Nick rolled over and curled himself into a ball, wrapping his navy comforter around him tightly.

So say he disliked storms was probably an understatement. He despised them.

It's not like he had some sort of traumatic childhood experience related to them or anything, he just hated how unsafe and unstable they made him feel. Whether he was in his family's rickety summer home by the beach, or inside the ancient, enforced walls of Dalton, each rumble of thunder made him feel like the whole building was about to collapse.

Nick braced himself for the next clap of thunder when he saw the impossibly bright flash of lightning illuminate his dorm. He listened to the heavy rain bombarding the roof and waited. He didn't have to very wait long, considering how close the storm was. About five seconds later, the terrible boom replaced any and all other noises, causing Nick to whimper and bury his head underneath his pillow.

When the terrible din subsided, he could hear his roommate stirring in his bed a few meters away. He sat up and saw that Jeff was facing him, looking worried.

"Nick?" Jeff slurred, still half asleep, "You 'kay, man?"

"I'm uh… not very fond of thunder." Nick admitted sheepishly.

As if to prove his point, another loud clap of thunder filled the room, causing Nick to jump and yelp.

Jeff propped himself up on his elbow and studied Nick carefully for a few moments. Even though the room was barely lit by the sliver of light coming from under the door, he could clearly make out that Nick's eyes were wide with fear, and he was clinging onto the edge of his comforter like it was a lifeline. Jeff scooted backwards, pulled back the blankets on his own bed and patted the mattress next to him.


"Are you sure?" Nick asked warily.

Jeff shrugged, "It's a double bed."

Nick looked thoughtful for a few seconds, then climbed out of his bed and shakily walked over to Jeff's. He carefully slipped underneath the blankets, making sure that he didn't invade the taller boy's personal space, but Jeff had other plans.

As soon as Nick was lying down, Jeff wrapped his arms around the shorter boy and pulled him in close to his chest. Nick was surprised for a few seconds, but then he quickly wrapped his arms around Jeff's middle, and tucked his head into the crook of his neck. Jeff planted a light kiss on Nick's forehead.

"Get some sleep." He murmured softly into his dark hair.

Nick found that, wrapped in the arms of the boy he was in love with, the thunder wasn't so scary anymore. Every boom somehow sounded duller, because all he could really listen to was the sound Jeff's gentle breathing, and the rhythmic beat of his heart. He finally felt secure.

He finally felt safe.

A/N I have so many feelings when it comes to these boys.

Mainly warm mushy feelings.