Come Hell or High Water


Chapter 1.

Of Fire and Brimstone

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Warning! READ! GRAPHIC SEX, of the homosexual kind. SLASH. Graphic MPREG! Violence.
Stockholm syndrome.


There was nothing especially remarkable about the man's appearance, and Harry was sure that if not for the completely otherworldly look in the man's eyes, he never would have remembered having seen him before.

With that look, however, Harry was completely frozen as he watched the dark brown-haired man, perhaps 35-years or so, give a small pleased smile that promised so many things. Harry felt his whole world some to a stand still, and the sounds of the busy London street faded, leaving him standing on the sidewalk just outside an HMV watching the nondescript man cross the street and start walking towards him.

Harry felt tears for some unknown reason come to his eyes and an impossibly heavy ache start low in his stomach. There was a sort of surrealism and a sense of hopelessness prevailing in the freezing afternoon air that made escape a clear impossibility. He could feel his magic pulsating beneath his skin, and he had never been more aware of his wand, strapped to his forearm, yet the twenty-five year old wizard made no move to grab it.

The man coming towards him was clad in dark jeans, with a simple white t-shirt and a rather nice worn leather jacket. He was handsome enough, Harry supposed, with short dark brown hair and a five o'clock shadow on his chin. It was that small smile and unconquerable malice that shone through his black eyes, however, that let Harry know that this was a fight he could not win. The shopping bags filled with gifts for Hermione and Ron's two children slipped from his hands as the first teardrops spilled down his cheeks. Though some of the Londoners had begun to notice the still figure of the rather handsome young man, the egotistical and selfish nature prevalent in all humans prevented any of them from lending a hand or even asking if anything was wrong. Not that they could do anything had they decided to display a moment of altruism.

It was too late anyway. Those dark eyes and that taunting small smile were suddenly right in front of him.

"Harry Potter."

The smooth voice, like the dark eyes, spoke of a world that no mere mortal could ever hope to imagine, but to Harry it was like the sounding of a bell, sealing his doom. He finally exhaled, gulping in more immediate as he was short of breath from holding it since first spotting the being that would take him away from everything.

Harry wasn't even sure why he wasn't putting up more of a fight. He'd fought tooth and nail against Voldemort, and after the devastating war of the 1990s he had hoped that the new millennium would grant him some modicum of peace. Although, in his soul he knew, had always known, that peace wasn't for him. On some very basic level Harry realised that this being had some claim to him, and knew with some inexplicable certainty that fighting would only make things harder in the end.

Arms were suddenly wrapped around him as the being pushed his face into Harry's neck, and breathed in slowly. The young man was limp and powerless against such darkness and dominance, and fresh tears fell down his cheeks.

"Come, my own."

And just like that to the complete amazement of all the Londoners still gazing at them with open curiosity, the pair vanished into thin air without a sound.

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