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Crane of Japan

Chapter One

It was dark. The night air was moist due to an eminent thunderstorm. Yet, they remained out in the freezing outdoors, huddled in the shadows of the woods.

In a hushed yet urgent tone, a man said, "If I may speak..."

"Speak." Her voice was just as low as the man's, however her passion and beauty was clear even in her whispers.

"I say this with the deepest of regret; I believe we have reached our limit..."

"I see."

Listening silently to this exchange of words was a young boy, standing by the woman's side—by his mother. The piercing wind on his cheeks almost brought tears to his eyes, but he forced his eyes to remain dry and restrained from shivering, standing stock still.

"Your Royal Highness."

It took a moment for the boy to respond. He had forgotten for a moment that he was a member of the Royal Family. This was understandable under the current circumstances, for who would think to find a noble Lady and her son dressed in peasant's clothes? Spending night after night without a roof over their heads. Most of all, who would think to imagine the Empress of Japan and her son to be upon foreign lands, far from their own country?

"Your Royal Highness, you must hurry."

The boy turned to his mother, ready for instructions. He was surprised when his mother lowered herself to be at eye-level with him, gently taking his hands into her loving palms.

"My dear son," she spoke, her heart poured into each word. "Listen carefully. The time has come where we must part. I have fulfilled my duty to bring you to as safe a place as I possibly could. Fate falls upon us and I can go on no further than this."

"Yes Mother." Two words. Simple but they spoke for the thousands of words he wanted to say but could not.

The Empress nodded, comforted by the knowledge that her son accepted this fate. Releasing her clasped hands from her son she quickly drew a small object from within her sleeves and pressed it into her son's fingers.

"Take this with you. This will keep you safe and bring forth fortune. If ever you are in fear, remember you have this with you."

"Thank you Mother."

Then, rising to her feet, the Empress raised her hand. "Now go! You must run. Away, far away! There will come a day when you shall return to the Land of the Rising Sun..."

With one final look at her beloved child, the Empress turned to gaze into the dark sky. "As for myself...it ends here, where the sun falls and shall never rise again."

Those were the final words he ever heard from his mother. Lightening crashed at that moment, the black silhouettes of his mother and body-guard against the silver flash of light, burned into his eyes. Suddenly the heavens opened up and rain pelted down mercilessly to the earth and he was running...

He ran.


Toward no destination. Just away, far away.

He kept running through the entire night, thinking of nothing else for now. He did not know exactly what was happening or what kind of danger he was in. But he had a feeling he would find out somehow anyway. He just remembered his mother's determination for him to run...

Dawn broke. The storm cleared to a gloriously clear morning. As the rays of the sun showered the glistening leaves, the boy finally stopped to sit amogst the bamboo and allowed the sun to pour over him.

Squeezed in his hand was the gift from his mother. Uncurling his fingers, he looked at the object resting in his palm.

An hair ornament. Carved into the wood was a picture of a red-crowned crane. His House crest...

He continued to examine the jewellery, enchanted by it. The rich carving of the bird, its' neck outstretched with a distinct elegance, made him yearn for his home country. Too distracted, he failed to notice someone coming toward him.

"Aah, hello there-aru."

He quickly closed his hand around the hair ornament and looked up. There was a tall man, with long black hair tied with string.

"My name is Wang Yao. Aah, you are so small. You can ask me anything if you're in trouble-aru."

A friendly man. A strong man.

"What is your name-aru?"

The boy hesitated. He took a closer look into the man's eyes as he squeezed his precious gift in his hand.

"I am..." he began, still unsure whether to trust this stranger. Then, his mother's words echoed in his mind.

This will keep you safe and bring forth fortune.

Yes, this was his fate.

"Wang-san, of the land where the sun falls, I am Honda Kiku, of the land where the sun rises."


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