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Chapter 3


England 1613

"You must try harder Catalina" Elijah whispered into her ear as he wrapped his steel like hands around her small waist, holding her back from the unconscious and bleeding man lying on the forest floor. No one who saw them at this moment could tell that she was using all her new found vampire strength to pounce on the poor man again, Elijah held on to her with such ease she felt weightless. He was whispering soft assurances into her ear, and at first it seemed to work. She was relaxing, the vessels bulging underneath her eyes had stopped breaking her skin. Her face was slowly changing back to its human form egged on ever so gently by Elijah's soothing voice floating around her, then the wind changed and the sweet sticky smell of the freely flowing crimson liquid penetrated her nostrils and she growled again and lunged towards her prey, only to be held back too easily by Elijah

"You are sated Catalina, you do not need more... breathe" he said again his cool breath on her ears sent shivers down her spine, he pulled her closer into him and she couldn't help the soft moan from escaping her lips...

"I can't" she screamed desperately and whirled herself around, burying her face in his chest, wrapping her tiny hands tightly around his waist as he rested his chin on her head.

"Yes you can, it's a matter of practice and you shall learn control..." he said softly placing an airy kiss on her golden hair now lined with the blood of her victim and forest floor dirt. It registered somewhere in her wrecked brain that this was the first time he had kissed her.

"When will it get better?" she raised her head from his chest reluctantly and looked at him tears streaming down her face. The horror of what she had become overwhelmed her bloodlust as she finally relaxed, her guilt his voice and the comfort of his warm chest working wonders

"With time, everything gets better. One day you will be able to feed without killing, it won't be far my love" he said taking her face into his hands and piercing into her blue eyes

She had no choice but to believe him, she lapped up every word that came out of his mouth, ever since the day she had woken up delirious in his house, scared and confused. He had taken care of her, taught her everything she knew, treated her like a lady and not the monster she was, comforted her when she was disgusted by herself, cradled her when she woke up screaming for her baby... her thoughts when she first saw him still etched in her head... he was her angel.

"I trust you" she said putting her head in the nook between his neck and shoulders, knowing that as long as she had him she would be just fine.

End flashback

How different they both were... are, and they will never change. How could she love them both, it isn't possible... one vanilla and the other bitter chocolate, but when you mix them together what a heavenly mix...


Austria 1714

"Do not hesitate Carolina, it is but our nature... what would we be without it?" the smooth slippery voice of Klaus filled her ears as she panted desperately trying to control herself, though she knew not how to achieve such a feat. She couldn't see anything but the thick glossy deliciously sinful trickle carving a path down the young man's neck. Her eyes were a red haze, her thoughts a cocktail of lust for blood and flesh, his hands so evident on her hip bones making small circles urging her on to do as he pleased.

"I don't want to" she croaked earning a soft chuckle from him

"Then who's lying... you're mouth or your eyes?" he teased. He knew how badly she wanted to sink her aching fangs into the unsuspecting man's punctured neck... but something was holding her back, a humming like that of a small bird with the most beautiful voice...'You're not a monster' it was saying to her.

Soft laughing broker her train of thoughts as she realized Klaus was taunting her "How long will you fight my love..." the way he said 'my love' it sounded so familiar to her "I know you want to give in Carolina, do not be ashamed... do not hide your true face, accept it embrace it"

Yes accept it embrace it... she thought, this is who she was... they were after all the higher species, this was their right after all...

"Please... please this is the last one today" she pleaded turning towards him, changing her face his eyes widening as he saw her fangs coming out... he loved her when she was like this

"The last one" she said again silently begging him. He wanted to say no, he always answered questions never or maybe, but she was different... from the day he had decided to spare her life she had been special... she awoke the man in his heart, his very undead cold heart

"Of course, the last one for today I promise" he breathed softly as he tucked one of her golden tendrils behind her ear, and she leaned onto his touch and smiled

He watched in amazement as she turned gracefully like a feline and was standing behind the poor man in a second and the next sinking her fangs into his neck... his eyes darkened in lust as she looked up at him still feeding as she solely laid her victim down. She had called him her devil, he planned on being her devil for all of eternity. No one, no man no woman had made him feel this way in too many years... and now he had her and no one no one was going to take her away from him

End flashback

He was weird... yes in the 21st century there was only word to describe her Klaus, weird. He was the absolute definition of weird and was it wrong that it made her smile? Everyone who saw him for what he was only saw the monster, she knew they were right he was a monster but who was she to judge? How many people had she killed? Even under Elijah's guidance she had killed sometimes even willingly. He was the exact opposite of his brother. Elijah was a angel, pure, as human as a such a powerful man could be... Klaus was the devil, she was sure of it, from the way he made her so angry she wanted to kill him, from the way he made her laugh when she wanted to brood for eternity, from the way he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world and the way he made her feel when she felt his cold hands on her skin... his breath on her lips... the pure sinful pleasure she felt when he was inside her... Oh! He had to be the devil.


She moaned involuntarily as his hand crept underneath the many layers of her skirt, fingers leaving a trail as her skin sizzled everywhere he touched her, his soft warm lips memorizing every contour of her ivory neck, his free hand on her waist holding her steadily against her chamber door. God only knew how much he had wanted her, how badly he wanted the look of fear in her eyes to turn to desire and hunger, but it never did... yet he had her, he always got what he wanted whether it wanted to be his or not. His teeth bit into her neck her blood filling his mouth and she moaned again. His mouth was on hers now brash, hard and hungry, his hands inched further towards her core as she trembled in what he was sure was fear maybe... maybe even disgust.

Then she did something she had never done before, her hand which usually remained still by her side travelled up to make fists into his hair as she arched herself into him and gasped as she felt his hard member graze her thigh. She pulled back suddenly and he sighed dilating his pupils ready to do what he always did...

"No don't" she said putting her hand on his mouth "You don't have to compel me... I-I want you too. I want this too" she said shyly burying her head in his chest wondering if he was going to explode, one could never predict his behavior. He tugged her by the head and pulled her head level with his, relief swept over her when she saw his beautiful eyes euphoric with a hint of surprise. His mouth twisted in a half –smile as he crashed his lips to her again so hard that she thought he would break her jaw. But she didn't care, it had taken her so long to admit she wanted him too. He pushed her harder onto the door as his fingers momentarily distracted finally found their destination, she was all wet, slick and hot as he guided her tiny hands down to his trousers. Their tongue's fought for dominance as their fangs cut each other's lips not knowing who's blood they tasted in their mouths. He pulled away from her his vampire face on, as he grunted almost angry at the layers of fabric that separated him from paradise, he tore at her dress ripping in to shreds when she was left standing exposed in only her undergarments. She smiled and licked her lips, not able to believe that she was lusting for him so badly, she never knew the sexual animalistic side of her even existed. She rubbed his shaft and he groaned in approval as she increased her speed.

The next thing she knew she was pushed onto the bed, it wasn't long before all their clothes were lost, and he lay on top her slowly pushing himself into her. She moaned in pleasure and arched her back pulling him deeper inside, he felt a growl forming in his throat, but this was not the monster this was the man; dominant, virile, strong and sexual and she was the only woman for him. She grabbed the headboard as he pounded into her at speeds that made her see stars, she had never known intimacy could ever have been like this. Instinctively she wrapped her ankles behind his back and clenched her muscled around him smiling as he groaned in pleasure, she never knew satisfying him could make her feel so good... she had never felt anything like this in her life, with every thrust of his hips he was sending shockwaves through her body, he grabbed her thighs bringing her closer to her breaking point. An embarrassing moan left her mouth as he bit into her neck and she couldn't hold in anymore and bit his shoulder as she came, shivering underneath him. He whispered her name as he exploded inside her and she smiled... loving they way her name curled around his lips.

He pulled up from her neck and looked into her eyes, the look in his eyes making her melt... he looked almost human all traces of the monster gone. She went to sleep spent with the sound of her name on his tongue and only one thought. She was in love...