Blood Pops and Other Sweets

Chapter 5

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"Thank you, darling! It's lovely"

And it really was Jasper mused as Esme made a turn about the room with the new Cashmere shawl she had received from Carlisle. It was black with the impression of a Japanese Sakura Tree on it and looked very well against Esme's honeyed looks. Jasper had more or less smiled the entire night, just basking in the feelings of happiness from the family. Even Rosalie seemed to lighten up, but that may also have something to do with the Burberry handbag and matching shoes she had gotten from Alice.

It was a little past one in the morning on Christmas Day. Being sleepless vampires, the Cullens had made their own Christmas Tradition and always started opening their presents midnight on the dot. It was nice, Jasper mused, as Edward packed up the New Year's Concert tickets in Seattle he had ordered online. Though Jasper was pretty sure Edward had seen the gift in his mind he appreciated the heartfelt thanks and hug he received before settling back down on the couch and wrapping his arm around Alice.

"And this one's for Jasper, from Rosalie". Jasper's head shot up at that. He had already given his own gift to Rosalie, and gotten a pursed mouth and small 'thanks' in reply. While it could have been mistaken for ungratefulness, Jasper with his ability had felt the small inkling of guilt that had blossomed from his sister at the rather impersonal gift. Esme's insistence on singing a carol while Edward played on the piano and quickly covered any awkwardness from the unresolved tension.

Rosalie's gift was beautifully wrapped in baroque inspired paper with a big bow on it. At first in seemed like a very large but slightly thin book. However opening it Jasper discovered to his delight a nice drawing pad.

"There are some pencils and charcoal buried in the heap as well." Rosalie filled the quiet that had enveloped the room.

Looking at his sister, Jasper's thoughts flashed towards Hadrian. Thinking about the small shy boy spending Christmas alone made him all the more aware how important friends and family was, and with that thought he flash a genuine smile towards the blond.

"Thank you Rosalie, I really appreciate this." He got a small smile and an arrogant sniff in return so very typical Rosalie that he couldn't help but laughing a bit.

"You're very welcome, Jasper". Jasper observed the small almost hesitant smile gracing her lipstick red lips and realised that this was as good of an apology he would ever get. And though a bit exasperated he smiled in return knowing that it really was fine.

It was sometime later when all presents were unwrapped that Emmet finally noticed the one left behind.

"Hey, who's is this? Jasper... " As the entire family focused on a present, not from their family or their friends in Alaska, Jasper suddenly regretted putting the gift underneath the tree. It suddenly seemed kind of personal.

"Here, bro. There's a card and everything." Jasper hesitantly took it and glanced quickly at Alice. At his look his little wife giggled sweetly before kissing his cheek leaving him to the present.

"Who's it from dear?" Esme asked from where she was leaning against Carlisle.

"Um… It's from Hadrian Black." He took a hesitant glance at Rosalie, and thought her lips were pursed she thankfully remained silent.

"That's nice dear. Did you get him anything?"

"Um, yeah, I didn't really know what, since I don't really know him well, but I found him a leather backpack and had it monogrammed. "

As Esme cooed at the gift he felt another kiss on his cheek.

"Don't worry, honey. He'll love it." Jasper felt some tension release at his wife's assurance before focusing back on the card. Opening it he found a rather nice card with a cardboard Christmas tree with baubles and presents glue on, that actually looked hand-made. Opening it he tried to ignore his family quieting down as he read it.

Dear Jasper,

I hope you are having a lovely Christmas, surrounded by friends and family. I know we didn't say we should buy gifts for each other, but I thought this might help you and your family sometimes. If you don't like them, or hate the taste, that's fine, but if you do I can easily get more.

I hope you won't be too mad, but I just wanted to help.

Warm regards,


"What?" That was Edward reading his thoughts again. Jasper just looked up at his brother, just as confused to what Hadrian was alluding too.

"What, what? What does it say?" Emmet demanded still enjoying his Santa's Hat with blinking lights.

At his family's urging he reread the letter out loud.

In the silence that followed it was finally Rosalie that broke it.

"Oh for God's sake! You won't know what he means, if you don't open the damn present!"

Carlisle started chuckling. "Quite right, Rosalie. Well, Jasper. You heard her."

It was Edward that handed over the large box and after unwrapping it, Jasper discovered an old fashioned tin box, used for cookies and such.

"Ha! He baked you Christmas cakes!" Rosalie's mocking laughter was more than a bit grating on his ears. So Hadrian had baked him something, that didn't mean he hadn't put any effort into his gift!

"Well, there's nothing for it. You better see what kind they are. I can take them down to the shelter tomorrow." Esme was right, Jasper at least needed to know what he was supposed to have eaten from Hadrian. As for the shelter, that was where most of their bought food ended up. Just because they had to keep up appearance and buy some food once in a while, didn't mean they had to let it go to waste.

Opening the festively coloured tin however revealed the last possible thing Jasper had expected.

"It's full of lollipops!" He exclaimed, marvelling at the bright red lollipops that were stuffed into the tin.

"Lollipops? That's odd. Why would you be mad at a gift of lollipops?" Jasper just shook his head towards Emmet indicated he had no clue.

"Why don't you taste one?" Jasper shot a glance at his wife. Did she know anything? "You should at least know what they taste?"

"Honey, it will taste like ash anyhow, you know this." Alice actually pouted at this and crossed her arms.

"Well smell them then. You wouldn't want to disappoint Hadrian." Jasper looked at her closely once more. But his little pixie wife didn't reveal anything other than simmering amusement. In the end he did a human sigh before picking one of the bright red lollipops up and taking off the cellophane. He brought it to his nose and breathed it in.

Huh. It smelled good, coppery. How odd. Deciding to throw caution to the wind he ended up sticking the thing in his mouth and letting his tongue swirl once around.

Oh… my… God. He moaned out loud! He couldn't help it. The taste of blood exploded on his tongue, and it was wonderful!

"Jasper! What on earth?" The confused concerned look on Carlisle's face and the rest of his family would have been rather amusing if Jasper wasn't busy enjoying this absolutely lovely treat. It wasn't as good as human blood, and had a slightly sweetened aftertaste, but all in all, it really was excellent. Maybe even better than newly beaten mountain lion.

"Hey, give me one" Emmet shouted when it became apparent that Jasper wouldn't be removing the sweet to talk to them anytime soon. Seconds later the large vampire had his own lollipop unwrapped and stuck it into his mouth with his wife and the rest of the coven looking on eagerly.

Another moan reverberated through the living room and Emmet too closed his eyes in bliss.

"Man! That's delicious!" The big vampire managed to mumble around the sweet.

"Emmet! What does it taste like?" Rosalie's demanded followed up by a quick hit to the back of her husband's head.


"What?" Shouted the rest of the family. And seconds later with the help of some vampiric speed five more moans danced off the walls of the festively decorated room.

"I can't believe it! How is this possible? The taste is definitely comparable to any animal I've ever come across." Carlisle was definitely fascinated and was currently holding his red lollipop up to the light while the rest of the family were happily sucking away on their own sweets. Jasper had to admit they probably made an incredibly comic sight.

"Jasper." The blond vampire along with the rest of the family turned their heads towards Rosalie and the fearful tone of voice she had used.

"Jasper. They taste of blood. Do you realise what that means?" Jasper merely looked at his twin for a couple of second before what she had said sank in. The lollipops tasted of blood. He had received blood-flavoured lollipops as a Christmas present.

"He knows." And that was the horrible truth. Hadrian Black somehow knew what he and his family was.

"My god! But how?"

"I knew this would happen! I told you not to spend time around that boy!"

"But where does he get this sweet from! I've never heard of anything like this!"

"He's a danger to this family!" The cacophony of voices rang through the room immediately giving Jasper a headache alongside the upheaval of emotions.

He felt an arm wrap around his side and gazed down to his wife to see her still smiling despite the family's outburst. Removing the lollipop from her sweet lips she kissed him once more.

"Remember the letter, Jasper"

Of course! The Christmas card! Hadn't Hadrian expressed his fear of the gift? He'd said that he merely wanted to help. Suddenly Jasper couldn't help but smile as another piece of the puzzle that was Hadrian Black fell into place. No wonder the dark-haired boy was so scared that last day of school. He knew he would be revealing that he knew what Jasper and his family was. How much courage he must have had to give this gift? He was revealing that he knew what Jasper was, but at the same time opening himself up for much more scrutiny. After all these lollipops revealed that Hadrian must have known or come across his kind before and really, how many mortals prefer blood-flavoured lollipops? Jasper suddenly wanted to leap outside and run full speed towards Hadrian assuring him that they were still friends and that he adored the gift! And as his tongue swirled around the treat once more, he couldn't even imagine how useful these would be in the future!

"I think they're great!" Alice exclaimed above the cacophony in the room. "They're going to be very useful and we should thank Hadrian the next time we see him!"

"And what about the fact that this little mortal knows what we are!" And it seemed like Rosalie's little truce wouldn't even last a full hour.

"Rosalie" Jasper put a bit of force behind his words to bring his twin's attention to him. Focusing on her emotions he could tell that she was actually frightened of the potential threat that Hadrian posed. "Hadrian had to have had encounters with our kind before. Why else would he have a contact that can make blood-flavoured lollipops? And besides…" Jasper hesitated a bit wondering if he should drop another bomb on his family. "… I don't think he's fully human."

Instead of the uproar he had expected his family grew quiet and contemplative.

"Why do you think so, son?" Carlisle asked around the lollipop firmly lodged in his mouth.

"Because…" Jasper hesitated once more, but he knew he couldn't ignore what he had seen. "… because once when we were in the library, I thought… no I know I saw him with a different face. It was almost as if he walks around with a mask on, and then suddenly it was off!". He told the rest of the family slightly annoyed with his inability to explain it.

"What did he look like?" Carlisle's tone and taken on a different timber, as had the emotions. There was a growing inkling along with a newfound curiosity as well. Apparently Edward had also picked up on that as he was gazing questioningly towards their father.

"He looked like us. Pale, flawless, with high cheekbones and perfect skin. If I wasn't sure he had a heartbeat I would have been fooled."

"Hmm. And what colour are his eyes?" Now Jasper knew their father knew something.

"I.. I don't know. He wears glasses that are tinted. He claimed that they are prescription and that he's sensitive to artificial lightening but I know he's lying."

"Hm…" Everybody grew quiet once more Carlisle leant back into the couch with his arm around his wife. "If it were a Glamour then that would definitely explain…hm…"

"What!" Rosalie's shrill voice cut in, letting everybody know her patience was out.

"I think, and I can't be sure, that Hadrian Black may be some sort of creature. And most likely magical as well considering he's able to hide his appearance so effectively through a Glamour."

"Well, that was helpful! He could be anything!"

"Quiet right, Rosalie, except we know that he's fertile. There are only a handful of creature species that regularly produce hermaphrodites and that narrows it down considerably. Though I would still have to research a bit. What concerns me is that he's alone. Young unmated submissives like him should be surrounded by family and given support. I know that among pixies emotional support is very important in adolescence, but I'll hopefully know more after some research. He probably has some ties to a Wizarding Conclave, which would most likely explain the sweets. "

"Do you think he's dangerous?" Emmet asked hugging his agitated wife to him.

Carlisle sighed contemplatively. "No, I don't believe so. While I have no doubt that he can probably defend himself, being submissive he's less inclined to be confrontational. I would say you leave him alone and he leaves you alone. But I must admit that I am concerned that he's so lonely. It can't be good for him"

"Oh that poor dear! Imagine being all alone! Even on Christmas Eve! Oh, we must invite him over and thank him for the thoughtful present! Jasper! Can't you extend an invitation since you have the best contact with him?" Jasper merely nodded in acquiescence to Esme's query. He really did appreciate her warm and nurturing nature.

"But!... oh! Alright fine! Let's invite the little twerp. But he better have some decent clothes lying somewhere! There's no reason why I should be around somebody with such inferior taste. " Jasper smiled again at Rosalie' backward acceptance.

"Ah! But Rosalie, think about what he would look like if you dressed him up. He's probably in dire need of a completely new wardrobe and some expertise" Alice giggled dangling the idea of an entire shopping frenzy in front of Rosalie, and judging but the glint in her golden eyes, it was probably working. Jasper smiled again kissing his wife on the cheek. Maybe it would all work out.


As it was the second the huge grandfather clock in Carlise's study struck noon on Christmas Morning it reverberated throughout the entire house letting Jasper know that finally it would be appropriate to go to Hadrian's for a visit.

Dressing perhaps a bit finer then he usually did, he donned on some tailored black pants and a vest, with a white button down shirt with their sleeves rolled up.

Grabbing his leather jacket and the cake tin Hadrian had given him that was already filled up with American chocolate chip cookies that Esme had made, Jasper felt ready.

Getting into his own rarely used Jaguar XF, he quickly made it into town and towards the coffee shop. It was quiet in Forks, lightly snowing with most families inside enjoying Christmas together. He hoped that Hadrian had someone to spend it with, but deep down Jasper knew he was alone.

Stella's Coffee Shop was soon visible and Jasper was quickly parked and standing outside with his hand hovering above the doorbell. This was it.

With a deep human breath the blond vampire pushed the bell and waited patiently. It took quite a bit of time and hadn't it been for his preternatural hearing picking up someone scuffling across the floor upstairs Jasper would probably have thought nobody was home. Almost a full minute later after hearing the careful step down the stairs the door finally opened and Hadrian's plain face was visible. The shocked look while amusing didn't cover up the sharp feelings of nervousness and slightly fear that pressed against Jasper.

"Merry Christmas, Hadrian" Jasper smiled genuinely trying to convey acceptance and warmth.

He witnessed Hadrian gently searching his expression before his whole body seemed to relax and he finally got a tentative smile in return

"Happy Christmas." Hadrian finally opened the door properly indicating that Jasper could enter. Walking up the narrow and worn stairs Jasper eagerly took in everything he could about the teen. Hadrian was still dressed in what appeared to be dark blue pyjamas pants but had his signature dark hoody on. His pale feet were bare and Jasper suddenly wondered if it was possible to fall in love with feet as he had the almost unconquerable urge to trace those tiny toes with his tongue. As soon as the thought pressed forward Jasper was flooded with mortification and suddenly very glad that his couldn't blush. What the hell?

Hadrian finally stopped in the tiny living room with a small kitchenette in one corner. "Um… does this mean you… um… liked my a.. present?"

Jasper smiled before setting himself gingerly down on the worn-down couch.

"Yes, it was a most thoughtful present. Though I must admit it shocked us quite a bit. None of us had realised that you knew what we were"

Hadrian bit his lip nervously before folding his legs underneath him on the other end of the small couch.

"Well… I didn't at first. I mean the eye-changing colour had me guessing and the fact that you all have the same eye colour despite not being family. But I've only seen red-eyed vampires so that threw me off for a while".

Jasper suddenly sat up straight. Hadrian had come across vampires that fed on humans? And why wasn't he more afraid of them?

"You've come across vampires that ate humans? How? Why? How are you fine with what we are? Why aren't you terrified?"

"I… it was in school and well …"

"In school?" Jasper stared in astonishment "What kind of school lets a vampire come so close to children!"

The worst was that Hadrian seemed to find Jasper's reaction amusing and a small smile was visible.

"Ah… well… it wasn't a normal school. I guess well.. since I know your secret that you can know mine. Um… well… do you… I mean, is your family aware of the magical world?"

"You mean the wizarding conclaves?" Jasper replied realised that Carlisle had been right in his assumption.

"Yes… I'm…well… a wizard". The tense feelings wafting from Hadrian let Jasper know that the poor mortal was terrified of rejection. Jasper couldn't help but find it sadly humorous that Hadrian could freely accept them as vampires but didn't expect that same treatment in return.

"Um, well we sort of already guessed that. And it's fine. Really"

" You guessed? How? Did I do something wrong?" Jasper suddenly realised that he had to reveal perhaps more then Hadrian would be comfortable with them knowing… but there was nothing for it now.

"Well… It was one time in the library… I thought just for a second, mind you, that I saw you with a different face… um.. underneath. That you seem to be wearing some sort of mask. Carlisle called it a Glamour I think." The feelings of mortification permeated the air making him almost choke on it as Hadrian drew up his shoulders folding into himself.

"It's fine! I mean. It doesn't bother me. Whatever you look like I am sure that it's more than fine."

The silence stretched and Jasper tried not to fidget waiting to see what Hadrian would do. Eventually the feelings of apprehension and fear slowly started to recede when he realised that Jasper wasn't demanding to see him without Glamour.


And with that Jasper felt his own tense muscles relaxing knowing that everything would be fine. Hadrian accepted him and he was darn well going to return the same courtesy.

"And if you have more of those blood suckers than, yeah, my family would really enjoy more of them".

He was rewarded with a genuine smile and a straightened posture.

"They were good then? They're generally sold as candy for the wizards and witches with a more adventurous taste and for vampires."

"Well they were great. Better than animal blood even!"

"Is that why your eyes are golden instead of red?" And Jasper could feel the innocent inquisitiveness leaking from Hadrian and with surprising ease the vampire found himself telling the wizard all about his strange family.


"Oh! Rosalie would you please add that cheddar to the salad! He's going to be here any minute!"

Jasper really didn't need his ability to see that his twin was almost fuming, but in the spirit of family she was suppressing it remarkable well. Even Edward had commented on Rosalie's seemingly new-found restraint. Though considering that Emmet was really looking forward to Hadrian's visit seemed to be the best way to stop her acidic tongue.

The sudden sound of the rarely used doorbell rang out through the designer house and it seemed to have the power to make every single vampire freeze. And indeed for almost 2 second every Cullen was frozen mid-motion all of them wondering how in the world they had missed Hadrian's approach to the house.

In the end it was Carlisle that first moved from his study upstairs opening up the front door a fraction of second later.

"Ah! Mr. Black! I must say I have been most excited to meet you! Your Christmas present was ingenious and very welcome!"

Jasper could barely hear Hadrian's polite response from the kitchen where he was helping Esme make the poor mortal some dinner. They had decided on a simple salad much to Esme's dismay when Jasper managed to recall that he had never seen Hadrian eating anything other then home-made sandwiches and rarely if any meat.

"Come in, Mr. Black! Let me introduce you to the rest of the family!"

Jasper could easily sense Carlisle excitement of meeting a new species and especially one he knew so little about.

"Please, Dr. Cullen, Hadrian is fine."

Jasper let those gentle British tones wash through his mind and almost found his feet moving him automatically towards the living room along with Rosalie and Esme.

"This is my eldest Edward. And Emmet, Rosalie's husband. That's Alice who's Jaspers." As it was the blond former confederate soldier walked into the room just as Carlisle introduced his wife to Hadrian. It was an odd experience. And for a second Jasper found himself resenting his wife. And though that ungrateful thought was banished a millisecond later it was still hard to witness the small tightening of Hadrian's shoulders and the way his shy smile seemed somehow insincere. He was frightened of what Alice had told him seemingly so long ago, but at the same time he wanted it. But the problem as Jasper saw it was that he hadn't yet been introduced to the Hadrian Alice had seen in her vision. How would the vision ever come to pass, if Jasper never got any closer to the real Hadrian?

It took him a second longer to see Edward's head sudden snap towards him and another moment to realise that his 'older brother' hadn't know about the vision or that it had induced Jasper to spend time with Hadrian and considering the feelings of disbelief and shock wafting towards him he seemed as stunned as Jasper had been when Alice has informed him that they were no longer officially an item.

"And this lovely lady is my wife Esme."

Jasper looked back towards Hadrian to see his face light up at the sight of Esme. Jasper knew that his 'mother' seemed to imbue all that was warm, familiar and maternal in women and found himself wanting to share her with the mortal. He could immediately sense Hadrian's longing for such a figure coupled with wistfulness that seemed to indicate that Hadrian maybe had had some sort of maternal figure but perhaps lost her. All the more reason to let Esme use her kitchen more often.

"Thank you for having me in your home, Mrs. Cullen. It really is quite lovely". Jasper almost chuckled when he saw and felt that Esme was suddenly just as smitten with the small mortal boy as he was of her. Esme laughed pleasantly as she slowly and gently wrapped her cold vampiric arms around one of Hadrian's before leading him into the dining area. "It's an honour, Hadrian! And really I so rarely get to cook that I just had to take this opportunity. Jasper told us that you don't eat meat, so we just through together a simple salad with some freshly baked Foccaia that I hope you will enjoy!"

Jasper held back enjoying the simple pure emotions pouring off Hadrian. There was happiness mixed in with nervousness. And it was absolutely amazing to Jasper knowing that Hadrian's nervousness didn't stem from the fact that he was in a house with several vampires that could have him drawn and quartered in nanoseconds. No, Hadrian was just nervous about making a good impression. Amazing.

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