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Chapter 2

Despite all his genius, Rodney's brain was drawing a blank; he had no idea how to help the major. He felt sick just looking at the other man cowering up the desk, Rodney didn't like how pale and thin he looked; like he hadn't been fed a healthy amount of food the entire the month he was gone. Suddenly, Rodney's stomach did a flip as John started to cough; his body's way of expelling the blood that was seeping into his vital organs through the puncture wound. Rodney had to stop his body from reaching out to the now panicking major so that he wouldn't spook him anymore, he needed to try a different tactic to get his friend's mind off the blood that his lungs were forcing up.

"Shhh... Shep, it's gonna be ok... Just calm down.." Rodney tried to sound encouraging to get the major, who was currently gripping at the wound and clawing at the wall, to calm down. Suddenly, Rodney realized that he hadn't heard Kavanagh's voice since he called him. The scientist turned around slightly to look at his annoying co-worker to see him frozen in place with shock.

"Kavanagh! Did you called Carson yet! We need him!" The scientist only got a frantic shake of the head in reply, which made his own panic heighten. Though oddly, Rodney, the master at panicking and over reacting, was the calmest one in the room but not by much.

"If you want something done right then you gotta do it yourself!" Fumbling to try and sooth his frightened friend, Rodney quickly activated his comlink, "Carson, come in! I'm in urgent need of medical assistance!"


Dr. Carson Beckett sat at the briefing table with Dr. Weir and Teyla, the three were discussing yet another failure to find Major Sheppard.

"So, doctor, what're your thoughts? Think he could still be alive?" Weir asked, sounding tired and slightly depressed. Carson sighed and shook his hanging head.

"Nay. From what Teyla 'as told meh, I donae think he could 'ave survived fer so long on a hostile world that's made of icy marshlands..." The three fell silent and depressed looking as the weight of the facts set in but the mood was abruptly disturbed by a radio transmission to Dr. Beckett.

"Carson, Come in! I'm in urgent need of medical assistance!" Carson's eyes flew open at the sound of panic in the scientist's voice.

"Beckett 'ere, what's wrong, laddie...?"

"This idiot Kavanagh was supposed to call you like five minutes ago! Holy Smoke, it's been five minutes! No wonder he's coughing up blood already!"

'Did 'e realeh just say "Holy smoke"?' Carson mentally asked himself before the rest of what Mckay just said sank into his brain, "Who's coughin' up blood, Rodney? Kavanagh...?" Carson was already halfway to the door.

"No, that idiot's gawking like a moron instead of helping me! It's Major Sheppard, he's back and Kavanagh just stabbed him with a crystal! He claims he didn't mean it..." Carson stopped dead in his tracks.

"The major...? Are you sure?" This made Weir and Teyla perk up in curiosity but before they both tuned their headsets to get Rodney's call.

"Rodney, it's Elizabeth, what was that about the major?"

"He's here and bleeding! I don't have time for stupid questions just get Beckett to my lab as fast as you can!"

"We're on our way thar, laddie. By aneh chance, can yeh apply pressure to teh major's wound?"

"Pfft! No! Last time I even tried to touch him he slapped my hand away with his tail!"

"His what!" The asked in unison as they all broke into a run down the hall.

"It's a long story that I don't have answers to! All I know is that he's cowering under a desk in my lab and there's this weird tail-like thing coming out of his pant-leg that seems to be subconsciously guarding him from me!" By now, the three had picked up Beckett's medical bag and were almost to the lab; it all went faster than they thought it would have.

"Doctor Mckay, why is he cowering under a desk?" Teyla asked as they rounded another corner.

"Look, I have no idea but as soon as he saw me he panicked and hid himself as best he could under the desk! Are you almost here yet!"

"Yes, Rodney, we're right out side the door."

"Oh goody, now hurry up!" The three sighed as the door opened and they rushed inside, running over to where they saw Rodney kneeling on the floor in front of a large desk with Kavanagh just sitting in a chair behind him. As they approached, Rodney held up a hand to make them stop before he pushed Kavanagh out of the way to make room for Teyla and the doctors. The three newcomers slowly dropped to their knees to look under the desk and sure enough, there sat a cowering Major John Sheppard with a strange tail sticking out of his pants just like Mckay said. Carson winced at the amount of blood had seeped onto the floor and staining the major's clothing.

"We 'ave teh get him out of thar so I can treat 'im." Rodney and Teyla nodded, it would have to be them that grabbed him and pull him out of his hiding spot. Doctor Weir watched silently as the two slowly reached for the panicked major when suddenly there was an incoming transmission to her.

"Doctor Weir, it's Ford."

"Yes lieutenant, go ahead."

"There's an urgent transmission from Ovara." At the name of the planet, Elizabeth looked over at where John was struggling against his friends and shuddered.

"Let it through."

"Yes, ma'am."


"Greetings, my name is Doctor Elizabeth Weir, who're you?"

"My name is Wuna of Ovara Citadal, I have urgent news for your leader!"

"It's alright, Wuna, I'm in charge. Go ahead."

"Alright. I only have limited time so here goes. About a month ago, your military personal, Major John Sheppard was captured by my mistress' trackers. During his stay in the citadel, we lived up to our title of Beast Makers. We preformed countless horrifying and torturous experiments on him," Weir felt like she was going to be sick, "I won't bore you with details of them but you need to know that we drugged and brainwashed him. Almost all of his thoughts and instincts are that of a trained animal, and he is under orders of my mistress because she tricked him into thinking that she is his friend and that you are his enemies."

"We infused his system with a drug that will turn any flashes of recognition of you and your team and twist them so that he believes you are the ones that tortured him for a month."

"Well, that would explain why he's cowering under a desk right now."

"Yes. But I'm out of time now and must go but do me a favor an take care of him. He responds to the name Jay and what ever you do, don't give him any painkillers or sedatives, it'll react with our drug and cause severe brain damage!" Elizabeth was in shock as the line went dead, she quickly turned to see Rodney and Teyla struggling to hold on to the flailing major and Beckett preparing a sedative for him.

"Carson, stop!" The three looked up at her in surprise.

"What's wrong, lassie?"

"Don't give him that, just hold him there while I order a stretcher. We can't give him any sedatives or painmeds, it could harm his health." They all looked at her like she was insane but stayed quiet but held him firm as she walked slowly over to them. Kneeling down, Elizabeth smiled softly at John,who panting desperately for breath to fight against the pain in his side.

"It's alright, Jay, calm down." Rodney, Carson and Teyla raised an eyebrow at her but she simply continued talking quietly as she reached her hand out towards the major's head, "Wuna contacted me and told me to take care of you but you got cooperate with us. I know you're scared and think that we did all those horrible things to you but you don't have to be afraid anymore, we're gonna help you with the pain in your side." John shut his eyes in fear as she placed her hand on his hair, but calmed the tiniest bit as she petted his hair gently the way Thuqua did.

"Elizabeth, have you gone batty!" Rodney hissed as they heard the med team coming.

"Quiet Rodney, he's really messed up. Just treat him like you would a scared pet." She motioned for them to place him on the ground, he lay still except for the shivers of terror as Beckett was finally able to take care of the wound.

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