Vrykolakian Family


Chapter 1

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Emmet never got tired of the incredible well... green of the forests around Forks. Everything was so incredibly green, with green foliage and moss growing everywhere. The old pines and evergreens where dazzlingly tall, even taller then he could jump. Emmet stopped for a second on an old fallen log listening quietly. He heard what he knew to be his love Rosalie off to his right about a mile, and though he couldn't hear either Jasper or Edward he knew them to be further south from his position.

As the sun broke through the heavy clouds in Forks the vampire's skin glittered like diamonds before the blur that was Emmet Cullen ran slightly to the east. He had had caught the definitive scent of an animal and was honestly hoping for bear. There really was nothing more exhilarating then wrestling with a bear… well except for wrestling with his Rosy, though that was something else entirely. Stopping again, this time on an overgrown bolder left from the last ice age, Emmet listened quietly again. Along with a rather unusual cat scent he could now hear the quick step of the large animal's paws as it ran east away from Emmet's current position.

Emmet almost sighed, he had hoped to gain the upper hand against a grizzly though giving a good chase to a cougar would also be fun. Making sure this time that he remained down wind from the animal, Emmet took off again slower making sure not to disturb the leaves and bushes as much.

He was already many many miles from their home and the terrain was steadily becoming steeper and rockier with smaller trees as they neared the mountains. Stopping again he quickly deduced with his excellent hearing that the animal was perhaps only seven hundred yards from his present location. The smell while distinctly cat was also not what Emmet associated with mountain lion. Ah, well, he would have to take a closer look. Grinning widely the light glinted off the sharp white canines that Emmet had already licked clean of the previous blood.

Moving much more quietly then his massive bulk seemed to allow, he was a silent shadow moving towards his chosen pray. The sounds of the animal had slowed down and judging by the trickling sound it was likely replenishing its water supply in the small river that ran nearby. Moving almost too quickly for humans to see, Emmet snuck from one hiding place to the next, always being aware of the sounds he made and the direction of the wind. Still grinning widely Emmet truly let out his inner vampire enjoying the adrenaline rush as his natural predator came out to play.

He was now close enough to hear the quick beat of the animal's heart along with its panting breath. It had clearly run a while as it was still alternatively drinking from the stream, whilst keeping an eye out. Crouching behind several fallen trees that the snow had taken down Emmet very slowly took a peak at his next meal.

Had he been human Emmet was sure he would have given away his location. Luckily lacking the need to breath let Emmet keep the element of surprise as he gazed with awe at the large, sleek, black cat that was now licking its paws and grooming its overheated body. He had both seen and read rumours of the occasional black cougar spotted around America, but he had never believed it to be true, much less that he himself would see one, let alone eat it. His grin almost split his face as he imagined flaying the animal and making a coat for his Rosalie, not that she needed it, but the animal's fur was really nice and black.

Shaking his head at the thought of his wife wearing nothing but a black fur coat from his mind, Emmet prepared to pounce. His quick vampiric mind quickly calculated the distance, incorporating wind, terrain and possible escape routed from the animal. He bent his knees standing unnaturally still as he prepared to attack.

Now normally the animals Emmet hunted didn't have time to escape or even realise it was being attacked before he had sunk his fangs into its neck, therefore he was almost pleasantly surprised when the animal reacted almost preternaturally and twisted its body to meet the vampire head on with a snarl of its own.

While Emmet normally enjoyed play wrestling with bears, big cats just weren't as much fun and so barely five second later he had managed to sink his teeth into the animals black neck moaning almost obscenely at the hot coppery taste of blood flowing across his lips.

"STOP!" Emmet didn't even register the words shouted.


It wasn't until a granite like force crashed into his side that Emmet managed to rip his mouth away in surprise, only to find both Jasper and Edward crouched almost protectively over the animal.

"What the hell? Guys? If you want to drink black cat then you need to find your own! Though I seriously doubt that there can be that man-.."

"It's not a cougar." Jasper quickly cut of Emmet's rant.

"What?" What do you mean? It's a panther?"

"No, Emmet. What Jasper is trying to say is that he's feeling human emotions coming from the animal." Edward avoided Emmet's eyes as he ever so gently placed the panting animal's head on his lap.

Glancing between his upset brothers Emmet didn't really know what to think.

"Can you hear its thoughts too, Edward? Or is it speaking cat?" came the snide reply.

"No, there seem to be some kind of shield around its mind". At the reply the still panting cat tried to twist its body to gaze up at Edward.

Shock wasn't just crossing Edward's visage, as he seemed to reply to the unspoken question of the cat.

"Yes, I can hear you now".


The level of pain flashing across Harry's transformed body was steadily increasing. Still not at the level of the Cruciatus Harry knew that it wouldn't be long before he was unable to think clearly at all.

Therefore with great reluctance he lowered the Occlumency shields that had protected his mind these last years, in the hope that he vampire claiming to be a mind reader could hear him.

"Can you hear me?" He mentally sent towards the vampire holding his head. He was rewarded with a shocked face and a verbal reply.

"Yes, I can hear you now."

He almost sighed in relief, knowing he had a chance to convey his dying wish.

"Please, please. I need you to kill me. Please, end the suffering"

He saw the vampire flinch and hesitate before reluctantly telling the two others.

"He wants me to kill him." He looked so sad that Harry felt a stab of guilt asking this of the vampires who clearly seemed to stick to an animal diet considering their pure golden eyes. He had heard rumours of such but never thought he would run into a coven of animal eaters, much less in his animagus form. Fate, Harry thought wryly to himself really had a horrible sense of humor.

"What? But, he's well into the change!" The larger one of the three exclaimed before redirecting his focus towards Harry.

"I am soooo terribly sorry for this. But I swear to you, that I will help you through the change, and if you want, make sure that you don't kill any humans. "

His eyes that had been golden were now slightly tainted red by Harry's human blood despite his cat-like appearance.

The curly blond haired vampire allowed his hands to gently stroke the fur on his side, almost as if trying to ease his pained breathing.

"I second that. We will help and support you. " The dulcet tones of a southern accent seemed to sooth Harry's harsh panting.

"Please" the tragic hero still holding his head was now gently stroking the fur between his eyes. "Allow the change."

Harry felt guilt almost eat him, but as the pain increased even further, he knew he didn't have much time before he was lost to it.

"I can't. The chances of my magic allowing me to turn successfully is too slim!"

"You're magic?" The amazement in the vampire's voice told the story of Muggle vampires with little or no connection to the wizarding world. But as the pain increased even more, Harry ignored it in favour of pleading once more.

"Please! Please kill me! Even should I survive the initial change, the monster that I may become would be mindless, soulless and fuelled by and everlasting hunger with a twisted form of magic! Please! Don't let it happen! It would endanger you all! Please!"

Stories of what had happened with failed Wizarding Turnings flash through Harry's mind, finally convincing the vampire holding him of the right decision.

"I… I'll do it"

"Edward!" The curly haired one exclaimed.

"It's… it's what he wants. And I think it's the right thing to do."

The relief that Harry felt at hearing Edward's decision spread through Jasper finally also convincing the vampire.

"Let me do it, Edward. I'll make it as quick and painless as possible."

Harry sent a wave of gratitude towards the vampire as he bent over his body carefully lifting his head to his own lap. He mentally prepared himself for death as the pain spiked and lanced through his tired and defeated body.

"Dude, I am so sorry." It was the big vampire that spoke quietly and though most would probably have felt furious and desperate at this cruel ending, Harry really wasn't most people. He was only glad that his death at least helped the vampire, but he regretting causing him so much distress.

"It's okay, Emmet. He's already forgiven you and doesn't blame you at all."

With that Jasper nodded decisively and Harry felt the cold steel hands of the vampire wrapping around his fragile neck.

Just as Harry expected to breathe his last breath on this earth, another voice rang loudly in the forest.

"NO! WAIT!" It was a female's voice and as soon as that thought passed through Harry's fevered mind another vampire, this one short and very thin, jumped down beside the other three.

"You can't! He's Carlisle's mate! He'll be devastated!" That seemed to freeze the other three vampires. Harry thought he vaguely could remember something about vampire' mates but as he let out a desperate whine of pain he couldn't really be arsed.

"But Alice. He says that he can't be turned. That he won't survive. Wouldn't it be kinder to end him now, then have Carlisle be faced with his death later when the Turning fails?" The vampire named Edward replied. Harry could barely focus anymore and didn't really register the female vampire freezing staring out into the forest with a glazed look in his eye.

"He can survive! But we must get him to Carlisle! He needs to be close to his mate. But first…"

He vaguely felt his body lifted once more before coming to a stop. Another cold hand was slowly brushing through his fur and it felt so nice compared to the fiery pain piercing his body.

"Hadrian" The shock at hearing this vampire speak his name was lost in the pain. "I need you to listen to me, Hadrian. You have got to change back! Please!"

What? His muddled brain could barely understand the words much less contemplate what she wanted him to do.

"You need to change, Hadrian. You need to change back into a human" Damn that voice was persistent. But Harry was hesitant. The horror stories of failed magical turnings still crossing his mind.

"You will survive, Hadrian. But you need to change back. Don't let Carlisle become a widower before he's even met you. You can be so happy." Harry thought perhaps the one called Edward had spoken but he wasn't sure anymore.

"Please. Change!"

Why Harry made the decision to try to make it through the change he wouldn't ever be able to explain, but with every last ounce of his strength Harry focused his body back into human form. It was the most painful transition ever, easily beating the first time. Ever so slowly he felt the fur receding and his limbs changing back. His very being and soul was focused on the transformation and as he felt it completed at last, Harry gave into the exhaustion and pain and mercifully blacked out.


The four vampires could only stare in amazement as the black cat that Emmet had felled began to change. Slowly at first but then faster and faster till at last an almost unnatural beautiful human lay on the forest floor. Had it not been for the desperate gasping breaths and the horrible bleeding gash on the human's neck they would have thought they had come across a wood sprite napping in the dense forest.

"We need to move quickly. Edward you're the fastest. Pick him up and run as fast as you can to the house. I'll make sure Carlisle's there. When you get there. Make sure he has as much bodily contact with Carlisle as possible. We should all try and stay close to him during the Turning. I'll explain more later. Edward! Go!"

The bronze-haired vampire that had stood still as a statue at the shock of seeing such a strange thing suddenly jumped into action and carefully picked up the young man. The black-haired man moaned in pain subconsciously trying to move closer to Edward's cooler body in an attempt to alleviate the all-consuming fiery pain. A second later they were both gone, another second and the clearing by the stream was empty, nothing there to indicated that anything unusual had happened at all.

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