A/N- Ok so I really have no freaking clue where this came from, but I love- love triangles and I thought of one with Klaus Elijah and of course Caroline duh! But this is completely AU and AH... I think I have completely changed everything that happened in the show at least for these three characters... anyway I kinda liked the story in my head so started to write this please let me know if you all think it's good and if I should continue with it... REVIEW tc...

"Caroline please don't" Klaus begged, the pain and fear as apparent in his eyes as his voice as he stood in the deserted street looking into the watery blue eyes of his blonde hurricane. He was pleading with her, silently... loudly... through any form he could find.

"I warned you before..." she screamed softly her words gurgling because of the incessant stream of tears down her face "I told you I would do this if you didn't let me go, I gave you a week Klaus. You refuse to free me so I will do what I must" she said firmly bringing the stake closer to her chest and placing it adamantly near her left breast where she knew her dead heart lay un-beating. A fraction of a second and she would plunge it inside herself... inside her heart and she would die in his arms. Dying in Klaus's arms was not something she feared... if there was a way to die; for her this was it. She couldn't help but wince as his eyes widened in fear as she placed the stake more decisively on her heart... she knew how much he loved her, but she refused to live this way anymore. Three centuries had been enough, no more she thought no more.

"Please... there must be another way Caroline?" he begged again and moved forward suddenly with every intent to wrench the stake away from her but she knew him like the back of her hand. She had already zipped to the other side when he reached where she had been only a second ago. "Don't" he warned as she made an action to plunge the stake

"Then do it" she screamed "Let me go... if you love me, if you really love me let me go" she was snarling now, her eyes darkened, her true face showing itself. He would never love her more than when she was like this...

"Do you not get how much I love you" he screamed back angry himself... why why was she doing this to him "I cannot lose you... not to death... but never never to my brother" he spat when he said brother

"I will not go to him" she said softly now... it pained her to see how afraid he was... of losing her. But she could not live in his clouded life anymore... not knowing what is real and what is not. "I have told you so many times, it is you who I want... have been for 300 years Klaus."

"What about the century before when you loved him" he countered his eyes darkening and she knew he was getting restless, she would never have another chance. If she didn't kill herself now he would never let her do so.

"Have you not loved before me?" she asked

He shook his head furiously and took a few more steps towards her his hands out his mouth chanting her name like a prayer... his eyes his body his mind all telling her to stop. But no she had made up her mind, three hundred years... three centuries of being stuck in the middle of two originals and never being able to convince anyone of how she felt... not even herself.

"I do not know how else to convince you Klaus. Give me a chance to prove to you... don't you want to know for sure?" she begged

"I rather not know if it means I get to keep you" he answered softly in his hunter voice, the one she knew so well. A few more minutes of her indecisiveness and she would be doomed to this life of uncertainty for eternity.

"Then you leave me no choice" she said simply before pulling her hand away to plunge it in her chest. She would not say I love you... no she needed to know if she was to say it. She looked at him one last time, still the most handsome thing she had ever seen and closed her eyes to drive the stake through her heart

"You are free" he whispered in a defeated tone, not daring to look at her face... afraid of what he would see there. Hatred? No surely not, she loved him... she must. He would leave no alternative.

Her eyes were still closed when she heard the words, the stake barely millimeters from her heart which if she hadn't been dead would have been pounding like crazy. He actually said it... she was free. To be whoever she wanted, whatever she wanted... with whomever she wanted. Then the realization of what she had done dawned on her. What now?... no matter what choice she made the war was inevitable. The clouds in her head were split open by a bright ray of light, and she wanted to run... as fast as she could. Anywhere but here, where they both would hound her... question her, guilt her. She opened her eyes to look at the expectant eyes of Klaus on her, so full of fear, so full of love.

"You're still my devil" she whispered in his ear as he grabbed onto her blonde locks as long as he could before she disappeared in a whoosh.

She's gone he thought as he felt the tears surrounding his throat. He leaned back on the car behind him and looked up at the night sky. What a curse eternity is and what a bitch love is.