Blood Pops and Other Sweets

A Twilight/Harry Potter xover



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WARNING! READ! This story is about vampires, that drink blood. Stephanie Meyer may have ignored the problem, but I wont. This story contains PMS, SLASH, Transsexualism, adulterous thoughts, swearing, WIP and hopefully in the future some sweaty, dirty sex.


Jasper was forced to hold his breath once more as another of the noisy gossiping girls of Forks High brushed deliberately against him. His hand tightened around Alice, his wife, as the girl's noxious feelings of lust and envy washed over him combined with a sickly mixture of perfume and blood.

"It'll be okay, Jasper. Only one more period to go and then we go off hunting" Alice whispered too low for the humans to hear. He squeezed her hand again in acknowledgement, as he had no intention of breathing in air to reply verbally to her.

It was hard he mused and he often wondered why he bothered, but then glancing down at his beautiful dark-haired wife was always a good enough reason. The earlier they started in a town the longer they could stay. And although Jasper was definitely the one with the most problems he wouldn't change it for the world. He would never have believed he would ever find the kind of love and family acceptance that he had discovered with the Cullens.

Squeezing his wife's hand once more he bent down to kiss her cheek gently before talking a right and walking down to his locker. He had American History for last period along with his other brother Emmet. Though he hated not having Alice' soothing present around he knew he would be able to cope. Taking a breath more to keep up the appearance of human he immediately regretted it the scent of stale blood slammed against him. Looking to his left he saw one of the more mellow girl in Forks, Webber or something walking down the same corridor heading to the same class as he. Though she was bleeding it wasn't luckily the kind that even Jasper could easily control himself against. The girl was menstruating. And while still blood it had a stale dirtied scent to it making it even more unappetizing then animal blood. Again Jasper wondered why he kept bothering with the pretence of school. The dangers were always abound and though not for drinking the scent of blood regardless always triggered his thirst for these mortals.

Stealing himself once more knowing that it was only one more period before he could run freely through the forest Jasper quickly grabbed his books and the assignment that was due for today before heading towards the classroom just as the bell went off.

What passed as his brother-in-law Emmet smiled broadly at him and Jasper was already looking forward to playing some video games later in the day. Just before the teacher closed the door a smallish black-haired boy ran through. The newest resident of Forks high had brought almost as much controversy as the Chief's daughter Bella Swan when he moved in alone barely a month ago. Though unlike Bella he'd quickly faded into obscurity and Jasper hadn't bothered to learn anything about the boy. The only thing he was sure of was that the boy's name was apparently Black, but having actually come from England had no relation to the Blacks on the Reservation. Ignoring the boy as he set down into an empty seat not too far from him Jasper switched his focus to his favourite class. Being a Civil War Soldier Jasper had always had an unique perspective and interest in American History and though sometimes dismayed at portrayal of different battles especially the ones he himself had participated in, Jasper always felt deep loyalty his country.

He tried to focus as usual and knew he had to breathe at least once in while to keep up appearances but it seemed more difficult then usual as the scent of blood permeated thickly in the air. It seemed that more than one girl beside Webber was menstruating today and though something he was completely uninterested in he had heard that girls living together had a tendency to have the same biological clocks. With his control as precarious as it was he found it supremely annoying today especially as he couldn't focus as much as he usually wanted.

Finally the bell rang as the teacher announced they were going to watch a movie next week. Packing together his things slowly he tried to wait for the other students to leave avoiding getting caught in the middle of all the humans. Emmet was waiting patiently for him along.

"I'm so going to win. Then I'll be the one who gets to buy the next one". His brother's smile was infectious and his happy feelings of competitiveness washed over Jasper making him smile in return.

"We'll see".

Walking towards the door Jasper saw they weren't the only ones who had been slow. The new kid has also been slow and was walking in front of them out the door. Jasper half-way blocked out his brother's rambling in favour of observing the new kid. His hair was black and slightly longish brushing against his shoulder hiding his face effectively along with a pair of rather ugly glasses in Jasper's opinion. He actually had no clue what colour the boy's eyes were. The clothes while clean and relatively new seemed to fit loosely on him making it hard for Jasper to determined his body-shape though Jasper guessed he was rather thin considering his rather modest height and thin wrists. His books were stuffed in a book bag hanging off his narrow shoulder as he walked in a rather slouched manner in front of the two brothers down the hall towards the lockers. Opening up his senses Jasper was flooded with much sharper feelings than he'd anticipated. It seemed Black was in slight pain along with feelings of deep mortification, nervousness, self-loathing with just a hint of deep seated need for something that Jasper had no idea what could be. In fact the poignancy of the feelings made Jasper take in a surprised breathe of air. What he smelt however shocked him beyond anything he could have believed. The boy in front of him was bleeding. But not from a cut. The scent was stale and unappetizing. He was menstruating.

The realisation of this made Jasper stop dead like a statue in the corridor and just stare in complete bewilderment at the boy who was steadily walking down the corridor away from the two vampires having no clue his secret had been discovered.


His concern wafted over Jasper making him finally unfreeze and take notice of his surroundings.

"Are you okay? Do we need to get out of here fast?"

Taking a second to appreciate his brother's attentiveness to his rather precarious hold on his control Jasper managed to give him a small smile despite the confusion most likely showing in his eyes.

"No, Emmet. It's fine… but. Not here. I'll tell you later. I need to talk to Alice and Edward as well."

"No, problem bro'. I'm famished anyhow"

Taking care to keep to an acceptable human pace the brothers quickly exited the school and walked towards the rest of the siblings waiting in Edward's car.

Jasper made sure to not give anything away to his mind-reading brother kept his mind on his American History books, though with the way Edward kept glancing in the rear-view mirror between him and Emmet, Jasper had no doubt that he knew something had happened.


"What do you know about the new kid?"

The family was gathered in the living room that evening and Jasper finally had a chance to explain that rather interesting discovery.

"Nothing special as far as I know. Why?" It was Edward that replied looking piercingly towards Jasper no doubt desperately reading his thoughts to try and find out the reasoning for his sudden interest. Jasper kept his thoughts carefully away from the corridor as he focused on his wife.

"I haven't seen anything of interest. I saw him coming though but nothing else. I'll keep looking though and see if I See anything interesting" Jasper smiled slightly in thanks to his lovely Alice.

"Why on earth would somebody find that little urchin interesting? There's nothing remarkable about it and it has the worst fashion sense I've ever seen!" Ah, that would be Rosalie his lovely twin. Jasper had never created an especially strong bond with Rosalie, as their differences were just too great. While stunning, she really wasn't any match for his own little wife.

A throat was cleared as Carlisle stood up from where he had been sitting on the armrest of his own wife's chair. Jasper automatically focused all attention on the coven leader, and though Carlisle really didn't come across as such, years in the army and later in the vampire wars had drilled Jasper to have a healthy amount of respect for authority figures, especially ones that let him join the family despite his struggling control.

"I spoke briefly with Chief Swan about Mr. Black when he came in with his daughter after she apparently broke her fingers getting out her truck..-" He was interrupted by Rosalie snorting rather un-ladylike. But then again Jasper did halfway agree with the sentiment. It was well known that Bella was notoriously clumsy. After a pointed look towards his daughter, Carlisle resumed. "As was saying, Chief Swan had been over to check up on the boy when it became apparent that he was living alone in the flat above Mrs. Stella's coffee shop. According to the Chief anyhow it seemed Mr. Black is an emancipated teen living on his own. If what the Chief says was accurate the boy's parents died when he was young and he moved here to get away from some problems in England. Though what exactly those problems were hasn't been said."

It was silent for a second before Esme broke it.

"Oh, that poor boy. Parents dead and living all alone. Is he doing okay in school? Does he have any friends?" The warmth and concern for the boy washed over Jasper warming him like a hug from a mother. Esme really was an amazingly warm and considerate vampire and Jasper always found himself being around her when emotions were turbulent in the house. Though that didn't distract him entirely from the fact that he had never seen the Black kid around any of the other students. Did the boy have any friends?

"But why are we even discussing this? It's completely uninteresting!"

"Rose, babe. I am sure that Jasp has a good reason to bring it up" Emmet had thrown his large arm around the slightly smaller Rosalie but she just huffed before folding her arms across her chest glaring at Jasper.

"Something happened in school today. We want to know what." Edward almost had the same glaring look as Rosalie and Jasper couldn't decide if it was because he agreed with the blond about the pointlessness of the discussion or was annoyed the Jasper had managed to hide it from him so long.

"It's just… " Suddenly Jasper didn't really know what to say. Was it really relevant? Should he reveal the boy's secret to his family? But than on second thought they could easily smell as well as himself and he knew that the boy shared at least one or other class with his siblings.

"It was when Emmet and I left the History classroom. We were last but so was the Black child. He was walking in front of us and I thought I would just see what he was feeling…" He trailed off for a second trying to recall the strong emotions pouring off the small boy.

"Was that why you suddenly froze in the hall?" Emmet asked.

"No… yes. Well. His emotions were really strong. He was in slight pain like a constant ache, but he was almost deeply embarrassed about something, along with strong feelings of self-loathing and even some fear. It was so strong that it made me gasp and that is when I smelt him."

"Jasper" Carlisle had taken a step towards him, his face full of sympathy and understanding. "Is this boy your singer? If he is then we can..-"

"No, it's not that. I smelt blood"

Immediately that awoke the doctor in Carlisle and his whole demeanour became focused.

"He was hurt?"

"No, that's the thing. He wasn't bleeding from a cut… it was… he was menstruating."

The silence that fell in the room was somewhat disbelieving and really Jasper couldn't fault them. It was a rather crazy thing to say as well and Jasper thought that if he could blush this would certainly be a good time.

"You're joking?" Emmet was looking at him with complete disbelief. "Are you sure it was him? I mean there was that other chick… Weaber or something"

"I'm sure. Yes, Webber was also dealing with her… feminine issue, but I am absolutely certain Black was as well despite it being subtle."

This whole discussion was highly embarrassing really and he suddenly wondered why he'd ever brought it up.

"So the Black kid is really a girl. Who cares! Come on Emmet, I need some pampering" and with that Rosalie dragged a slightly apologetic Emmet out of the living room and up the stairs. They heard the door to the bedroom close before Jasper finally sat down beside his wife who immediately snuggled up. He felt even more embarrassed now for some reason. Rosalie was right really, it wasn't any of his business.

"He's not a girl"

Jasper looked up towards Edward along with the rest of the family.

"I've got gym with him in the last period on Tuesdays. And though even his training clothes are loose he went with the rest of the guys into the boys locker."

"Well, it is a rather peculiar discover to be sure. But I for once must agree with Rosalie it really isn't any of our business. If what Edward says is true then he may actually be an intersexual or hermaphrodite." Carlisle mused.

"But aren't most hermaphrodites infertile?" Edward replied having undergone medical school he did more knowledge than the others in their family.

"Not necessarily. People with Androgen insensitivity syndrome are usually infertile, but they are female in appearance with undeveloped male reproductive organs. You said that Black was male but he is apparently fertile considering he's menstruating. There really are so many different diagnosis of intersexualism that I would have to research some. But that doesn't mean that Mr. Black's condition is any of our business. His privacy should remain as private as it possibly can. Is that understood?"

Edward and Jasper nodded in acknowledgement and with that Esme and Carlisle both retired to their own rooms for a while. Edward didn't say anything either, as he migrated towards his own bedroom and soon enough soft music could be heard playing.

Jasper was still sitting on the couch next to his wife musing. He didn't know why but his discovery of Black secret meant something to him. He knew now that telling his family had been a stupid thing to do, as Carlisle was absolutely right. It was none of their business. He did the human thing and sighed before leaning back into the couch. Why was the Black child so interesting? He knew nothing about him beside the latest discovery. There was nothing remarkable about the child.

"Why are you being so quiet about this, Alice? You haven't said anything."

Alice had been suspiciously silent. Had she not Seen anything about this?

"Jasper… I…"

Now he was really interested. It was not for his wife to hesitate like this. Turning on the sofa so he could finally look down on his little Alice he found her adorable face looking contemplative as she stared off into the future perhaps.

"He's…" her voice was lowered and Jasper started to lean in so he could here properly.

"Jasper, he's… I don't even dare to hope what I see Jasper. " Her voice was so quiet that even he had to concentrate to here it.

"Oh, my love. He will be important, but I can't see him clearly. There is something…" she trailed off again looking annoyed actually. Jasper had rarely seen her having such difficulties unless one of the shapeshifters were involved.

"There are so many futures and I can't See him. I should have seen today, but I didn't… but it doesn't seem dangerous. And if the one vision I can see can come true… oh Jasper". She turned her face towards his and smiled so beautifully that if he'd still been human he would have completely lost his ability to breathe.

"You will be so happy. And he needs, oh God he needs you so so much. We'll all be so happy! And he's so beautiful!"

"Who? Alice"



Alice suddenly smiled mischievously and Jasper knew instantly that she wouldn't be divulging any more of her vision. She really was a minx sometimes.

"Of course, Jasper. Hadrian Black. You will love him"

And like the wind she was up from the couch leaving her husband sitting alone completely confused and bewildered.


Hadrian Black. And he was beautiful.

And he, Jasper, would love him.

Jasper had the sudden urge to bang his head against the wall. Freakin' Seers.

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