused expression on his face, she continued. "The first few months at Hogwarts, I don't have any friends except Tracey, the girl I was with earlier. I show the others the cold face so that they wouldn't try to get close to me, since I know what the others think of us. But father's stories about your father raised my expectations of meeting you, hoping that the two of you are the same." Daphne paused as her smile grew wider. "And I was right, you made me your friend without any doubts, so thank you too Harry Potter."

Harry's eyes widened at her words, before his lips curve into a cheeky grin. "It's nothing, I'm more than proud to have you as a friend."

"Just don't change would you Harry? And forgive me when I couldn't get to you every time?"

Harry put his hand on the compartment door before turning his head back towards Daphne. "Of course."

The compartment door opened and Tracey quickly made her way out, and Daphne followed her, but not before flashing a smile towards Harry. As Harry entered the compartment, he was quickly bombarded by questions.

"What does she wants with you?"

"Are you okay mate? Does that Slytherin does something to you?"

"Calm down guys." Harry motioned for the others to remain on their seats, which Ron reluctantly agreed with. "I'll tell you everything for moment alright?" As the three calm down, Harry started to narrate the request he asked Daphne with. After his narration, Hermione was beaming at him.

"Harry you're a genius! I haven't thought of that!"

Ron and Neville nodded at her. "Yeah mate, what does the note says?" Ron asked.

Harry quickly took the note from his pocket, and he glance towards the others, who nodded at him. Taking a deep breath, he unfold the parchment and read its contents.

The ancient study of alchemy is concerned with making the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary substance with astonishing powers. The Stone will transform any metal into pure gold. It also produces the Elixir of Life, which will make the drinker immortal.

There have been many reports of the Philosopher's Stone over the centuries, but the only Stone currently in existence belongs to Mr Nicolas Flamel, the noted alchemist and opera-lover. Mr Flamel, who celebrated his six hundred and sixty-fifth birthday last year, enjoys a quiet life in Devon with his wife, Perenelle (six hundred and fifty-eight).

The four exchange glances, and shock was evident at their faces.

"Six hundred and sixty five years old?" Ron repeated.

"Wow, so he's the creator of the Philosopher's stone. Wondeful."

"Of course it's wonderful Harry." Hermione said. "But I had a hunch that the Philosopher stone was the one that you heard Hagrid was about to get at Gringotts back then."

"But why put it at Hogwarts? And why in a corridor instead of Dumbledore's office?" Harry ran his hand through his hair, a sign that he's extremely confused.

"I admit Harry was right." Neville agreed timidly.

"Should we tell your parents?" Hermione asked Harry, who quickly shook his head. "That won't do! They'll just want me to never but on something that adults should handle themselves."

"But they are right Harry." Hermione agreed, which made Harry frown. "We won't tell anyone, and that's final." Hermione pouted at him, but he just ignored it. "After all, we just wanted to know about Flamel and Fluffy right?" Ron and Neville dumbly nod at him. "So, the matter is close for now."

The three quickly reached agreement before they turn towards Hermione, who's still pouting. "Fine!" She huffed, putting her arms across her chest, which made the three snigger at her but they quickly stop as Hermione sent a glare towards them, especially Harry. But Harry just waved it off, and with a nervous smile, he took Hermione's hand, which luckily, she didn't pull off. The train ride afterwards just pass like a normal one, except the fact that Harry was still holding Hermione's hand throughout the trip.

The new term started nicely at Hogwarts, but the students are all but complaining about the amount of homework they need to do, along with books to study. More importantly, Quidditch practice already began and Harry was torn between the two. But mainly the choice is who to choose of the two; Wood and his fanatic practices or Hermione and her dreadful revising. Luckily for him, he was already finished revising since his and her mom's (along with Hermione) bloody study group, but that didn't stop Hermione from dragging him to the library saying that she couldn't let him be rusty.

But choosing Oliver Wood would be a problem too, since the practice is definitely hard. Wood was frantic that his team should shake off the rust they build of since the holidays. Harry often fallen asleep at the Gryffindor common room because if exhaustion, and there are times that Hermione needs to go back the common room at midnight to make sure that her best friend was sleeping nicely. Harry couldn't believe his luck that he needs to deal with those two at the same time, instead of the usual choose one, leave one. After all, you wouldn't want any of the two to have your head.

Luckily, Hermione knows that he was perfectly okay in his studies, so after a few light reading (that Harry don't believe since they are reading huge books, how could that be light reading?) she always come with Harry to relax for a while. They spent those free time last week wandering around the grounds, walking aimlessly while feeling the relaxing breeze and seeing the wonderful scenery.

One Wednesday night, as Harry was about to get inside the Gryffindor tower, he saw Daphne walking near the tower. Curiosity get the better of him, since he was about to ran towards her but he took a quick trip towards the dorms, and he returned with his Invisibility Cloak. Ron along with the twins reprimanded him clearly that he should take the cloak with him every time he goes to wander at nights. Since dinner was finished at least an hour before, he took the cloak to make sure. Putting the cloak over his head, he vanished at thin air, and proceed to walk towards the corridor Daphne was walking at.

Harry quickly regretted his idea of following Daphne, since he wasn't able to locate her. He was now lurking around the library, a few doors away from where he totally lost her. Luckily, he has the Invisibility Cloak which made him lose Filch a few times already. That does why he's near the library, waiting for the right time to get back the dorms.

As he prepare to return to the Gryffindor dorms, he stopped on his tracks as he saw Daphne out of the corner of his eye, and he quickly made his way to follow her and after five floors she finally stopped. And as Harry was about to ask her why she's wandering this late of night, when Filch's voice rang in the hallway.

"Who's there?" Harry saw Daphne froze as she heard the words, she definitely was afraid of getting caught. He quickly made an idea both stupid and brilliant at the same time. He pulled out the cloak of his head, making him visible that almost made Daphne scream, and if not for his quickness to whip the cloak over the two of them, and finding the time to signal her to be quiet.

He quickly pull Daphne towards a opened door, squeezing quietly so that Filch wouldn't notice them. Luckily, Filch just dashed straight towards the hall, not even bothering to look at the open door. Harry breathe a sigh of relief as he pull the cloak out of his and Daphne's head and she quickly turn towards him, sending a glare towards him.

"What did you just do?" Daphne snarled quietly, clearly not wanting Filch to find out where they are hiding.

"I just save you from running at Filch right?"

"That's true, but you almost made me scream." Daphne huffed, putting her arms across her chest. "You just appeared out of nowhere. Is that an Invisibility Cloak?" She pointed at the cloak on Harry's hand.

"Yeah, a family heirloom, my dad gave it to me my last birthday."

"And why are you in the hallway too? Don't tell me that it's just a coincidence?"

Harry smiled sheepishly as he scratch the back of his head. "Well, no. I saw you wandering around so I thought that I should follow you.

"Well, you did save me." Daphne sighed. "But don't you dare do that again."

"Deal." Harry said simply, then he look around the room. It looked like a disused classroom. The dark shapes of desks and chairs were piled against the walls and there was an upturned waste-paper basket - but propped against the wall facing him was something that didn't look as if it belonged there, something that looked as if someone had just put it there to keep it out of the way.

It was a magnificent mirror, as high as the ceiling, with an ornate gold frame, standing on two clawed feet. There was an inscription carved around the top: Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.

"Why is there a mirror here?" Daphne said, as she made her way towards the mirror. She gasped at the moment she look towards the mirror, making Harry move towards her. "What's the matter?"

Daphne didn't answer, her sight still lined towards the mirror. Being a boy with a lot of curiosity, he took a peak at the mirror, and the reflection that he sees confused him.

He saw himself there, but not with the clothes that he was wearing at that time since the Harry at the mirror was wearing muggle clothes that look like the ones his mom gave his dad. Daphne was also there, but she was wearing a green muggle dress along with a straw hat atop her head. But what confused hm the most is that Hermione, Ron and Neville was also there, wearing their respective muggle clothes, like jeans and tees.

"Daphne what are you seeing?" Harry asked Daphne, and both doesn't even bother to look away from the mirror.

"I'm with mom and dad, and a few others but that's confidential." Daphne said warily, and she seems distracted. "You?"

"I'm with all my friends, with you included, and we are all wearing muggle clothes. What do you think these means?"

"My, my, fancy seeing the two of you here." A familiar voice almost made the two jump. Turning around they see Albus Dumbledore smiling at them from his seat at the corner of the room.


"Do you love what the mirror are showing the two of you?"

"What does it shows Headmaster?" Harry asked, pointing at the mirror.

"It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts." Dumbledore said, as he got up from his seat and began to walk towards the two.

"But –" Harry was about to argue, but he finally caught what does the mirror does show him. It was an image of him and his friends, spending time on the muggle world, acting like ordinary muggles. It was a life of a normal child, which was Harry wanted since he was four. It wasn't his deepest desire for now since he could spend time with his friends, but he knows perfectly that when the summer comes up, the desire will arise on his thoughts once again.

"So that's why it showed Miss Greengrass about – " Dumbledore was cut out by Daphne, who's blushing under Harry's confused gaze.

"I should had thought that what the mirror shows anyone would be confidential right?" Dumbledore asked amusedly, making Daphne blush more before she tried to regain her stature. "Of course Headmaster."

"But why it was here? Shouldn't something that shows something like that are should be kept away." Harry asked, and Daphne nod at the background.

"Don't worry, the mirror will be move in its new home." Dumbledore move towards the door, gently widening the open gap. "Harry and Miss Greengrass, I ask the two of you not to go looking for it. If you ever do run across it, you will now be prepared."

Harry and Daphne exchange looks at Dumbledore's words, as if they would come cross it again even it was going to be move into a different location. "Now, why don't you two put that admirable Cloak back on and get off to bed?" Dumbledore said kindly, motioning for the door.

Harry was about to ask Dumbledore a question, but Daphne quickly pulled the cloak out of his hand, throwing it over their heads and she began to drag Harry out of the room. Daphne wanted to get to the Slytherin dorms as quickly as possible so Harry wisely choose not to speak towards their trip back. Luckily, they manage to made their way towards the dorms without any problems. Outside the Slytherin common room, as Harry was about to leave for the Gyffindor dorms, Daphne's voice stopped him of his tracks. "I know that you wanted to talk about the mirror, but now is not the right time, I would give you a note so that we could discuss it, even with your friends."

Harry just nod at her, and she quickly and quietly made her way towards the dorms. Harry on the other hand, made his way towards the Gryffindor tower, and straight towards his bed. The night certainly transformed into an interesting one, and with a new discovery Harry lies down his bed, wanting to get his precious sleep.

The week quickly passed, and Harry was greeted by the new week with a wet and muddy Quidditch practice. Wood was certainly getting more and more frantic the nearer their match with the Hufflepuffs come, and today, Wood was certainly on a very bad mood. He'd just got very angry with the Weasleys, who kept dive-bombing each other and pretending to fall off their brooms.

"Will you stop messing around!" he yelled. "That's exactly the sort of thing that'll lose us the match! Snape's refereeing this time and he'll be looking for any excuse to knock points off Gryffindor!"

George Weasley really did fall off his broom at these words. "Snape's refereeing?" he spluttered through a mouthful of mud. "When's he ever refereed a Quidditch match? He's not going to be fair if we might overtake Slytherin."

The rest of the team landed next to George to complain, too. "It's not my fault," said Wood. "We've just got to make sure we play a clean game, so Snape hasn't got an excuse to pick on us."

Which was all very well, thought Harry, but he had another reason for not wanting Snape near him while he was playing Quidditch. The rest of the team hung back to talk to each other as usual at the end of practice, but Harry headed straight back to the Gryffindor common room, where he found Ron and Hermione playing chess.

Chess was the only thing Hermione ever lost at, something Harry and Ron thought was very good for her. "Don't talk to me for a moment," said Ron when Harry sat down next to him. "I need to concen-" He caught sight of Harry's face. "What's the matter with you? You look terrible."

Speaking quietly so that no one else could hear, Harry told the other two about Snape's sudden, sinister desire to be a Quidditch referee.

"Don't play," said Hermione at once.

"Say you're ill," said Ron.

"Pretend to break your leg," Hermione suggested.

"Really break your leg," said Ron.

"I can't," said Harry. "There isn't a reserve Seeker. If I back out, Gryffindor can't play at all."

At that moment Neville toppled into the common room. How he had managed to climb through the portrait hole was anyone's guess, because his legs had been stuck together with what they recognised at once as the Leg-Locker Curse. He must have had to bunny hop all the way up to Gryffindor Tower.

Everyone fell about laughing except Hermione, who leapt up and performed the counter-curse. Neville's legs sprang apart and he got to his feet trembling.

"What happened?" Hermione asked him, leading him over to sit with Harry and Ron.

"Malfoy," said Neville shakily. "I met him outside the library. He said he'd been looking for someone to practice that on."

"Go to Professor McGonagall!" Hermione urged him. "Report him!"

Neville shook his head.

"I don't want more trouble," he mumbled.

"You've got to stand up to him, Neville!" said Ron. "He's used to walking all over people, but that's no reason to lie down in front of him and make it easier."

"There's no need to tell me I'm not brave enough to be in Gryffindor, Malfoy's already done that," Neville choked.

"You're worth twelve of Malfoy," Harry said. "The Sorting Hat chose you for Gryffindor, didn't it? And you're here as our friend."

Neville smiled at Harry's words, and Hermione beamed at him, clearly glad with his choice of words. The four was certainly closer since the time that Harry dragged the three into an empty classroom with Daphne so that they could talk about the mirror.

Hermione quickly has doubts about the mirror and Dumbledore's words, but was quickly replaced when Harry volunteered to tell what he saw. With the story of how he wanted to have a perfectly common life as a wizard or a muggle, the four quickly found the reason why they all should stick together. Even Ron finally let go of the fact that Daphne is a Slytherin, just for the sake of their friendship which was the only thing that Harry desires the most, even when Daphne refused to tell what she saw in the mirror, but Hermione quickly noticed her blushed cheeks which were a great contrary to her passive face. If she notice Daphne's blush, no one seems to notice Hermione holding Harry's hand, and even rubbing the back of his hand soothingly when he was going emotional.

The problem with the mirror and Hermione's doubts was quickly forgotten as the upcoming match was nearing. Hermione was clearly unhappy of his choice to play.

"I'm going to play," he told Hermione. "If I don't, all the Slytherins will think I'm just too scared to face Snape. I'll show them…it'll really wipe the smiles off their faces if we win."

"Just as long as we're not wiping you off the pitch," said Hermione.

As the match drew nearer, however, Harry became more and more nervous, whatever he told Ron, Neville and Hermione. The rest of the team weren't too calm, either. The idea of overtaking Slytherin in the House Championship was wonderful, no one had done it for nearly seven years, but would they be allowed to, with such a biased referee?

Harry didn't know whether he was imagining it or not, but he seemed to be running into Snape wherever he went. At times, he wondered whether Snape was following him, trying to catch him on his own. Potions lessons were turning into a sort of weekly torture, Snape was so horrible to Harry. Luckily, the bloody study group with his mom and Hermione pay off, since Snape couldn't do anything worse to Harry than letting out more insults than usual. Harry often caught Daphne stealing glances at him, and he return a small smile at her whenever he caught her. Hermione on the other hand was a great help. With both of them having advance knowledge in Potions, they are almost untouchable, and Snape's only retort was to say that their potion was only 'acceptable.'

The day of the match finally came, and the only bright spot of the day for Harry is that his family would come again to watch his match. He quickly made his way towards the Great Hall, and on his way there he found his dad and Sirius clearly arguing with Minerva McGonagall, and his mom and Uncle Remus watching beside the three.

"Mom!" Harry called to Lily, which made the five turn towards him, with Lily quickly sweeping her son in a hug.

"I'm sorry Harry, we tried for hours to argue with Professor McGonagall to change referees for the match, but she stood of for her words, saying that she couldn't do anything."

"That's quite true Mr. Potter." Minerva McGonagall said. "I would gladly love to change Snape from being the referee, but Headmaster Dumbledore clearly wouldn't be swayed."

"Bloody Merlin!" Sirius snapped, punching the wall in frustration. McGonagall and Lily don't even bother to scold Sirius for his words.

"Harry." James said, looking straight at his son's eyes. "Don't let Snape lose your concentration, try your best to catch the snitch as quickly as possible."

"And just let us handle Snape when he tries to do anything." Remus added, patting Harry on his shoulder. "Lily wouldn't let him get away why just words this time."

"That's right darling." Lily kissed her son on the forehead. "I know you could do it, I trust your skills greatly."

"And it would be worth it to see Slytherins' reaction if you win." Sirius and James exchanged grins, while Remus and Lily just smile.

"It would be great if you would eat your breakfast now Mr. Potter." McGonagall gave Harry a thin smile, as the six part ways, with McGonagall heading towards the Gryffindor tower, while the five head to the Great Hall.

The match was getting nearer and Harry knew, when they wished him good luck outside the changing rooms next afternoon, that Ron and Hermione were wondering whether they'd ever see him alive again. This wasn't what you'd call comforting.

Harry hardly heard a word of Wood's pep talk as he pulled on his Quidditch robes and picked up his Nimbus Two Thousand.

Ron and Hermione, meanwhile, had found a place in the stands next to Neville, who couldn't understand why they looked so grim and worried, or why they had both brought their wands to the match.

Little did Harry know that Ron and Hermione had been secretly practicing the Leg-Locker Curse. They'd got the idea from Malfoy using it on Neville, and were ready to use it on Snape if he showed any sign of wanting to hurt Harry. Neville really wanted to be a part of it too, but he decided that it should be safer if he let Hermione handle it.

"Now, don't forget, it's Locomotor Mortis," Hermione muttered as Ron slipped his wand up his sleeve.

"I know," Ron snapped. "Don't nag."

"How sweet, would you guys do that for Harry?" A voice made the three jump from their seats. Turning around they found Sirius Black walking towards them, with Remus Lupin, Lily and James Potter behind him. Sirius and James were smirking at their direction, while Remus was clearly amused.

"We, we, I –" Ron stuttered, while Hermione and Neville wisely decided not to speak.

"Don't worry, I would let it pass for now." Lily smiled at them, making Hermione sigh in relief. "After all, all of us are thinking of the same thing." Lily slowly showed her wand rested on her hand, as the three proudly showed their hands holding their wands. The four adults and the three children exchange smirks, as they wait for the match.

Back in the changing room, Wood had taken Harry aside. "Don't want to pressure you, Potter, but if we ever need an early capture of the snitch it's now. Finish the game before Snape can favour Hufflepuff too much."

"The whole school's out there!" said Fred Weasley, peering out of the door. "Even – blimey – Dumbledore's come to watch!"

Harry's heart did a somersault. "Dumbledore?" he said, dashing to the door to make sure. Fred was right. There was no mistaking that silver beard. Harry could have laughed out loud with relief. He was safe. There was simply no way Snape would dare to try and hurt him if Dumbledore was watching. Harry could also spot his family and friends on the stands, and it made him braver.

Perhaps that was why Snape was looking so angry as the teams marched onto the pitch, something that Ron had noticed, too.

"I've never seen Snape look so mean," he told Hermione. "Look - they're off. Ouch!"
Someone had poked Ron in the back of the head. It was Malfoy.

"Oh, sorry, Weasley, didn't see you there." Malfoy grinned broadly at Crabbe and Goyle.

"Wonder how long Potter's going to stay on his broom this time? Anyone want a bet?

What about you, Weasley?" Ron didn't answer; Snape had just awarded Hufflepuff a penalty because George Weasley had hit a Bludger at him.

Hermione, who had all her fingers crossed in her lap, was squinting fixedly at Harry, who was circling the game like a hawk, looking for the Snitch.

"You know how I think they choose people for the Gryffindor team?" said Malfoy loudly a few minutes later as Snape awarded Hufflepuff another penalty for no reason at all.

"It's the people they feel sorry for. See, there's Potter, who's got no parents, then there's the Weasleys, who've got no money – you should be on the team, Longbottom, you've got no brains."

Lily was about to scold the brats, but James put an arm around her as Sirius move towards the Slytherins. "Leave it to Padfoot." James whispered to her ear. "He could handle those kinds of guys better than anyone."

Neville went bright red but turned in his seat to face Malfoy. "I'm worth twelve of you, Malfoy," he stammered.

Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle howled with laughter, but Ron, still not daring to take his eyes from the game, said, "You tell him, Neville."

"Longbottom, if brains were gold you'd be poorer than Weasley, and that's saying something."

"Hello guys." Sirius waved at the three Slytherins, and Malfoy was surprised with the man who interrupted him. "Is there any problem here?"

Crabbe and Goyle just stare nervously at Sirius, while Malfoy, being a close blood relative to the man, straighter himself. "Uncle Sirius Black." Malfoy curtsied, and the Gryffindors near them were surprised. Sirius Black, Harry Potter's godfather was a close relative to Draco Malfoy? "I'm just showing everyone how purebloods should act properly."

"Oh how's Narcissa?" Sirius asked, clearly not paying attention to Draco's words.

"She's fine, what are you doing here Uncle? Associating yourself with lower bloods." Draco sneered, while Crabbe and Goyle wisely backed away from the elder Black.

Ron's nerves were already stretched to breaking point with anxiety about Harry. "I'm warning you, Malfoy – one more word."

Malfoy was about to retort, but was interrupted by a loud cough from Sirius. "Lower bloods eh?" Sirius mussed, putting a hand on his chin. "Are you talking about James, Lily and Remus? It seems you forgot that James was named Lord Potter right?" There are sharp intakes of breath, with Malfoy looking paler than usual. "The Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter called as a lower blood along with the Lady Potter?" Sirius twirled a long strand of black hair of his shoulder, clearly amused of the reactions of everyone.

"I suggest that you yourself should know where you stand." Sirius began walking back to his seat, leaving a very pale Draco Malfoy. "And another thing my dear niece." Sirius called, as he was to seat himself. "That's Lord Black for you."

Ron and Neville couldn't hold their laughter any longer as they broke in laughter. Hermione on the other hand was clearly not interested on what was happening near her since she was still watching Harry closely.

"Why are you laughing Weasley?" Draco snarled, his face red with anger and embarrassment. "You are just lucky since you have someone like Lord Potter and Lord Black along with you." Ron and Neville's laugh had gotten louder because of Malfoy's quick name change on the adults. "But what could you expect, lower bloods always associate themselves with higher bloods, what a joke." Ron quickly stop laughing, and he began glaring at Malfoy. "After all, Weasleys, even if you guys are purebloods, you all are poorer than those stupid muggles."

"Malfoy, I'm warning you." Ron threatened again. "One more word-"

This time, he was cut by Hermione. "Ron!" said Hermione suddenly. "Harry!"

"What? Where?"

Harry had suddenly gone into a spectacular dive, which drew gasps and cheers from the crowd. Hermione stood up, her crosses fingers in her mouth, as Harry streaked towards the ground like a bullet. Lily was beside her, and she was hugging James tightly while the later rub his hand on her back soothingly.

"You're in luck Weasley, with a Potter as a friend maybe the Weasleys' finally would at least receive charity from them." Said Malfoy.

Ron snapped. Before Malfoy knew what was happening, Ron was on top of him, wrestling him to the ground. Neville hesitated, and then clambered over the back of his seat to help.

Remus was about to stop the first years but Sirius put a hand on his shoulder. "It would be better for them, at least Malfoy would learn the hard way." Sirius smirked at him, and Remus couldn't help but smirk back too, but he was still worried for the kids.

"Come on, Harry!" Hermione screamed, leaping off her seat to watch as Harry sped straight at Snape she didn't even notice Malfoy and Ron rolling around under her seat, or the scuffles and yelps coming from the whirl of fists that was Neville, Crabbe and Goyle.

Up in the air, Snape turned on his broomstick just in time to see something scarlet shoot past him, missing him by inches - next second, Harry had pulled out of the dive, his arm raised in triumph, the Snitch clasped in his hand.

The stands erupted; it had to be a record, no one could ever remember the Snitch being caught so quickly.

"My son is amazing!" James cried, while Lily placed a kiss on his check, and she began cheering too.

"That's right! That was so quick!" Sirius began bouncing with joy, while Remus was watching him amusedly. The two clearly forgot the first years fighting near them.

"Ron! Ron! Where are you? The game's over! Harry's won! We've won! Gryffindor are in the lead!" shrieked Hermione, dancing up and down on her seat and hugging Parvati Patil in the row in front.

Harry jumped off his broom, a foot from the ground. He couldn't believe it. He'd done it - the game was over; it had barely lasted five minutes.

As Gryffindors came spilling on to the pitch, he saw Snape land nearby, white-faced and tight-lipped - then Harry felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up into Dumbledore's smiling face.

"Well done," said Dumbledore quietly, so that only Harry could hear. And Harry was quickly pulled away by James and Sirius, who are grinning proudly at him.

"I'm proud of you darling." Lily said as she place another kiss on Harry's forehead.

"Very good flying there Harry." Remus smiled at him, and Harry smiled back.

Snape spat bitterly on the ground as he watch the family took off.

Harry left the changing room alone some time later, to take his Nimbus Two Thousand back to the broom shed. He couldn't ever remember feeling happier.

He'd really done something to be proud of now no one could say he was just a famous name any more. The evening air had never smelled so sweet.

He walked over the damp grass, reliving the last hour in his head, which was a happy blur: Gryffindors running to lift him on to their shoulders; Ron and Hermione in the distance, jumping up and down, Ron cheering through a heavy nosebleed.

Harry had reached the shed. He leaned against the wooden door and looked up at Hogwarts, with its windows glowing red in the setting sun. Gryffindor in the lead. He'd done it, he'd shown Snape.

And speaking of Snape. A hooded figure came swiftly down the front steps of the castle. Clearly not wanting to be seen, it walked as fast as possible towards the Forbidden Forest. Harry's victory faded from his mind as he watched. He recognised the figure's prowling walk.

Snape was sneaking into the Forest while everyone else was at dinner what was going on?

Harry jumped back on his Nimbus Two Thousand and took off. Gliding silently over the castle he saw Snape enter the Forest at a run. He followed.

The trees were so thick he couldn't see where Snape had gone. He flew in circles, lower and lower, brushing the top branches of trees until he heard voices. He glided towards them and landed noiselessly in a towering beech tree.

He climbed carefully along one of the branches, holding tight to his broomstick, trying to see through the leaves. Below, in a shadowy clearing, stood Snape, but he wasn't alone. Quirrell was there, too.

Harry couldn't make out the look on his face, but he was stuttering worse than ever. Harry strained to catch what they were saying.
"... d-don't know why you wanted t-t-to meet here of all p-places, Severus ..."

"Oh, I thought we'd keep this private," said Snape, his voice icy. "Students aren't supposed to know about the Philosopher's Stone after all."

Harry leant forward. Quirrell was mumbling something. Snape interrupted him.

"Have you found out how to get past that beast of Hagrid's yet?"

"B-b-but Severus, I -"

"You don't want me as your enemy, Quirrell," said Snape, taking a step towards him. Harry almost laugh as the memory of his mom saying the same thing at Snape after the first Quidditch match come into his mind.

"I-I don-t know what you -"

"You know perfectly well what I mean."

An owl hooted loudly and Harry nearly fell out of the tree. He steadied himself in time to hear Snape say, "- your little bit of hocus pocus. I'm waiting."

"B-but I d-d-don't -"

"Very well," Snape cut in. "We'll have another little chat soon, when you've had time to think things over and decided where your loyalties lie."

He threw the cloak over his head and strode out of the clearing. It was almost dark now, but Harry could see Quirrell, standing quite still as though he was petrified.

"Harry, where have you been?" Hermione squeaked.

"We won! You won! We won!" shouted Ron, thumping Harry on the back. "And I gave Malfoy a black eye and Neville tried to take on Crabbe and Goyle single-handed! He's still out cold but Madam Pomfrey says he's be all right - talk about showing Slytherin! Everyone's waiting for you in the common room, even your whole family, after all, they are all former Gryffindors so there wasn't any problem." Ron saud. "And we're having a party, Fred and George stole some cakes and stuff from the kitchens."

"Never mind that now," said Harry breathlessly. "Let's find an empty room; you wait 'til you hear this…" He made sure Peeves wasn't inside before shutting the door behind them, then he told them what he'd seen and heard.

"So we were right, it is the Philosopher's Stone, and Snape's trying to force Quirrell to help him get it.

He asked if he knew how to get past Fluffy – and he said something about Quirrell's 'hocus pocus' – I reckon there are other things guarding the stone apart from Fluffy loads of enchantments, probably, and Quirrell would have done some anti-Dark Arts spell which Snape needs to break through -"

"So you mean the Stone's only safe as long as Quirrell stands up to Snape?" said Hermione in alarm.

"It'll be gone by next Tuesday," said Ron.

Harry and his friends made their way towards the common room, after clearing that no adults should know of this, especially his parents. They would tell Neville when he comes around, while they would tell Daphne the whole story since she would be a great help for watching Snape. But Harry force himself to stop worrying about those, instead focus himself at enjoying the very first victory party with his family, friends and classmates all along.

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