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Bigger On The Inside

"…so therefore black holes aren't actually holes, and for that matter they're not black either" the Doctor finished his long, rapid and very technical explanation of black holes. He turned around and leaned against the console, looking at Amy and Rory expectantly. They looked back, lost for words, their faces as blank as a bludger's exam paper.

"Well?" he said, crossing his arms and obviously expecting gratitude for his explanation. He looked surprised as they continued to stare uncomprehendingly.

"So… how come Time Lords are so much smarter than humans?" Amy questioned, "Or are you just making it all up?"

"What? No! That was a perfectly accurate explanation! I never make it up" protested the Doctor. Amy raised her eyebrows, looking unconvinced.

"Ok, so I do make it up sometimes. But it's part of the plan! Improvisation! You know…"

"So, if you are so smart, then why? It's not like you have a super gigantic brain or anything" said Amy, gesturing at his head.

"Ah! But that's where you're wrong!" the Doctor said smugly. "You see, me and the TARDIS have something in common." He tapped his head. "Bigger on the inside!" He grinned, looking very pleased with himself. Amy rolled her eyes.

"That would make brain surgery a bit tricky, wouldn't it?" asked Rory.

"Yes, very. Actually, Time Lords have a surprisingly high incidence of mental impairment due to… things getting a bit spacey-wacey in their heads" said the Doctor, resorting to more understandable vocabulary and random gestures to explain himself.

"Well, that would certainly explain a lot…" Amy giggled. Rory tried not to laugh.

"Hey! You're not suggesting that I'm mentally impaired, are you... because I'm not!" exclaimed the Doctor indignantly. "I'm not!"

Amy and Rory could only contain themselves for a second before bursting into uncontrollable laughter.