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Tail of the Ancient Tides

Chapter 1

The violet moonlight cascaded through the highest most blood-stain room of the ominous citadel of Ovara, a desolate world of icy swamps and bogs. A tall woman with flowing crimson hair sat upon a pointed ebony throne with a dark haired man sitting on the floor next to her.

"Mistress Thuqua?" The crimson-haired woman turned her head at the sound of her name and smirked slightly.

"Wuna, is it open yet? He's ready." Thuqua asked softly as she gently reached down to scratch the man's chin and the rub her hand up and down his throat like you would a pet, making the dark-haired man purr happily. Wuna watched the scene with slight disgust before clearing her throat, "Yes, Mistress, the stargate is practically open. With his help we can get past the shields with a bit of tweaking but are you sure he's ready? We've only had him a month, it usually takes longer!"

"Wuna, you worry too much. This man's mind was trained to have have orders and the like forced into it. With any previous relations washed away, we have put new relations in. He works for us now." Thuqua stood up and started to walk towards the younger girl, leaving the man sitting on the icy marble floor.

"Bur Mistress, what if he's there and he get flashes of recognition!"

"If he does, the drug will kick in. Taking any memory he has of them and twisting it so that he believes they are who put him through that month of pain and suffering. He'll have no clue that he's even betraying his own people..." Thuqua whispered so that only Wuna would hear before turning back to the man, "Jay, come 'ere, boy." With stood up but was still slightly crouched and walked over to them then sat down in front of the crimson-haired woman, smiling up at her like she was his best friend.

"Mistress, are you sure we should be doing this? It feels wrong!" Wuna exclaimed as Thuqua reached down to scratch Jay behind the ear.

"Science, my dear..."

"Excuse me?"

"Science. This is all for the good of science, the world would be nothing without it." Thuqua informed then turned to look at Jay, "Jay, this is a brilliant scientist by the name of Rodney Mckay. You are to go and fetch him for me, ok?" The dark-haired man nodded happily before panting slightly, making Wuna's stomach flip in disgust for what she had help resort a once defiant man down to while Thuqua continued.

"Get him by any means necessary. He can be a little banged up but not too much and if anyone gets in between you and the good doctor, then kill them." Jay nodded again as his mistress motioned for Wuna to take him away and send him through the portal before she walked away. Wuna, still utterly disgusted with herself, pulled a black leather leash out of her lab coat pocket and clipped it to the leather ID collar that Jay wore. She walked towards the door, muttering, as he trail behind; ever happy to be of service.

They continued down the many corridors, the sick feeling never leaving Wuna as they finally got to the stargate. She stopped and stared down at Jay, who was sitting in a cross legged position next to her, eager for attention. Bending down towards him, her took his head in her hands and stared into his eyes.

"I am so sorry, sir... I'll try to put this right, I swear. Don't worry, I'll fix you and you can go back to living your life with your friends." Jay didn't seem to comprehend what she had said to but could tell that she was upset. Whimpering slightly, he craned his neck upward then licked across the top of her nose and the bridge of her glasses; making tears drip from her eyes at how far this once great man had fallen. Forcing herself to stand up straight, she typed in the code for the stargate and unclipped Jay's leash. The dark-haired man stood and cocked his head to the side before rushing through the portal. Wuna sighed and help back anymore tears of sympathy and sorrow, she had work to do; she needed to get started on the reversal project.


Alarms blared as Jay arrived in Atlantis but before any of the guards could get a good look at him or get a shot off, he was using hands and feet to scramble towards the shadows. He needed to find that doctor, he wondered what he looked like. Hiding behind some near by crates, he heard a woman and a young man talking.

"Lieutenant, what happened."

"Something slipped through the shield but we didn't a glimpse of what it was."

"It could be dangerous. Find it quick!"

"Yes, ma'am." Jay didn't have time to sit around and listen to them all day. So staying to the shadows, he creeped along the corridors of Atlantis. His bare feet oddly silent along the hard ground and he turned a few more corners before worming his way into a nearby room. It was currently empty but seemed to be some sort of command room. His animal thoughts pushed back just for the human ones to come forward, Jay stood up tall and started to look about. It took a good ten minutes for his brain to find and register a book full of department listings; he quickly flipped through a few pages until he found Mckay's name and workstation listed. Committing it to memory, he snapped the book closed and turned to leave. He was greeted by a shocked gasp of a guard that had been patrolling but before the guard could say anything, Jay had leaped at him; smacking the younger man to the ground.

"Stop it, sir!" The guard squeaked as Jay slammed a fist into his then hissed as the young man tried to shove him off but Jay wouldn't budge, instead grew tired of his opponent and simply used his claw-like nails to rip the man's throat open; blood spraying up the man's slice jugular. Jay sprang to his feet and rushed for the door, leaving the guard to die. Licking the blood from his nails as he ran, an unfamiliar instinct took over and began leading him towards the labs when Rodney Mckay was supposed to be stationed. Along the way, he ran into two more guards; killing them with trained ease.

It was about ten minutes later, skidded to a halt in the deserted hallway in front of the lab and simply panted for breath. Suddenly, the door opened for him, spooking him slightly. Cautiously, he stepped inside, it had to be night in Atlantis from the way that their was only one person sitting at one of the lab tables. An uncomfortable vibe inside Jay told him that it wasn't Mckay but might know where he is, his human instincts said he should take this one hostage. Moving slowly, he used his bare feet to creep silently up on his prey until he was behind the ponytailed scientist.


It was late at night but with the threat of a monster running around in Atlantis made it impossible for Doctor Kavanagh to sleep, so he had decided to simply continue his work on the ancient crystal the recon team had picked up on their last missions. He was completely alone in the lab beside that annoying doctor Mckay in the next room, at least the door was closed between their two work areas. All was quiet until he heard the door to the lab open, he didn't turn around since the only explanation was that Rodney was off to go get a midnight snack or at least that's what he thought until he saw slow movement behind him in the reflection of a beaker. Thoughts of the creature entered his head as the thing behind him creeped closer silently. Not being a nature fighter but sill wanting to protect himself from attack, Kavanagh slowly grabbed the closest thing to him that was sharp; the crystal he had been working on. Then, jest as the thing rushed to attack him, he span around in his chair and blindly stabbed the crystal into his attacker before looking up to see what it was.

"M-major S-sheppard...?" Kavanagh paled as realization hit while the major stumbled backwards and collapsed to his knees. Mind hazy with confusion, Kavanagh did the first thing that came to mind, " DOCTOR MCKAY!"


Rodney sat in his lab chair, staring blankly at his files. He was so tired yet too depressed and worried to sleep, so forcing his body to work was the only thing he could think of but now even that was gone. Major Sheppard had been missing on that dreadful planet for little over a month now and it was eating away at Rodney, Teyla and Ford's sanity that he had gone MIA while trying to protect them from swamp monsters. Rodney's drooped until his forehead thunked against the hard metal table.

"Where in the name of science could he be!" He was far too tired to think up a better question as he whispered the words to the table. His eyes started to close as sleep began to overtake him and that's when he heard it!

"DOCTOR MCKAY!" The scream was frantic and scared but Rodney didn't hear that, he only heard an extremely annoying man call his name. Blood pumping angrily, he shot up from his chair and stormed for the door; wrenching it open.

"Kavanagh, what in the h-!" His works were cut off by his shock of the scene before him; a horrified looking Kavanagh standing before a scared looking John Sheppard who seemed to fall to his knees in slow motion. For once speechless, Rodney rushed over to them as the frightened looking Sheppard put a hand to his side and crawled backwards under a desk so he was still facing the two scientists. Cheeks flushed red with anger, Rodney glared at Kavanagh.

"What the heck did you do to him!" He didn't wait for a reply before dropping to his own knees to get a better look at the major. He stopped breathing at the sight of pure frozen horror in his commander's glassy looking eyes and the growing blood stain of where the crystal had pierced his abdomen.

"Kavanagh, quit gawking and call Beckett, quick!" This being said, Rodney reached out a shaky hand towards John, who only seemed to cower back as far as he could into the desk's empty leg room. The major looked utterly terrified of him and let out a pathetic whimper which broke Mckay's heart but he still reached for him; it wasn't until a long tail-like tendril slipped out of the major's baggy pants and slapped his hand away that he stop.

"Oh god, John, what did they do to you...?" Rodney's throat felt so dry with horror at what just happened that he could barely whisper out the words while looking at the tendril stand guard in front of the cowering major.

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