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Crane of Japan


He gazed down at the jewellery in his palm. Suddenly, it disappeared. Kiku lifted his chin a little, directly meeting Yao's eyes.

"There-aru." The Chinese man slipped the jewellery into Kiku's silken hair. "Perfect."

Tentatively, Kiku brushed his fingertips over the hair ornament before he rose to his feet. It was the first time he wore his mother's gift. And it was the first time he felt truly proud to be himself, both as Honda Kiku and as Xiaodan.

He turned his head and found the other man had already seated himself on the floor, waiting. Closing his eyes, Kiku smiled to himself and inhaled deeply.

A caged bird.

His movements were short and rigid to begin with. Awkward, small steps and jerking of his elbows and shoulders. It was as though he were trapped in an unseen cage, trying to break through the obstructive bars.

Lost and helpless, the tiny bird lamented.

Delicate tilts of the neck and twists of the wrist expressed the sorrow and longing for happiness.

Within the maze of darkness, there was a flicker of hope.

His movements were now gaining fluidity, his sleeves flowing.

Gradually the bird found its way out of the cage, gliding inbetween the bars.

He sucked air into his lungs, the curve of his neck long and distinguished. Arms stretched out above him, his palms facing the Heavens, his eyes gazing far beyond.

Spreading its wings to their full length, the Crane finally showed its real self.

No longer trapped, it flew freely into the world.


With glory,

And with peace.



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