Title of Story: The Advice Column
Rating: Currently Teen
Disclaimer: Obviously I do not own Inu Yasha.
Summery: I loved my job. Really I did. That was why I was an advice Columnist. However, If I had known how much my life would be changed by reading a single letter from a certain fan...I don't know if I would have ever read it. How was it that a single letter from a child could turn my world upside down and question all that I thought I knew? Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Kagome's POV

"Tell me one thing. That's all I want to know." Was the first thing out of my mouth. I attempted to calm down moments after I had swung the door opened and growled his name out. Glancing at the man, I was a bit surprised for the confused look that appeared on his face. He was going to pretend? Fine, I could play this game. Putting on a face smile, I took a deep breath.

"Tell me why you hired me." I demanded calmly.

"Why I hired you?" Sesshoumaru asked with an elegant brow arched but now his face held an expression that I could not identify.

"Yes. How and why?" I asked. I need to know how he got my email much less why.

"Are you ill, Kagome?" He asked but when I simply glared back he simply nodded.

"You're application matched up with what I was looking for."

"My application?"

"Yes, the application you filled out to be a nanny." He replied like I was a child.

That thing! The one that I had replied to simply thinking I would never get the job. That still did not explain how he got my email.

"But how did you get my-" I growled but this time he interrupted me and his voice was filled with irritation.

"Listen to me, while I found it a bit odd that the applications took a while for me to receive, I had simply assumed that was because my father had asked for them to be forwarded to him. Something of that sort, whatever it was, he arrived and handed me all the candidates. After Rin and I looked through the potential nannies, Rin showed great interest in you. That is why I hired you. However, with your current outburst I am beginning to reevaluate my decision."

"Inu Tashio? Wait, you didn't email me the application?" I asked suddenly confused.

"Why would I email you an application? The application is on the Au Pair Site.

You fill it out, I do not send it to you. Once you fill it out, they review your profile with the needs and wants of those looking for a certain Au pair. Surely you must know this." He stated bordly and my eyes narrowed. Then it clicked.

Inu Tashio.

No, it was worst. It was not Sesshoumaru and Rin who had done this. It had been

Inu Tashio and Rin.

I felt sick. For some reason, I could have dealt with it a bit easier if Sesshoumaru had done this. Then I would have known why he acted like he did. But Inu Tashio? The one who had been so friendly and kind?

"We already have someone."

Suddenly, the sentence from Inu Tashio's mouth rang over and over in my head. Was this what he had been planning! He had ruined my career to play match maker!

"He ruined my career." I softly announced.

"Higurashi, what is the problem?" Sesshoumaru asked but this time his voice held no irritation but simply worry and curiosity

"Your father...he ruined my career" I whispered to him with wide eyes.

"How did father ruin your career?" He asked curiously.

"He got me fired...so I would work here." I told him simply and that was when his eyes narrowed at me. He was quiet for a moment, almost as if trying to figure out what I was talking about.

"Do you have proof of your accusations?" Was his only response.

"Rin." Was the only answer I gave him. I knew how upset he could potentially get at me accusing his daughter but I needed to show him the proof. Surely there had to be proof. Without warning, I bolted out of the office with one place in mind. Rin's room.


"Rin, can I get on your computer for a second?"

"Sure, It's logged in Kagome!"

As I got on her computer, I began to type in the URL to check my emails. Suddenly a photo icon caught my icon. A photo icon labeled "future mom".

"Rin who's this photo of?" I asked curiously and without warning Rin turned off the screen.

"Nothing. Actually, I need some help with something." She replied urgently Giving her a confused glanced, I contemplated on what just had happened.

Ignoring everyone and everything, I swung open the door to Rin's room. Turning on the computer instantly, I clicked on the icon that had been on my mind for so long. What popped up left me speechless. It was the photo of me from my "Higura" advice column website. I shook my head with hurt and confusion. This proved that she had known who I was when emailing me. A "ding" drew my attention and instantly a tab on the bottom blinked. Without hesitation, I clicked on it. There it tab opened up Rin's email inbox and I recognized the user name under the "From" category. It was the "Higura" email address.

"Kagome, we can explain." I heard a deep voice break me out of my thoughts. Turning around, there stood a nervous Inu Tashio and Rin. Suddenly, Sesshoumaru appeared.

"Please do, I am dying to figure out what is going on." Sesshoumaru growled.

"We're sorry." Rin began but I interrupted her.

" Rin, no, you two are not sorry." I bit out angrily.

"You played a game with me. You two made me lose my job. You two only thought of yourselves." I said trying to stay calm but I could not help the tears that began to flow.

"Shippo, we're leaving."

Shippo did not need to be told twice. He was looking back and forth between everyone with confusion in his eyes. However, when it came down to it, he loyally followed me while glaring at everyone else.

"Kagome, stop, let's talk about this like adults." Inu Tashio said grabbing my hand.

"If you wanted to talk like adults we could have. You didn't need to steal my email, make me lose my job and then involve a child in this!" I growled out. Before I could stop myself, I slapped him as hard as I could. Not glancing back, I ran out the house with tears pouring down my face. Had I turned back, I would have realized why no one was following me. Had I looked back, I would have seen what caused the rest to be afraid to follow me. On Inu Tashio's face was a burn in the form of a hand print. However, even if I had seen it, I would have not been to realize just what had happened.