The Evil World Of Pop-Up Ads

By gwenhwyvar43

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. Or the evil pop-up ads, thank god. It's not like I'd want to own them. They're EVIL!!

Warning: none

Notes: Evil pop-up ads with their evil pop-uppyness.


*a girl wearing glasses steps out of the shadows.*

Good day, America. I bring to you the true story of a young bishonen who has a said story to tell. But as he's in shock right at this moment, I'm going to tell you instead. Please pay attention. NO FALLING ASLEEP THIS TIME GWEN!!!!


Duo Maxwell was sitting peacefully, reading fanfics on his computer when THEY appeared.

Pop-up ads. Millions of them!! Popping up all over the place, advertising one useless thing after another. Duo tried to close them down by pressing the little "x" at the top of the screen but it didn't work!! They were evilly spawning their evil spawn as fast as they evilly could!! This was evil at its best folks.

Poor Duo. All he wanted was to read some fan fiction about pizza and dead bunnies. But NO, the stupid pop-up ads had begun to put their plan in action. Their plan to take over the world!!

That's right folks! If the pop-up ads were allowed to pop up then who's to say they wouldn't eventually pop right out of our computer screens? They'd just pop out in that evil way they have! And no one could stop them because gremlins would come and eat the "x"s at the top of the screen, therefore sealing the fate of every normal ad's life.

Pop-up ads must be stopped, for the sake of Duo and Heero (because he use his laptop the most) and all our other bishonens, not to mention our sanity.

Help poor little Duo!! Or else he'll disappear and we won't get any more piccies!!! Oh the inhumanity!!

*runs away screaming* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop-Up Ads: Heheheheheheheh….


I dunno, I thought it was funny….