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Chapter 1.

A dark figure walked around a huge machine filling an entire room and pressed some buttons on it. He muttered to himself and pressed a big red button while pulling a lever next to it down. The machine shook for a moment and the lights on it blinked but came to shuddering stop then. The man looked around the room, at the surrounding of himself and the machine but didn't find anything new or different in there. It led to only one conclusion. The machine hadn't done what it was supposed to do.

"Shimatta!" The man cursed and kicked the nearest thing which happened to be part of the machine control panel. "Still not working! It better work in two months or the engineers will find themselves dead!" With those words he left the room, his lab coat swishing behind him. A woman leaning to the door frame watched after him and lit a smoke then. She was about to leave when some new lights blinked on the machine and new reading appeared on the screen. The woman glanced at a screen above the control panel of the machine and smirked. Something had indeed happened. Maybe not how the man had intended but something had indeed happened. And…

The woman walked to the control panel and twisted the dial. It looked like a new player was in the game. Pity, she didn't have the time to investigate it. She needed to go meet with her fellow organization members to hash out the last details of DJ's assassination at Eddy P.

When it happened, she wasn't exactly sure what or how or even when it had happened. Maybe it was because she was so tired at the time but the things that happened after that… It would have been impossible to explain them to anyone. Not that she would've tried it that often.

The unfortunate (or fortunate) victim of circumstances was a sixteen-year-old girl named Jade Ahola. She was walking home from her friend's place after planning to have DC anime marathon with two of her friends on the next weekend. But at that time all the girl wanted, was go to sleep and sleep long, long time. The school day had been long and even though she'd ditched all her school books home before meeting with her friends, her bag still weighed. Thus she decided to take a short-cut through a little side-alley. It was a route she'd used often and there shouldn't have been anything different on this time.

But then Jade reached the end of the street and was more than a bit surprised. The position of the sun had changed and so had the rest of the surroundings. It was like a mid-day now. The buildings looked wrong and… even the atmosphere was a bit wrong too. Jade looked at the direction she'd come from. Maybe she'd taken a wrong turn? In her fatigue it was entirely possible…

The scene behind was wrong now too. There was no park where she'd walked from. Just more buildings parallel to the ones in front of her. Like she'd gone from one street to another through the narrow side-alley.

"Mitä ihmettä?" (What an earth?)

Jade looked in front of her once again. She should probably move. She had no idea where she was. Had someone drugged her? Had she walked through magical portal? Had she fallen asleep?

The girl took a deep breath and began crossing the street. No cars were around but she still looked first left and then right before crossing. It was quiet time. But only for that moment. Then another thought entered Jade's mind. She looked down at her wrist watch to see if it was still showing the time she remembered seeing previously or if it had changed along with her surroundings. The watch said it was about 16 o'clock. Several minutes ago, when Jade hadn't walked through that side-alley, it had been 19:30…

Something flashed in the edge of the girl's field of vision on her right and she could heard tires screeching. Slowly, the girl lifted her head up. And the sight froze her. A blue sports car with two white stripes across the bonnet of it was speeding straight towards her. It wasn't even trying to slow down. Jade tried to move but by then it was too late. She couldn't dodge it. With everything just happened to her, she was far too confused. And a moment before the impact, Jade saw something even more confusing: the driver of that car. The woman had a short brown hair and a butterfly tattoo under her left eye. It was a face she could recognize from almost everywhere. The face of Chianti, a sniper of the Black Organization from Jade's favorite manga Detective Conan.

The car hit the girl and sent her flying in the air. Jade landed on the pedestrian side walk. She just barely managed to protect her head from hitting the concrete slabs the side walk was made with. But despite her dizziness, the girl could see another car behind Chianti lookalike's. It was one she easily recognize. A black Porsche 356A. Gin's car. And it looked like there was a person remarkably like Vodka on the front passenger seat.

"What is this? What's going on?"

The cars drove away. Jade tried to get up but found it impossible. Her whole body was hurting and felt bruised all over and who knew what else had happened to her. She felt dizzy. The edges of her vision turned black and fuzzy and before she could fully progress what was happening… Both her mind and body shut down and she drifted into blissful nothingness.


Chianti was in a bad mood. She hadn't gotten to shoot the target. Actually she hadn't gotten to shoot anyone that day. First the sudden rain, then backing off and finally Akai Shuichi interfering. Not to mention that Kir most likely had been caught by FBI and now some random girl had run under her car.

"And if she made even one scratch… I swear I'll kill her…" She muttered angrily while practicing shooting in the simulation room. She took aim and pulled the trigger. The target lived. She had missed the target again.

Back in Beika

"Ojou-chan, you shouldn't be sleeping in a place like this." An old woman kneeled beside the girl who lied on the ground on her side with her left arm cushioning her head and right one tucked by her chest. The girl was wearing a violet jacket, blue jeans and had a purple shoulder bag with her. Her hair was light brown –maybe even blonde – but about the eye color the woman couldn't say anything. Neither about the girl's nationality or name. She was quite tall for her estimated age though which must have been somewhere around fifteen to eighteen. The woman tried to lift the girl to sit up but noticed then that the girl was bleeding from her temple and from her mouth.

"I have to call an ambulance!" The woman realized and went to search for her phone from her purse. Before dialing the emergency number, she quickly checked that the girl was still breathing. For her relief she was. In ten minutes the ambulance had arrived and the girl was lifted in to be taken to the hospital.

Haido central hospital

"I just found her lying on the side-walk. I have no idea of who she is…" Jodie heard a female voice on the corridor. She turned around the corner and saw an old Japanese woman talking to the doctor. The doctor gave a gentle smile to the woman.

"I think you should go home and rest a bit, Kaikyone-san. We'll inform you when the girl wakes up but right now we'll observe her. Tomorrow we'll know more." The doctor told the woman kindly.

"Yes…" The woman nodded slowly.

"No need to worry. It seems she survived with surprisingly few injures from her hit-and-run but as I said: we don't know for sure when she will wake up." The doctor continued to calm the woman down but had to leave soon to check other patients.

The woman, Kaikyone-san seemed to be still on the verge of tears. Feeling pity for the woman, Jodie walked up to talk with her.

"Are you alright, ma'am? Could I help you somehow?" The American said.

"No, I'm fine…" The woman began but changed her mind in mid-way. "Actually yes, you could… This bag. It belongs to the girl. Could you take it to her room? I'd do it myself but my legs can't handle the stairs. I'll give you the number."

The woman gave the purple shoulder bag to the agent and told the number of that mysterious girl's hospital room.

"Alright, may I have your name too? In the case I the girl asks for it. After all we don't know when she'll wake up." Jodie asked, trying to grasp some more control for the situation.

"Kaikyone Sakiko. I live in Beika town, district four." Sakiko smiled. Then the old lady left. Jodie sighed but headed towards the stairs. On the way there the foreigner took a notice of the room number she had been given… That room was right next to Mizunashi Rena's.

Jodie knocked on the door of her destination. A quiet answer told her to come in. She entered the room and saw a young girl lying on the hospital bed and a nurse adjusting the pillow under her head.

"Oh, you're her friend? It's so good that you came, but I don't think she will wake up today yet. She hit her head quite badly." The nurse smiled apologetically and left the room before Jodie had a chance to protest.

The agent looked at the door closed behind the nurse and then back at the unconscious girl.

"Well… since I'm your friend now, I think I should know who you are. People are bound to ask some questions from." The woman muttered at the girl in front of her. The only reply she got was the girl's even breathing behind the oxygen mask.

"I hope you don't mind if I check your bag… To find your name." Jodie placed the bag on a table by the end of the hospital room and opened it. From inside, she found a calendar and a sketchbook. Deeming the calendar more likely to yield results, Jodie picked it out of the bag. The calendar was pretty simple and clean yet used-looking. It had a lot of paper pieces and post-it notes between the pages and some drawings all around the gaps between markings such as: 'Movies with M-chan!' and 'Ojisan's anniversary' and 'Meet with niisan'. The latest marking was on today's date. Strange, wasn't the brother informed then? Jodie flicked through the calendar but didn't find any signs or indicators about the girl's identity. She sighed and put the calendar on the table. Maybe she could see if there was any cards that had her name on them. But then…

"Wait a minute…" The agent picked up the calendar again and opened from the page she had seen some drawings. At first she hadn't really paid attention to them as she'd looked at the text markings but now… One of the drawings caught her interest. It was her own picture and even her fake name – Saintemillion – written underneath it. Jodie froze as she saw the other pictures. Pictures about Akai Shuichi, Edogawa Conan, Haibara Ai… even about Vermouth and some other organization members she could identify because of a basic description she'd received during briefing before leaving America.

"Who…Who an earth are you?" Jodie said quietly as she looked up at the sleeping girl. These people, civilians or enemies… They weren't people to just connect to each other. She looked at the other pages of calendar again. There was some text next to them on a language she couldn't identify aside from English and Japanese. English was mostly song lyrics on the post-it notes. Japanese was about meetings and everyday occurrences to be remembered. The mystery language was by the drawings and some other markings on the calendar. Things the girl wanted to keep secret.

It was a mystery. And Jodie really didn't like the context and location of this mystery.

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